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24 December 2014 @ 11:12 pm
drive by happies  
Yesterday's was we had a really nice Christmas Eve dinner, I managed to not muck up my new, red manicure, and I got several compliments on the new red, black and silver sequined sweater I wore. It's kind of like woven ribbons. I wore my 120 year old tin rhinestone star brooch with it. Sadly the Stilton was a bit ripe--we've ordered it from William-Sonoma for years and it's always been perfect--but the rest of the meal was good, I had my traditional glass of sherry, a small piece of roast beast, two Yorkshire puds, and various other bits. I felt very old when Victor mentioned he'd been at KU for over 25 years. (We've had him and his wife for dinner for several years; sadly his mum doesn't get out much at night anymore and didn't join us--she's a delightful little Yorkshire woman).

I had him as a professor the year I did graduate work in English history soon after he arrived from the other side of the pond. Made me feel very old.

I drove home in the light rain which thankfully never turned to snow only to discover that brother didn't wrap the presents he sent so I had to do that.

Today was very busy at work. I went to court to file stuff around 11:35 and it was mostly deserted. Our office closed at noon but I didn't leave till a few minutes after one. The grocery was as busy as it normally is on Monday's after work.

I managed to get everything but the kitchen cleaned before I had to shower and dress for church. Stopped and got the tickets for the movie tomorrow. We're going to see "Night At The Museum" instead of the "Hobbit" because it's at 1:45 and the "Hobbit" was at noon which would have been pushing it for present opening, brother talking to and brunch. We'll go see the "Hobbit" this weekend.

The service tonight was lovely. We ended with the candle lit singing of "Silent Night" as always. I read the traditional passage from Luke. Jill found a hilarious story about dragons never getting to the manger to see baby Jesus since they kept stopping to help others in need. Audra read a beautiful story about a baby and his joy in a bum (and his in the baby) and the mother's attitude going from horrified to awestruck, and she'd obviously rehearsed it because her rendition nearly made me cry and was so well done.

So that was today's happy--a lovely Unitarian Christmas Eve service.

The thing dad ordered mom hasn't arrived (and now he's not sure he ordered it, Jesus) so I'm wrapping a picture of it. I guess he'll order it if he finds he didn't.

I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to ask for today to post my Spike story. I just finished it and need to edit it and post it before midnight. The idea came from dephipsmith and her comment elsewhere about the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". *g*

Yuletide opened while I was at church. I think I prefer the 'round midnight opening. I got a Penny Dreadful fic I won't have time to read till tomorrow (after the holiday stuff AND writing a fic due tomorrow by midnight). I did get my fic edited last night at least.

Well, I really need to clean the kitchen...or get up at dawn and do it and considering that my tummy is kind of ooky all of a sudden, that might be more likely.
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23 December 2014 @ 09:56 am
it can't really be Christmas in two days, right?  
GAH so busy! (So, of course I do this instead of working.)

I hate that so many things are going straight to tumblr. I'm assuming that's where the Stiles/Peter (I will not call it by the stupid smooshed name) holiday exchange that's producing so much lovely fic on AO3 originated. I would have loved to participate!

I cannot believe I was stupid enough to sign up to post a Spike fic for Noel of Spike TOMORROW! Did I clean my house last night? HAH (I did vacuum the upstairs hall, wash dishes, and decorate/tidy the front bathroom). That means tomorrow (as tonight is Christmas Eve dinner and I won't get home till after 10:00) after work and before Christmas Eve Service (I have to be at the church by 6:00) I have to dust, sweep the floors, scrub the kitchen plus kitchen floor, and vacuum the furniture and stairs PLUS write a fic.

*head desk*

I have a fic due on Christmas Day, too. Have I started it? *snort*

And I still haven't edited my Yuletide fic.

Yesterday I came so close to requesting a couple different pinch hits, and, with my luck, I would have gotten one and when would I have written it????

I have tons of work today and I have to leave early to get ready for the dinner before my manicure as I don't want to mess it up smearing on make up.

Again, why am I talking to you? *g*

Boss keeps throwing work at me because he knows I'm going to be on staycation next week. He's not here yet but I need to get on it.

Last minute prezzies still have not arrived so the dining room still is a mess of wrapping paper and bows. The cat toys did arrive yesterday. Raine spent a while sniffing the bag. *g*

My heating pad keeps turning itself off when the cord shifts. My keyboard is acting up--it may be my weird fingers--either giving two spaces between words or none, and the O and L keys are touchy. Gonna make writing so fun.

I still can't find a child to participate in Christmas Eve service.

Oh, and KU might as well have been on Christmas vacation already as they lost embarrassingly to Temple last night by like 25 points. It's one thing to lose big to the number one (pro) team in the country but unranked Temple????


At least I get Stilton tonight...
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22 December 2014 @ 12:19 pm
monday blahs  
It's been lightly raining, though it's in the mid 40s. It was gray all yesterday too. Supposed to stop soon, though.

Today's happy is that gas has dropped to $1.99 a gallon. I can't remember the last time it was under two bucks! Ten days ago I got it for that price but that was after using forty cents off a gallon with my grocery points! So it's dropped forty cents in ten days. Too bad I still have half a tank, though I may fill it up anyway.

Maybe I was still in a daze from seeing that because when I started my coffee (Keurig), I didn't put a cup under it.


IDEK man.

I napped last night and got no writing done. *sigh* I did watch the last two eps of The Librarians. The Santa one was adorable, but then when isn't Bruce Campbell adorable? The other one had Kate Argent as the baddie. ;)

So I have to edit my Yuletide fic today, and tonight, after the KU v. Temple game, I HAVE to clean the house. At least I'm down to just finding a child for the Christmas Eve Service, and I got all the readings sent off to everyone.

This afternoon I must do the billing at work and go file stuff at the court. And get signed up for the stupid efiling.

But, first, lunch.
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22 December 2014 @ 12:08 pm
I completely missed nursedarry's request for the Talking Meme thingie for last week on three of my OTPs, but since she's my bestfriend, I'm guessing she'll forgive me.

I tend to be a multi-shipper and I can't say that there's any character that I will ONLY pair with one specific character, but I have some that either come close or are the ones I love the most. Oh, wait, I do have one very old one.

My first OTP and maybe the only true one is Michael and Maria from Roswell. I was semi-active in the fandom for a couple years during its brief run and just fell in love with this pairing. I've always had a penchant for bad boys and snarky/sassy girls (or boys). My first fic in the fandom was them on the run in the winter, and I was known for a couple truly smutty fics with them. I haven't watched this show for years or read anything in it for years, but I still love them.

Next and probably my greatest OTP (though I have paired each a couple times with others) is Lionel/Chloe from Smallville. I dunno, I'm also in love with the older man/younger woman trope. They had some interesting on screen chemistry and I just ran (and ran and ran--I was very prolific when the show was on and before Lex pushed his dad out that window to his death) with it. I still have a couple unfinished series with them--probably will never be finished--and still love them as well.

I can't say I have another one. In my first fandom, while I love Buffy/Spike the best, I'll pair Spike with pretty much anyone, and love Buffy/Angelus, too. In my current fandom, I adore Stiles/Peter, but, again, I read and write them with others.

After wracking my brain for about ten minutes I've completely drawn a blank on a third OTP. I blame this all on Dar, since we were multi-shippers way back in high school! lololol
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21 December 2014 @ 05:40 pm
busy weekend is busy  
Happy Solstice! (which just now happened).

Let's see, what's been happening.

Friday night I wrote my Yuletide fic (though it needs editing) and got both uploaded which was a good thing as, I'd waited until Saturday morning, I might not have made the noon deadline.


I got a call Friday evening that the items I'd ordered were in at a shop downtown, so, because I wanted to finish wrapping Saturday, I'd need to go get them that morning. My doctor's appointment went without incident, EXCEPT there was a lady there whose two kids have the flu and she was pretty sure she was getting it and SHE DIDN'T WEAR A MASK! One of her kids was with her and did have on a mask, but the first thing my doctor (who had a mask around her neck) asked was if I'd gotten my flu shot.

Er, no.

Naturally, the office was out, so I had to go to the nearest grocery to get it. That took about twenty minutes and ten minutes to drive back downtown to get the items. The plan had been to go right after the doctor's appointment, even if I had to sit outside the store for it to open, instead it had been open for thirty minutes on a home game day.

Luckily I got a parking spot just a few doors down AND there was money in the meter as I only had pennies which they don't take and nickels which I'm not sure they take any longer. Then I got my usual post doctor's appointment breakfast at McDonalds, so I didn't get home until nearly 11:00.

Guys were back working on my deck/roof. I thought they were done until Spring, but whatever.

I got the presents all bowed. Dad came over and we watched KU handle Lafayette with no problem. At half time dad went out the back to chat with the handymen, leaving the door open (not a problem, as when dad's here, Elektra, the only cat who'll dash out, hides in the basement) and I was carrying presents from the dining room to the tree and saw a black critter in the dining room. First thought was Elektra, but it was the handyman's dog! lol

I wrote up the script for the service today while watching various basketball games (oh, I don't feel too badly against losing to Kentucky's pro team after they absolutely demolished UCLA.)then watched "Into The Storm" which was enjoyable.

Slept in a bit. The Solstice Service went fine and, afterwards, I managed too wrangle one guy and a fallback guy to read on Christmas Eve.

Then I watched the Chiefs lose, got all the presents under the tree, made peanut butter cookies. I hope to get some writing done, at least edit the one Yuletide fic. I'm making sweet and sour chicken for dinner but right now my stomach's kind of ooky.

Yesterday's happy is that I finally remembered to check the claims and filled claims at In Small Packages and discovered that three of my wishes had been filled and someone claimed one of the other two! Last year I was one of those that had none claimed until near the end when the mods repost the ones with no claims.

Today's happy is that, despite the weight gain, the gold top I wanted to wear for our 'returning of the sun' service still fit.

I was supposed to clean my house today. That didn't happen. KU plays at 6:00 tomorrow night so I guess it'll be cleaning after that as Tuesday night is Christmas Eve dinner at the parents (with a new manicure I don't want to be cleaning with). *sigh* I have so much work to do in the next two and a half days including making up deposits I won't be able to deposit until Friday as bank closes Christmas Eve at noon and I don't get off work until 12:30. I hope I get my bonus on Tuesday as I use it to pay my church pledge and want to do that Christmas Eve. Plus, boss is going to be going to lunch at 11:00 on Wednesday followed by a care meeting with the lady he's lunching with, so he probably won't be in the office for more than ten minutes.

I'm waiting for one box from my brother, though I think everything will be wrapped, and one gift for mom from dad that was backordered that I'll have to wrap, and the catnip bags I order every year haven't arrived yet. Everything else I ordered at the same time has come, so, naturally, the box from a town thirty miles away hasn't yet. *sigh*

They don't get wrapped, of course, and it's not like the cats will care if they come before or after Christmas.

I'm cold.
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19 December 2014 @ 11:30 pm
stupid lj  
Keeps logging me out.

In happier news, I got both my Yuletide fics done. Thank the good gods. Second one isn't edited and won't be before the deadline but I'll get it uploaded. It's a character piece. The other one is smut. Neither is long. *sigh* So, that's today's happy.

Work was busy. I skipped the building potluck which for the last two years has just been the receptionist and the one paralegal. But Fridays are bad for me. Though the para and I did grouse for a bit over the coming efiling.

I got the order of service for Sunday off as well as the readings to the readers and T will be doing her guided meditation and will bring "Here Comes The Sun" on cd. Still struggling to find participants for Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow after doctor's appointment, I need to wrap some more presents (including the one I have to go pick up tomorrow as I ordered it and it's finally in) and tidy the house for dad to come over for the KU game at 2:00. Then I have to work on the script for the service on Sunday and find the candles and tray I bought last year.

Right now I'm going to either watch TAR or read fanfic. Well, first I need to upload this fic.
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19 December 2014 @ 08:53 pm
okay not as insane as i thought at first  
My sister-in-law asked what she could get mom for Christmas. Brother bought her a canister set for around $100, and a scarf from India; nephew got her a mouse in Germany. So, I told her that mom is cold all the time and asked for sweaters. I got her one from Penneys for around $30 and dad got her one for around $40, both on sale.

So, s-i-l suggested a cardigan and I agreed, and she ordered one from Ann Taylor. It's lovely, navy and soft, and the price tag read $218.


I recently bought an equally soft black and taupe sweater from our local hippie store that cost me around $24. I bought both of my parents four presents each and I think all eight cost around $218!!

Okay, I checked and it was half off, but that's still $109 for a sweater. I can't think of any one item of clothing I've spent that much money on outside of items purchased at Harrods (and my $300 Ferragamo shoes I bought in London back when the dollar sucked.) Hell, today I wore a sweater I got at a garage sale.

I wish I had more money than God.


Okay, I'm majorly procrastinating here on writing...
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18 December 2014 @ 11:22 pm
a couple wtf moments today  
Though a happy one.

Six months ago, right before I started on the steroids, my A1C level (blood sugar) shot up to around 7. That's bad. Normal is under 5.6. Since being diagnosed as a diabetic the lowest mine has gotten was back then when I was barely eating anything and I think it was around 5.7. Three months ago, right after I started taking the second round of steroids, it dropped to around 6.5, still not good, but then steroids make the blood sugar skyrocket, so that it dropped a few points was actually good.

Today I got the results of my blood tests. Okay, I fasted, but then I usually don't eat breakfast before the blood draw anyway and so what if I didn't have a ten o'clock snack the night before, I expected my A1C to be bad, really bad. I haven't dieted, have eaten crap and lots of carbs.

It's 5.9.

I haven't been below 6 in two years.

I'm the only diabetic on steroids in the world whose A1C goes DOWN!

My iron count also went up a bit to 9.9. Still not great as 12 is normal, but the doctor's pleased with both. And I discovered in a quick google search that low iron counts can make the blood sugar go up so that may be why it was so high six months ago when I was severely anemic.

So, confused but happy.

I finished the rough draft of the one fic, go me. I'll edit it and upload it tomorrow at work and then I can still fiddle with it before the 24th.

Oh, we only got about an inch of snow and it warmed up enough during the day that it all melted off the streets, driveways and sidewalks. So no need to shovel the shit. Though people were doing that this morning. We have 48 hours to do so; the forecast showed 40s by tomorrow so I figured it would melt. Kind of pointless snow again.

City hauled away the dumpster despite the snow, though.

Mom and I went to see the local production of Mary Poppins. It was good, cute and sweet. "Step In Time" with tapdancing was fantastic, and they used a harness for flying which was very impressive.

Then I came home and watched the end of Ascension, and WTF??????


kind of want more now!

I have to go to work a bit early to finish the Order of Service, so I think I'll go to bed. Exciting.
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18 December 2014 @ 12:03 am
it's snowing blech blech blech  
Might get up to three inches or so tonight. Shouldn't be a problem driving in the morning and it'll be gone by the weekend when it's going to warm into the 40s, but it still sucks.

Let's see, first, yesterday's happy was that I watched the second episode of Ascension and I'm really enjoying it. The twist at the end of the first night was really cool. Also, it was cold and windy and my boss went to court for me which is always nice. He did get signed up for health insurance on Monday so we're all set come January 1. I wonder if he's cancelled our current coverage...

Mom and I spent some time working on the solstice service. I watched Alabama nearly beat Wichita State. My dad got my mom the heaviest toaster ever which I lugged home.

Today, I finally got some writing done. I'm nearly done with my pinch hit and I have ideas for my regular assignment for Yuletide. Neither are going to be very long but hopefully they're good looks at the characters/situations. Both are new fandoms for me. Oh, and I keep trying for more pinch hits and someone needs to stop me.

This morning I got my blood test. Of course the paperwork wasn't ready--the last time that happened they didn't have my appointment on the calendar so I checked to make sure that wasn't the case this time. This all in between the receptionist spilling coffee on her leg. The last two years the December labs have included urinalysis so I actually took some in a container because I have trouble going again that soon after waking up (I also fasted and I'm not sure that was necessary) so, of course, they didn't do that this time. I was concerned that my thin skin would mean more bleeding, but it stopped very quickly.

It was cold all day but at least the wind of the last couple days went away.

After work I got my comics and hit up the grocery for a salad. I watched most of the last Vampire Diaries while eating and then my brother called and I was nearly late for choir. The song we're singing this Sunday is one we've done a couple times and we had our back up director who is much tougher, but, frankly, I think she makes us better and she works phrase by phrase until we get it.

I did get three women to agree to help with Christmas Eve. No guys yet. This is how it always goes. I saw our minister before choir and we both commisserated at how hard it is to get men involved--our worship team is always about 80% female.

After choir I wrapped a few more presents. I still need to bow and decorate them. Mom sent a bag home with me. Then I watched Survivor and the person I've wanted to win for the last couple weeks, won. If you'd told me that early on I'd be rooting for this person, I'd have laughed in your face.

So, today's happy is that. :)

Tomorrow I need to finish the one story and hopefully start the other. The evening's out as I have the play to go to, but I'm staying home Friday night so, if the second story isn't done by then, that's all I'm doing. And watching TAR's finale where I'll be rooting for the surfers or the candygirls.

Finally, new weirdass steroid symptom--everything I touch feels incredibly soft. I thought I'd been using too much fabric softener. Nope, dad has it, too. My fingers are supersensitive. Freaky. The rest of my skin is very dry. Oh, except for my eyelids which feel silky smooth to my fingertips.

Now I'm going to finish Vampire Diaries and go to bed early.

Oh, and since I'm going to a movie on Christmas Day, I'm kind of relieved that The Interview release was cancelled since the terrorist threat to theaters.
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17 December 2014 @ 03:07 pm
look at me, doing something on the day i'm supposed to  
bookishwench asked me to babble about music.

I have very eclectic taste in music. Growing up my exposure was limited to what my parents listened to until I was in junior high which was folky and pop 60s music (I still have Helen Reddy and Cher tapes) and then, in 1975-76, Irish music. All on tape as we were the only people in the world without a record player. In eight grade I discovered Casey Kasum's Top 40 on Saturday mornings which was sadly mostly disco but there were the few gems by people like Styx, Kansas, the Eagles.

Thankfully I outgrew the disco phase. I never outgrew my love for what is now known as classic rock (back then it was just rock). *g*

From those late 70s mornings came a great and enduring love for American 70s rock. Styx is still my favorite band (with Kansas a strong second place) and Meatloaf is my favorite singer. Love Stevie Nicks, too. Oh, and Queen for my token British classic rock band (I love the Beatles, Who, Stones now but didn't have much exposure to them until the mid 1980s).

In the early 80s, through MTV (back then they showed these things called music videos), I found British New Wave. One of the only three concerts I've ever been to was Duran Duran in 1985. Shortly thereafter, a classic rock station was started in Kansas City and I pretty much listened only to it and that genre of music until a little show named Buffy introduced me to modern pop/rock music. People like Sarah McLachlan and Dido and other, mostly women singers. After over a decade of listening to the same station, I was getting tired of hearing the same twenty classic rock songs over and over, so since then I've dabbled in other stations. Currently I listen to one that mostly plays modern hits, but also the occasional classic rock song.

Oh, and back in the early 80s I also discovered lesbian/womens music and still listen to that, especially Holly Near.

I also love showtunes, still love Irish rebel songs, Christmas music of all types, and even some country music which I used to shudder at (this would be thanks to pop crossover types like Reba and the Dixie Chicks).

The only music I really don't enjoy is classical because I like to sing along. *g* Okay, I also don't like rap and techno and probably some others, but you'll find that I do like most music.

Even the occasional punk (Green Day rocks).
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15 December 2014 @ 11:32 pm
catching up on talking meme  
because I suck.

So these are all from delphipsmith.

Saturday's was "dream job".

Well, it might surprise some of you that it's not "writer" because, even though I'm not a professional writer, I feel that I am one even if all I ever write is fanfic.

No, it's stay at home mom. I always wanted to be a mom. Didn't happen and I'm okay with that, but I know I'd have been a really good one. But I never made enough money to adopt and raise a child on my own, so that dream went away. It's still there in case we suddenly win the lottery, but I also wouldn't want to wait too many more years as I'd be raising a teen in my 70s.

Sunday's was "best Christmas present I ever received" and that would be the dollhouse my grandparents' gave me when I was eleven. They had friends of theirs make it for me--the husband built it and the wife, a very crafty person (she had this whole craft room and taught me how to blow eggs and decorate them; I still have the ones I did somewhere, though as my talent in that direction is severely limited, they were nowhere as good as the ones she made) decorated it. I still have it.

Today's is "best Christmas present I ever gave" and I'm going to go with the year I gave my parents' a copy of "Lily" the first fanfic I ever wrote. It took a lot of courage for me to share that with them. They knew I wrote stories, had some dim understanding of fanfic, but I don't think they realized what I could produce.

Of course, that fic was pretty tame considering only four of the twenty four chapters contained any smut at all, but it's still something that was hard to share with them, even though they're very liberal.

Also, it was something very personal from me. It's not like I knit or embroider or anything. I can't make people scarves or quilts etc. But I can write.
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15 December 2014 @ 11:17 pm
still so far behind  
Even though I'm getting stuff done, I feel like I'm overwhelmed so I just sit and read fanfic. *sigh*

I did get my cards done while catching up on some tv last night. I did not write anything.

Today was crazy busy. I'd forgotten until I got to work and opened the email that I had to go to this stupid webinar over lunch. See, our district (county) court decided to make efiling mandatory come January 5 and all the attorneys are flailing and panicking. I refused to use it until it became mandatory and now it is so, because sending my boss would have been a useless failure, I had to go.

The fact that they couldn't get their XP computer to work right and so we missed the first five minutes and then they lost the feed for a couple minutes at one point doesn't inspire confidence that our court is going to be handle this at all.

While it's not all the complicated, it's going to be time consuming. Whereas it used to take just a few minutes to copy and prepare documents for filing, I'm figuring your basic petition is going to take at least fifteen minutes to get set up and efiled. And then to actually get service on anything, the court will send those documents back and we PRINT THEM OUT AND PHYSICALLY DELIVER THEN TO THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT WITH THE CHECK FOR FIFTEEN BUCKS. Jesus, could this be more clunky?!

Other attorney went to the webinar a couple weeks ago and tried a test document and it was rejected. *face palm*

And it's going to cost us $2.00 more to file anything that has a court cost. They already gouge us for surcharges because the state won't fund the courts, and now we have $2.00 more to pass on to our clients for every petition, garnishment, alias summons, debtor's exam.

So, getting our account set up and doing a test run is one more thing I have to do before vacay as my first day back is the day all this crap starts.

I still have a stack of work to do as evictions came in today and I needed to get those done first. I also spent a half hour on hold with blue cross to pay my first premium only to be told that they'd send me an invoice and, while I'd enrolled, it might take a month for them to process it all which made me panic and email my navigator because it sounded like I wouldn't be covered until they processed it even though everything on the marketplace website said 'sign up by the 15th of December, have coverage on the 1st of January.' Navigator said, politely, that the BC person was an idiot (who also tried to sell me life insurance). If I don't have my card by the first, she'll give me the number on it so I can use it at the doctor's office on January 2 when I have an appointment.

Then, after it poured rain last night, it sleeted on me when I left the grocery store. Blech

So I made pancakes for dinner.

I did finally get stuff ordered for brother, and I also wrapped presents tonight while watching the Bears just continue to suck. Brother got mom a canister set for the kitchen and it came in one big box but inside were four boxes which made me happy (today's) because I love wrapping, the more packages the better. Plus I have like twenty different rolls of paper and try not to repeat at all.

Slowly starting to get holiday cards. Got one today from my cousin, Julie. Also got my Secret Ho present though I'm not unwrapping anything until Christmas because the more prezzies the better.

Mom and I are trying to pull Solstice together. It may just be us. *sigh* At least we have the music set. I need to spend some time tomorrow emailing people about participating in Christmas Eve and some time Amy and I need to find time to practice the song I'm singing for the Sunday after Christmas (I sang it last year, Do You Know A Secret) but we still need to run through it. Maybe after choir on Wednesday.

So, tomorrow night mom and I work on Solstice. Wednesday night I have choir and Thursday mom and I are going to the community theatre's production of Mary Poppins. I told her I can't come over on Friday--I may very well be writing Yuletide fics then. *sigh* Naturally I have a firm idea for the pinchhit--that never fails but then I picked it because I knew I could write it--and only dim ones for my assignment.

And I can't eat anything after 8:00 p.m. tomorrow because I have blood tests on Wednesday before work.

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14 December 2014 @ 05:43 pm
oh god so good  
So...I have my yuletide assignments open, that's a positive step, right?


And I unpackaged all my Christmas cards.

I DID bake bread and that's what the subject line is all about. I found a recipe for buttermilk cheddar bacon bread. I usually make sweet quickbreads, but I figured I could make two loaves, one for church, and one for Christmas morning since I know dad will like it. I bought actual buttermilk (usually I do the add lemon juice to milk thing), but I had to add about a third cup more milk to make it anywhere near not one huge lump. So, once baked, I decided to taste it. I figured it would be really dense, but it wasn't, and I figured the cheese and bacon would really be strong, but they're very delicate. It's got a bit of sweet--1/4 cup sugar--and is just really, really good.

Also the real Chiefs finally showed up again (okay, we won at home against the hapless Raiders, but it was a win). Still no touchdowns from a wide receiver which the announcers harped on AGAIN. We scored four touchdowns, does it matter how????

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14 December 2014 @ 01:50 pm
Oops behind again  
Friday's happy is that I got signed up for new health insurance. Of course I'm not convinced any of it will actually work because I'm a pessimist. And a couple of my prescriptions, including my insulin, will run out before the end of the year so I'll have to pay the full amount for it.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored, then dad and I went down town, hit four shops, bought five gifts, all in 45 minutes. *snort* It was overcast but not cold. Bizarro weather--50s this weekend, snow by Thursday.

Watched basketball, wrapped presents, watched KU get a huge lead over Utah in the first half, blow it all and more in the second half, and squeak out a win by three. Of course, Utah IS ranked, so it's probably more that they played poorly in the first half and got hot in the second, and we struggled in the second. Greene hitting four free throws in a row at the end (to make him 12/12 for the year) saved us.

Saturday's happy was that the deck/chimney/yard work guys came back and got a lot done. The dumpster is full so I'll call tomorrow and get it hauled away.

The concert at church went really well this morning. Not a huge crowd, but appreciative. That would be today's happy.

I'm behind, of course. Today, after the Chiefs' game which I'm watching now, I have to bake a couple loaves of cheddar/bacon bread (which necessitates cooking sixteen strips of bacon in batches in the microwave to start), write my cards, AND write my Yuletide fic and the pinchhit I picked up. They're due, for me, next Saturday by 1:00 p.m. and I have a doctor's appointment that morning and have the Winter Solstice service to prepare for the following day so I simply can't put this off and I can't guarantee either time or energy to write in the evenings, despite there being little tv this week. (though I have like 25 hours of stuff on the DVR to watch).

My polyamory artist is wonderful and keeps giving me ideas for the story and I really want to work on it, but other things have to come first. The desire to work on a story that's not due yet always makes it harder for me to write what is due. *sigh* Stupid muse.

I need to start recruiting for Christmas Eve service today, too.

The guys are back working on the deck and roof which is freaking Elektra out.

I know I'm behind on the talking meme. *sigh* I haven't been feedbacking every day either, though trying to comment on at least one fic. I never did make a list of everything I need to do before Christmas, so hopefully I won't forget anything. I do have computer post it notes with all the fic due dates.

Christmas has just crept up way too fast this year.

Oh, I think I'm figuring out the itching/rash/allergy crap. The steroids have made my skin thinner which makes it itchy and blotchy from blood coming to the surface when I scratch or bump into something. The skin is dry (I hate lotion but need to start using it.) And because the skin is thin, the allergen in wool is getting into my system easier.

That's my theory at least.

Hopefully once I'm up the steroids my skin will thicken up and next winter I can wear the cute wool shoes again.
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11 December 2014 @ 11:10 pm
talking meme thing  
I actually have one for today and nearly forgot. cassiopeia7 asked what my first fandom was.

In real life, long before the internet existed (well, it might have been in its infancy as that military thing it started as) there was this Japanese giant robot show and I was eight and fell in love with the kid star and, well, Laure Alexander's story sprang from that. At eight. *snort* I was always imaginative. At fifteen I took the bones of those memories and created Laure, then I threw her into the Legion of Superheroes and then the X-Men.

So, I guess, technically those were all fandoms with a Mary Sue (and there were also the hundreds of pages of Star Wars stories which is how I met nursedarry and some M*A*S*H stuff.)

But, really, my first fandom was Buffy. Around eighteen years ago nowish I joined my first email list ever--bbeta--and shortly thereafter I posted my first chapter of "Lily". (And now I feel very old.) I was very active for a couple years--not just writing fic, but posting on forums and running email fic lists. Back then all fandoms were tiny, even Buffy. When I started writing, there was ONE major archive and a handful of personal fic sites. There were maybe fifty writers and only a few hundred stories.

Man have times changed.

Four seasons of Teen Wolf have produced over fifty thousand fics alone, and probably thousands of authors.

But, you know, that fandom and many, many others probably wouldn't exist in the huge way they do if Buffy hadn't exploded all over the internet in the early years. I think it was probably one of the first biggies.

Over the last eighteen years I've dabbled in other fandoms but I've never written as prolifically as I did in Buffy (not even in Teen Wolf) and have never been as active in the fandom outside of writing.

And, as I've said many times, I wouldn't be here now typing this without Buffy (and me getting up the nerve to actually post something).
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11 December 2014 @ 10:51 pm
too busy!  
Yesterday's happy was that KU beat Georgetown, our first true road test. We tried to give the game away some (we were dominating for the first thirteen minutes, up by eleven when I left then for choir practice; we were only up by two at the half and let them go ahead a couple times in the second half, but won by five) but it was nice to see ten three pointers fall. We've been struggling there. Lots of nice steals, too.

The happy would have been Kentucky losing to Columbia but they managed to pull it out. :P

Got red toenails--will get red of some kind for Christmas on my fingernails.

Choir was fine. We're making progress on the pieces for this Sunday.

Today I had very little to do at work so I hole punched files and then about 2:00 suddenly I had tons of stuff to do and still have most of it for tomorrow.

Insurance lady was supposed to call me before eleven tonight. It's 10:41. *sigh* I emailed her all of my questions earlier today.

Today's happy is that I found dad a good bottle of single malt Scotch (he prefers Speyside over the islands and boy was that hard to find outside of cheap shit). I finally found a good selection at the third liquor store--Balvenie 12 year. I also got stuff ordered and presents wrapped, including prezzies to go to Chicago and my Secret Ho gifts. I feel much more accomplished now that something is done. I still need to get brother his stuff but he's in London and said he'd get me his list this weekend. If it's on Amazon, not a problem--as a Prime member I get two day free shipping. If not, I'm not like him--made of money--and can't afford to have expedited shipping. grrr

I also got a Toys 4 Tots toy tonight--a Starlord toy. And made it to choir just in time for our extra practice.

Am confused by SHIELD's mid-season finale. Enjoyed Flash. Am way behind on other things, but there's hardly anything on next week. I so need to write, though. I'm going to watch Survivor from last night while I organize my holiday card list so I can do those this weekend while watching sports.

I can't believe Christmas is in two weeks! GAH!
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09 December 2014 @ 12:02 pm
drive by happies  
Yesterday's happy was that I got an artist for my polybigbang and I'm looking forward to working with her. :)

I also got a few presents purchased (and bought a sweater for myself because everything was on sale at Penneys and I had a coupon for 20% off on top).

I did not get anything wrapped as I was lazy and watched all three Librarian movies so that I can watch the tv series.

I was just feeling really tired all evening. Still feel tired and my eyes are itching/feel heavy and swollen. I dunno. Feels like allergies but this happens usually in the summer/fall when stuff is blooming.

Tomorrow afternoon when boss is gone (hopefully) I plan to go through Wish Lists. Mostly I send cards because I'm poor.

Lady is working on the health insurance thing. She signed me up on the federal exchange and I'm waiting for my username to get here. Their security questions are weird--best friend as a kid? I had three. Favorite pet's name? How can I pick? Favorite toy? Um, I'm nearly 50...I have no clue!

So, hopefully today's happy will be that I got a better deal on health insurance.
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07 December 2014 @ 10:53 pm
weekend update  
Oh look, I'm channeling SNL.

Let's see, the first half of KU v. Florida on Friday night was a travesty, a disaster, etc. etc. We were behind fifteen at the half.

Then we whittled our way from eighteen down to win by six because that's what we do at home. :)

I'm hoping it was a learning experience. Better than a blow out or easy win. To struggle from that far down and dominate the last fifteen minutes says something.

On the game post on phognet people were blaming the presence of the new football coach. *snort* Apparently the sky is falling because of the hire.

Whatever. KU football is NEVER going to be the thing here. Basketball is king.

On Saturday I dragged myself to the post office and got there two minutes before it opened and was still ten people back. Worst thing about the holiday season.

Then I watched football and basketball and read fanfic and dithered over writing anything until I finally vomited out a couple hurt/comfort bingo fics that I have yet to edit and post.

This morning I slept in, dragged myself to church which was a cute play in which the wives of the three wisemen gave the baby useful things like food and pillows and blankets, came home and finally started a fic due by the end of the day, then watched the Chiefs dominate for nearly three quarters and then suck and lose, before writing more, eating dinner and watching the Simpsons, before finishing the fic with a couple hours to spare. 3500 words, and I'm pretty happy with it. Still rough and may add a bit but it's complete as is. Also got stuff ordered for nephew and sis-in-law and have a couple ideas for brother. Tomorrow I'm hitting up Penneys after work and then ordering stuff for the parents' depending on what I get there, if anything.

Oh, and the Big 12, by not having a conference championship in football because, despite the name, we only have ten teams, screwed itself out of a spot in the playoffs. The board is screaming for adding two teams, pretty much any two teams. We did get seven of the ten in bowl games, all from December 29 on so good ones.

I've kept up with feedbacking someone every day. :) I have a few more things to babble about, though nothing until later this week, so go give me ideas.

Also, I plan to do my holiday cards this coming weekend, so please get me your address if you haven't already. :) Overseas is fine, too, and you don't need to reciprocate.

Yesterday's happy was that I discovered that TNT was airing all three Librarian movies today so I don't have to pay for them on Amazon. :) I probably won't get to any of them or the new show until the holidays as I have 49 1/2 hours currently on my DVR which is only 14% full. God I love this new DVR brand. The old one, that many hours would have filled it. And I've lost power a couple times and haven't had the thing wipe clean.

Today's happy certainly wasn't the Chiefs (and I've now worn my Chiefs tshirt for the last three losses and it's going in the closet once it's washed). I'll go with getting the fic done.

I still have to make a list of everything I need to do before Christmas. I did get all the wrapping stuff into the dining room ready to go. I need to wrap stuff tomorrow so I can mail my Secret Ho package on Tuesday before work and so I can take the few things I bought nephew and sis-in-law over to mom so she can add it to her UPS package.

Oh, I figured out I have another symptom of steroid use--thin skin. What I thought was a burn on my left arm last week wasn't. It was me scratching and bringing blood to the surface as I did it to my right arm on Friday night. *sigh* At least the itching is mostly gone. Still hoping it's a wool thing and not a pill thing.

Dad and I were going shopping this Thursday after work but we now have a special choir practice (for our concert this Sunday as our pianist couldn't do it Saturday morning) so we're going Saturday morning after I get my hair cut and colored. Weather's supposed to be in the 40s and lower 50s for the next week, so that's good and the holiday parade downtown was yesterday so we won't run into that like we did one year. We have the only holiday horse parade in the midwest. The only time I've been to it was that year and it was inadvertent.

Well, probably should watch some tv or edit these fics or write more or read something...
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05 December 2014 @ 07:11 pm
I've been cold all day. At my parents' right now and wearing a sweatshirt over a top and a camisole and still cold.

So, today was dull and dreary. Not a lot of work to do. Rained most of the day. KU did hire a football coach. I'll give him a chance. I'm very happy that the interim coach, Bowen, is staying on as Defensive Coordinator which was his job before. So, that's today's happy.

Just got a nasty bookmark on my big bang fic. You can get rid of nasty comments--I've only done it once--but you can't do it for bookmarks or comment on it. Sucks. :P well, fifty one other people bookmarked it for positive reasons. Generally I got positive comments, over 200 kudos, but boy can fandom be nasty.

Not that that is anything new.

Texas and Kentucky are tied; go Texas even though if they managed to beat Kentucky, they'll think they can win the Big 12 with ease.

Yeah, no.

ETA still tied at half.

Big 12 is owning the SEC in this challenge anyway. Would have been up 5-1 if West Virginia hadn't sucked and lost in the last few seconds to LSU. Should be two wins tonight, us over Florida and OU over Missouri. I'll be watching our game with my dad.

Have to spend a lot of time this weekend writing. Need to run to the pharmacy and the post office in the morning but then there's just sports as background all day.

Thanks to those who've given me some babble topics. :) Still plenty of slots open! Help me out guys!

God I am cold!

I watched the latest Godzilla last night. Quite good.

Need to drag the ornament boxes back downstairs and decorate the bathroom, kitchen and dining room, this weekend as well. Since I blew off church last week, I really need to go this Sunday. It's multigenerational and my parents' are in the play that's being put on. A take on the Three Wisemen, where their wives accompany them.

Christmas Eve service is coming together. I need to find out how many readers/participants I need to recruit. Want to get a jump on that.

I got my TW Holiday fic today. It's a lovely Peter/Stiles mpreg. The comm is on Tumblr which I don't follow, but luckily I checked my AO3 gifts and saw that mine was open. Never have gotten a notification of a gift from AO3 which is weird as the fic's been open at least eight hours.

For some reason my stupid sunflower webmail says my password is wrong. It was working fine this morning.

I am SO cold!!!!
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04 December 2014 @ 08:09 pm
December babbling meme and other stuff  
lafemmedarla asked for me to babble about the Fanged Four.

I didn't really like Darla during her short Buffy run, so for me the Fanged Four started as a threesome. Hell, I ran the Spike/Angel/Dru fanfic list, Nightblooms, for years (technically still do). Of course, with them it was love of Spike/Dru until Angelus reared his luscious evil head in "Innocence".

And then Darla came back to life on Angel and...yum. Mostly I love imagining and writing about the decades they had together (more than in canon as most of the fics I write have Spike 200 years old and Angel's childe not Dru's.) I love the idea of these four as a twisted family in the Victorian era, Darla and Angelus as the parents and Spike (William) and Drusilla as their children. All evil, but loving as well (as much as Angelus and Darla back then could love, something else I enjoy exploring).

I'm glad that Joss gave us glimpses of the four together in the past. Just inspired so much lovely fanfic back then and in the present/future.

Okay, people, really, I have two more topics and twenty seven days! The slow deathknell of LJ is painful.

play with me

I've been trying to do the 'give feedback' meme, too. It's something I always suck at--I'm one of those who falls back too easily on the kudo button.

Let's see, yesterday's happy was that I watched the last three Supernatural episodes--a bit of lightness to lead into next week's horror, I suspect. I LOVE Jody. So glad she's not dead yet.

Also, as I'm petty, I was happy that Wichita State's regular season winning streak ended, though it ended to Utah who is playing much better than in years past and who we play next weekend, though thankfully here.

And North Carolina lost, too.

I switched to my other, non-wool winter coat. The itching is fading but the skin on the backs of my hands and arms is bumpy from the hives. *sigh*

Work is pretty dull, not a ton to do.

It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, like 100% chance. We'll see if that actually happens.

I need to go clean the kitchen, pay bills, and I should prepare some packages for mailing, but I'm not in the mood to wrap presents yet.

Today's happy is that both Florida and Nebraska hired new football coaches and neither were on KU's list of potentials, but it makes me wonder what's taking so fricking long. Actually, it's not that weird--who wants to coach football at KU?!

Okay, need to go do the dishes. Great excitement.
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03 December 2014 @ 09:27 am
okay i sucked and didn't make it back here  
So, sorry cassiopeia7, your request for me to babble about a topic yesterday is happening today. Heck, I never even opened my laptop last night.

She requested my favorite season. That would be Spring which we in Kansas get for about four days each year. *sigh* Despite being allergic to everything blooming, I love the sunshine, fresh scents of Spring rain and flowers, gentle breezes, blue skies.

Which, again, we get for about four days here. Our weather tends to go from 40s to 80s with barely a stop in the 60s/low 70s which is how I think of Spring.

And then, recently, we've had snow after the "Spring".

It's probably because we get so little of it, what I think of the real thing, that it's my favorite Season. We have way too much Summer and Fall just drags into Winter. Spring is precious.
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02 December 2014 @ 07:39 pm
holiday meme, especially like the "partridge" one  
On the twelfth day of Christmas, ladyoneill sent to me...
Twelve harrods drumming
Eleven cats piping
Ten pirates a-leaping
Nine bones baking
Eight dinosaurs a-writing
Seven heroes a-reading
Six movies a-nightwing
Five la-a-a-as vegas
Four dc comics
Three x-men comics
Two liberal politics
...and a drusilla in an anthropology.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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02 December 2014 @ 03:06 pm
now my hands have hives...  
God I am hoping this is a major increase in my wool allergy and not the damn sulfa pills. I have a wool coat and while it's lined and I generally wear gloves, I do touch it. If my sensitivity has increased, it could be why I have red blotches on the backs of my hands and lower arms.

Legs are fine.

So, last night I pretty much sat in front of my computer and still didn't post here. *sigh* I did successfully post my Teen Wolf Big Bang, that weird all human A/B/O Peter/Stiles story (with absolutely gorgeous art--I realized after I wrote the fic that I was giving my artist a big challenge as Peter is still scarred, and she handled it beautifully) and have received several lovely comments, kudos and bookmarks. So that would be yesterday's happy.

It was bitterly cold, like in the 20s as a high, though going to be in the 40s up to the low 50s the rest of the week and next. I put the heater back on in front of the kitchen sink as it was to drop to 13 degrees overnight.

I did get the tree decorated and managed not to break any ornaments. This despite my back continuing to hurt. The Sleepy Hollow winter finale let me all agog. I've been putting off watching the last two Walking Dead eps because I know someone died and if it's Carol or Beth I'll be very upset.

Sunday night the Chiefs, who seem to have lost all ability to defend the run, lost to the Donkeys. :P

The basketball forum continues to amuse with 90% of the posters running around like chickens with their heads cut off, or chicken littles with the sky falling, despite the fact that we won the holiday tournie we were in, including the final game against a ranked Michigan State.

I leave early today for my manicure. Dithering over what holiday color to go with. I'm thinking green, and then the more traditional red right before Christmas. The courts and therefore our office is closed at noon on Christmas Eve and then the next two days and I'm taking the whole next week off as well. Cleared it with the boss who said we'd also close on the 2nd which is a Friday.

Oh, I did get holiday icons loaded, go me.

I need to make a schedule of all the holiday stuff I need to do, including fic writing, as I'm going to forget something or get drastically behind. I'm already drastically behind in some stuff like fic writing. But there's other things like holiday cards, shopping (way behind on that), wrapping presents etc. as well. Plus I'm helping with Christmas Eve Service.

We're just a little over three weeks till Christmas! EEK!

Today's cautious happy is that a miracle has occurred. As most of you know, my boss is a right wing Republican. We have a grandfathered in health insurance policy with Blue Cross that basically covers major medical and lab work. I have no prescription insurance and my routine (at least four times a year) doctor's appointments aren't covered either. I never pushed looking at ACA options because I figured he was majorly against it.

Well, he may still be against it, but he's having to shell out of pocket for prescriptions, too, so he had a meeting today with a lady who helps find insurance through the ACA! She's going to review my income and prescription needs and call me later but she's very positive that she can find me much better coverage at a cheaper rate (maybe nothing at all)!

Really, a miracle.

I'll be back tonight to chat about whatever someone asked me to chat about today. Still only four days taken people.
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30 November 2014 @ 04:40 pm
i can't claim being too busy as an excuse  
for not posting.

Mostly I've been lazy.

Okay, so back last Wednesday I was waiting on the plumber, Thanksgiving dinner location kind of up in the air.

Well, plumber came and took about twenty minutes and so far so good. I've run the dishwasher three times; I'm washed dishes by hand. I've been very careful about not putting anything down the disposal because I just don't trust it.

And it only cost $75, so if I didn't have a happy mentioned for Wednesday, that would be it.

I discovered that I'd given mom the dry brine, so I had to use water and kosher salt and turn the turkey a couple times and cover it as I didn't have a container large enough to submerge it.

Choir practice went well.

I got up at 7:00 on Thursday and got the pumpkin pie in the oven. I decided to record the parade and that worked well even though I didn't get it finished until late that night. In between getting the turkey in the oven and preparing the dressing and green bean bake and peeling the potatoes, I watched bits of it. I realized that I recognized NONE of the pop/rock/country stars except Kiss, which was very sad. And remember the days that most of the singers performed Christmas songs? *sigh* At least the Rockettes high kicked this year. One year about six or eight ago they didn't and it was very disappointing.

Turkey, as always, took way longer than it was supposed to, but I got everything done basically at the same time. Yay me. And the turkey was very moist. The gravy, made with rice flour, worked as well--mom was concerned it would be gritty, but I think that's just her as gravy is something she fails at and mine turns out perfectly every time.

Ate way too much and didn't eat again until the next morning, so about seventeen hours later. Blergh. Tummy was really not good.

KU beat Rhode Island pretty handily. I dozed through football that night and then couldn't go to sleep as my tummy hurt.

So, happy was a successful meal.

Mom and I headed out to the box stores around 8:00--World Market, Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & Bodyworks, Pier One, then we ran to Hastings so I could get Idina Menzel's holiday album which was already on sale and then marked down more as a door buster, so I got it for like $6.50. Then we headed downtown where nothing opens early. We were still a bit later than normal=-around 10:15--so we did our usual up and down Mass St. backwards. My back was still tweaked so I was okay with skipping some of the northern most shops. Mom used her cane and sat some, which enabled me to buy a couple things for her.

I got mostly stuff for myself--two sweaters, one on sale and then $10 off with a coupon, and some holiday decor--and was really good and bought no ornaments (as I don't have room on the tree for anywhere near all I have as it is) or wrapping paper/cards etc. I did buy some candles and greenery for candles which Raine has already tried to eat.

The morning started off pretty chilly mostly due to wind, but by 1:00 or so it was in the 60s, so downtown got busy.

We ate at Merchant's Pub because they have an extensive gluten free and dairy free menu for mom. I hadn't been there since it changed names and went from Italian to gastropub, but mom and dad have. The food was excellent. Mom had a burger; I had the potato leek soup with white truffle oil which was OMG the best potato soup I've ever had, and then had a small portion of the crab cakes with pesto and chili sauce which were lovely and delicate. Both were on the "double" menu for $9 total.

Got home around 3:00 and watched the KU v. Tenn. game I'd recorded (and managed not to get spoiled for though it was on in the bar at the restaurant). We struggled a bit, but won. Ate some leftovers for dinner and got full again so no pie. Watched various tv shows and went to bed early.

Happy was the soup.

Yesterday I got up early and made pancakes, then watched Gameday before dad came and we took several bags to Goodwill in his truck. KU lost to KSU--not a surprise. Alabama sadly came back and beat Auburn. Watched bits and pieces of other football games and dragged all the holiday stuff upstairs. Read a lot of fanfic, too.

It was also like 68 degrees out, warmer outside than in my house. *snort* I caught up on the last two Star Wars Rebels eps and that's my happy. I really enjoy this show; much better than the Clonewars. Also saw the trailer for Star Wars 7 and teared up at the scene of the Falcon with the familiar theme song, so Saturday's happy was Star Wars in general.

Ate most of the rest of the leftovers and pecan pie for dinner. Also had a post on the Phognet forum five starred (the highest you can get :).

Today I slept in and skipped church because I was supposed to get up at 7:00 and decorate the house before church. Got up at like 9:45. I did get the house decorated--not the tree, though, and discovered that one strand of lights is out. *sigh* I guess next year, new tree. Luckily there are seven strands total so it's not terribly noticeable.

KU struggled a bit against Mich St. in the championship game of the Orlando Classic, but took the lead late in the first half and held it. We're playing much better defense than we did last year and passing the ball better. Still have some problems--free throw shooting, three point shooting, a couple players struggling--but I think we're farther along this year than we were most of last year. Next test will be Florida here in Lawrence this Friday, but they've been struggling. Sadly we get the mouth Vitale two games in a row as he was the color guy for today's game and will be the same against Florida. :P

Tonight the Chiefs are home against Denver. In case we suck and lose, I'll go with KU's win as today's happy.

I need to buff up my Teen Wolf BB fic and get it uploaded to open it up tomorrow as I post on the first day. I need to work on fics in general.

There are still like 27 days available for my 'babble on a topic every day in December' meme. Please play with me.

Also, there's a great 'give back to fandom' thing going aqround:

stolen from several peopleCollapse )
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26 November 2014 @ 10:06 am
in less happy news...  
The kitchen sink continues to back up. I called a plumber last night that my boss uses and they said the on-call guy would get back to me--he never did and today they have no one available. Got a hold of another plumber boss uses and they can come later this morning or this afternoon. They're supposed to give me 20 minutes heads up so I can get one of my parents there.

Fingers crossed they get the damn thing working or Thanksgiving dinner will have to move to my parents'. Kind of hard to drain potatoes, rinse a turkey, WASH THE FUCKING DISHES when the sink backs up. :P

I got most of the house cleaned but not the kitchen because, again, kind of hard to wash down counters and the stove and scrub the floor if you can't use the sink. I have a full dishwasher ready to run. I did get the oven cleaned and swept the floor, at least, as well as cleaning out under the sink so the plumber has access.

Unfortunately I've twitched my stupid back so bending over hurts, therefore I didn't vacuum the steps or the furniture. Hopefully it will untwitch today though it's still hurting. Just a muscle pull on one side--God knows what I did. I also couldn't wash the wooden floors again due to the inability to use the sink.

And my stomach has been ooky for several days. Has to be the medication combos.

I am so ready for a four day weekend, though I'm always very busy with the meal and then Black Friday and then decorating. I need to get some writing done, though. I do plan to go to church as we have a guest speaker who has been here before--she's a UU minister who is also the great-great granddaughter of Lawrence's very first Unitarian minister. KU basketball is in a four day tournie, so that takes up time; KU football plays at KSU on Saturday afternoon and the Chiefs host the donkeys on Sunday night. Of course I can decorate while sports is on. I remember in the glory year that we went to the Orange Bowl and were ranked in the top five, I watched KU lose its one football game to Mizzu while decorating the tree. At least the house is clean and the tree is already up since I never took it down last year. *snort*

Have I mentioned that the meds are also making things smell gross? Due to sinus problems/allergies I don't have much of a sense of smell, but cat food and coffee especially smell gross. It doesn't stop me from drinking coffee.

The Big 12 did not represent well yesterday in holiday tournies with KSU losing to Arizona in Maui and ISU losing to Maryland in KC. *sigh* But, hey, they're still better than Mizzu who lost by 20 to Purdue in Maui in a consolation game.

Hopefully KU will do better.

Well, let's hope today's happy is my sink gets fixed and it doesn't cost a fortune.

Choir practice tonight and thanks to sink not working I'm way behind on cleaning and prepping the meal--I was supposed to bake cornbread last night but, again, wouldn't have been able to rinse the bowl and utensils. So I've got to do all that after choir. *sigh*

Okay, plumber's on his way...
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26 November 2014 @ 09:45 am
because i don't have anything else to do in december  
(That was sarcasm, btw)

Pick a date during December (pick several!) that hasn't been used yet and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. It can be anything from fandom-related to life-related, to whatever you want. (If it's too personal, I may pass.)

Answers may be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Pick a date (or several!) below.Collapse )
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25 November 2014 @ 03:46 pm
day going too slowly  
Monday's happy: KU beat Rider, looking very good in the first half, great defense, passing the ball well etc., but then we just slacked off in the second half. Hard to keep the momentum going when you're up by 29 at the half. Even better news, Missouri lost (okay to Arizona, the #3 team in the country, but still). Embarrassing news, Indiana lost at home to podunk U.

I followed along with the forum post and, boy, they are negative nellies.

It's still only the third game of the year with a bunch of young and new players.

In not so happy news, after the game I washed dishes and the stupid sink backed up again. Most of what was coming out of the non-disposal side was coffee grounds. I've always put those down the disposal, but it doesn't seem to be working well at the moment. I dumped draino down both sides and it seemed to be okay this morning. I have to run the dishwasher and wash more dishes tonight, but I'll be in the kitchen cleaning so I can keep an eye on it. Definitely nothing more than water going down the disposal until I can get a plumber out next week.

Great timing, just perfect, with a big meal in a couple days. :P

I mailed my Yuleswap drinks package yesterday--long line at the post office for some unknown reason. Heard that my recipient got their book, yay! I'm also first up in posting my Teenwolf big bang story, next Monday. Just need to go over it one more time.

Way behind on tv.

It's cold out but sunny and not windy. Now going to be 58 on Friday. A week ago the forecast for Black Friday was snow and 30 degrees. Whatever.

Dad's coming over Saturday to help me lug a dozen bags of stuff to Goodwill. And then it's decorating time. Cannot believe Christmas is four weeks away.

At least my legs finally look normal again. Today's happy.
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24 November 2014 @ 11:50 am
oops getting into bad habit  
of not posting for days.

And, of course, boss had a 9:30 meeting so he's here already so I'll be typing this up at random times.

Last Thursday's happy was that I wrote the fic due that night that I'd struggled with due to getting an assignment outside my comfort zone. Not so happy was that I wrote it during the Chiefs' stupid loss to the Raiders. Yeah, we let the only team with zero wins beat us. They scored two rushing touchdowns in the first half whereas we hadn't given up a rushing touchdown all year. I should have known we were doomed at that point.

Friday was busy and I actually made it out to my parents' for dinner and work. Dad and I discussed the idiots on the KU sports boards so I guess that was fun and happy.

On Saturday mom and I ventured into the mist and fog to go to a couple holiday open houses downtown and other places. I got a pound of the wonderful "Jack Frost" coffee I got last year, flavored with something I can't figure out. I also got my drink exchange drinks bought and a couple booze themed Secret Ho gifts. I only bought one item at Pendletons--a snowman holder with some purple dried flowers that was only $29. Shopping (and not spending a lot of money) made me happy.

KU losing so embarrassingly to OU in the rain did not. Football was generally boring. I dozed through a lot of it.

I did manage to get a variety of ages and genders sorted out for Sunday's Thanksgiving Service. I had a hell of a time getting readers for the children's story--I wanted a couple--but Denise finally got back to me Friday night that she and Chris would do it. It was a cute story about vegetables and the kids placed the corresponding ones on the Harvest Table.

The choir was asked to sing at the 9:30 program as well so we had to be there at 9:00 to practice. Blech. The program was pretty dull, though we sang Cantate Hodie which we've sung many times. The Service was very nice, good sermon, nice blend of music. We sang a song called Thanksgiving Song by Martina McBride (I think, some country person). It finally came together. Sunday's happy was Thanksgiving Service. We had a really good turnout, too.

I did not stay for the meal.

Instead of cleaning, I dozed through most of the afternoon football games (damn Denver for coming back and winning). Watched a few things I'd recorded, read some fanfic. Was very lazy.

Three day work week this week, yay! KU basketball tonight. I need to go to the post office to mail my drinks package. I mailed the book one directly from Amazon. Oh got mine, as well, an interesting historical/supernatural novel that was turned into a move last year that I'm blanking on the name of. Debating over whether or not to go to the grocery tonight or tomorrow. If I wait, I won't hit the game traffic and can do a load of laundry and some tidying before dad gets there.

Working on the monthly billing today, probably should get back to that.
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20 November 2014 @ 09:29 am
it can't be only five weeks till christmas  
Seriously. I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving, though I made up my grocery list last night and spent like an hour on the bon appetit website trying to find this sweet potato recipe from the recent edition because I couldn't find the torn out page and swore it was from last month.

After giving up, I went through my stack of holiday recipes torn from magazines again and found it. It was from 2012. *sigh*

I also discovered that doesn't make you wait eight days to see a show, so I can catch up TVD since the last two weeks still aren't available here. I need to remember to switch my DVR so it records TVD and not Bones since someone is doing the naughty on the latter.

I'm not talking about the KU loss to Kentucky. As a friend of mine said, 'well, now we know what a college vs. pro team looks like'. The forum is all 95% doom and gloom and 5% sanity. I'm in the 5% sanity section, not calling for the coach's head or to have him kick players off the team, blah blah blah.

I did go from "noob" to "recruit" by going over one hundred posts in responding politely to the idiots.

Yesterday boss did not go away for half the day which wasn't really surprising since he'd just spent a week with the guy, but that meant I didn't get to goof off and post here for one thing. He does have court all morning and other attorney is out as well.

Or write that fic due today. I think I know what I'm going to do but it's a new pairing, one I don't even read. I'm still trying to figure out how the mods took my listing of pairings that are mostly the adults and all het or slash and assigned me someone who wants almost all femmeslash with the teenagers. At least I can write from the POV of a character I have written a lot.

Yesterday's happy was that Lisa is back in choir after finishing all her coursework for her PhD! And she's singing tenor which is good because we have so few and we have a surfeit of altos.

Jeez, now we're going to have thunderstorms and 60 degrees on Saturday. Could the stupid weather make up its mind? I'm not thrilled, as mom and I are going shopping in the morning and then lugging ten bags of stuff to Goodwill in the truck. Really don't want to do that in the rain but they're taking up a lot of space in the living room and that's really the only feasible day before the holidays to get rid of them.

But at least, for now, they've taken out the snow for next Friday, though it's going to very cold--31--with moderate north winds. Of course this will probably change half a dozen times between now and then. Mom and I are still planning to go downtown.

My legs don't itch anymore but are still ugly looking.

Hopefully today's happy will be the Chiefs beating the Raiders because, 1) the Chiefs, and 2) you don't want to be the first team to lose to a team that hasn't won yet this far into the season.
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18 November 2014 @ 07:55 pm
long busy lazy sick weekend  
The cold continues to linger (both outside--last night it was in single digits) and in my body. I actually felt pretty good all weekend and then horrible yesterday. More on that in a minute.

KU did not play great against a very good, experienced UC Santa Barbara but we led most of the game and won. Still, I figured after watching us struggle to shoot, we'd get skunked by Kentucky on Tuesday...until Kentucky was actually behind at the half on Sunday against Buffalo.

I can't remember if I did a happy on Friday, but I had a second one. Not that KU won, but that Missouri LOST to UMKC--University Missouri at Kansas City, a team that lost TWICE last year to my other alma mater, Emporia State, who we beat by like fifty in our second exhibition game last week. *snortle* Yeah, Missouri, you're doing SO great in the SEC. Also, there was hardly anyone there to watch their home loss. KU sells out for exhibition games in blizzards.

Saturday I goofed around, read a lot of fanfic, watched football, and watched KU lose massively to TCU.

Oh, wait ...

KU NEARLY BEAT TCU. The number four ranked team in the country! We led deep into the fourth quarter. If we hadn't stupidly had twelve men on the field near the end of the first half which negated a pick six, we could have won this game. We lost by three or four. If we beat an unranked Oklahoma this Saturday (unfortunately at OU because we play so much better at home) Bowen should be named headcoach and I'm on the phone on Monday getting season tickets for sure.

I think Bowen should be named HC anyway. In just a couple games he's got these two star players playing like five star ones. They're enjoying themselves; they're working hard; they're not giving up. It's obvious they have confidence in Bowen and he has it in them.

On Sunday I started working on the Teen Wolf BB that was rough at 12K. The final draft was due that day. As I waited for the 'how to send in your final draft' post, I edited and added about four thousand words, mostly of smut. And then right before bed the post appeared that said they were pushing the date back to this Friday. Oh well. I have a fic due on Thursday I haven't even started (for reasons I'll probably get into once I get it written), and if I'd known that early, I'd have procrastinated. Instead, I've sent in my final draft and the art is done and in as well. :)

Please stop me from writing ABO, all human, Stiles with girl parts, fics, please and thank you. *face palm* Hopefully I've gotten it out of my system. Though I am pleased with the fic.

Also, the Chiefs won. Still with no touchdowns scored by wide receivers, which every pre-game show mentioned AGAIN.

So, Saturday's happy--KU football was fantastic even if we didn't win. Sunday's happy was that I finished a big bang.

Monday had little to be happy about. I had to go to work because I had all the closed files to file away as well as several documents to draft and wasn't sure when boss would be back (he came back last night so there was stuff waiting for me this morning). I felt like crap, lowgrade fever, headache most of the day. I was an hour late to work and left ninety minutes early.

Oh, and the leg rash came back.

I had an allergic reaction to my shoes.

See, I have these cute grey wool flats and I often sit with one leg or foot tucked behind the other. Last Spring I got the shoes soaking wet and it's quite possible that I didn't wear them again until last Wednesday because they're winter shoes. I'm very allergic to wool. Apparently when you get wool wet it makes the allergic part concentrated. I wore the shoes again Monday and around 2:30 I realized my feet were itching, looked down and my legs were bright red and blotchy. And very itchy. Stupidly I did not think to wash my legs for about five hours (last week the rash was discovered during my pedicure and she probably washed all the allergen away) so while I used Benedryl spray, my legs look like I have poison ivy or something. They don't really itch anymore and the red is fading, but very ugly.

I'm giving the shoes to my mom.

It's not like I don't know I'm allergic to wool--when I was a toddler I fell asleep on my grandparents' wool carpet and woke up with a red itchy face and neck. I don't wear wool clothes, though I have a fully lined wool coat which I never wear without a cotton knit scarf around my head and neck. I went through dozens of pairs of leather gloves at Harrods last year to find a pair that were lined in nylon over cashmere. But, it's possible my allergy has gotten worse.

I am pretty sure at least that it's not the sulfa drugs causing the reaction because surely it would be in more places than my legs. Last week, the flushed skin on my face and chest were due to the fever coming on.

My Monday happy is that my Yuletide drink swap came--really nummy, smooth and creamy coffee. Oh, also I ran my dishwasher.

I forgot to mention that I went to wash dishes and run the dishwasher on Saturday and the sink backed up in the non-disposal side. I poured a bottle of draino down it but it didn't completely clear out and would back up when I ran the disposal. I let it sit overnight and mom brought me half a bottle that I ran down the disposal side and it seemed to work but I decided to again let it sit overnight. I was running out of dishes, though, so I finally ran it last night, getting up to check each time I heard it draining, and it was fine. (This was a major concern as those who've been around here for a while may remember that the hot water pipe will freeze if the exterior temp drops below 18 or so, so I run hot water anytime it might do that and it was to get to 7 degrees last night--I put a space heater on in front of the open cabinet and that worked and I'll keep doing that because my electricity is nowhere near as expensive as my water when I have to run it all night). Because the dishwasher used to be on the non-disposal side of the sink and then moved to the disposal side, the water from the dishwasher runs backwards, through the non-disposal side and down the disposal side. I used a flashlight to watch this fascinating event.

As mentioned, boss is back. I didn't have tons to do and still don't. Hopefully he'll be out most of tomorrow. I'd like to watch the two hour OUAT from this past Sunday or go find TVD from the last two weeks because sadly no one has uploaded them. Someone always loads Bones so I may have to switch out what I DVR and what I do the naughty on. I record TBBT, too, and while someone usually uploads that, I don't want to wait several days for it.

I decided early on to skip going to the parents' tonight as I'd be out there till around 11:00 (because KU plays around 8:30-9:00) and it's a good thing because the lowgrade fever came back around 3:30. Here at home I can sit on my couch in my jammies with my heating pad.

I don't expect us to win tonight, but then I didn't expect us to beat Duke in this tournie last year. You never know.

As I'm recording two things from 7:00-9:00, I may have to start watching upstairs. Luckily it's on espn, the only sports channel I get without a digital box/dvr.

So, I came home and discovered I finally have a whole deck. They were wrapping up as it was getting dark. It's not done--a few boards need to be trimmed down, steps and railing added, but it's supposed to warm up through the week into the fifties by Saturday, so hopefully they'll get it done.

Oh, it snowed last Saturday. Just a dusting, not the four inches we were supposed to get, and then another dusting overnight that lingered into Monday on the deck due to the bitter cold. Stupid polar vortex. It's still fall!

So, today's happy is the deck and the fact that my backyard looks like a normal backyard.

Also, I'm at 94 posts on, the KU bball (and fball) forums. I ignore it most of the year, but find it amusing to follow during the basketball season. Dad downgraded the average age (or intelligence level) of the posters from sixteen to fourteen. *snort*

Someone uses a Buffy icon, though. Okay, it's actually Faith in Buffy's towel-wrapped body, but...

I like the guy who has an portrait of Charles II. Well, he's an idiot, but the icon is cool.

I'm, surprise surprise, ladyoneill, and probably one of about three actual real women on there. Proven by the current game thread. okay, Olivia Wilde's boobs are great, but.... (Also for those of you who are going 'why is Olivia Wilde in a KU game thread, her fiance, David Sudekis, is a huge KU fan, grew up in KC I think, and has brought her to games before).

Oops, I only have one thing recording from 7-8; could have watched bball instead of Sleepy Hollow...

Great, MSU just fouled a successful three point shot...

I need to go take my sulfa pills while I have a full tummy. My headache is back.

Every time I hear "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (in this car commercial) I add 'at the lakeside mall' on the end. For the life of me, I can't remember where that's from. Probably could google it.
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18 November 2014 @ 06:02 pm
linky stuff  
before I get to the real, tardy post.

carlyinrome is hosting an all fandom friending meme. I'll be putting in my post while hopefully watching Michigan State beat Duke (don't particularly like either but Duke's higher ranked).

Friending Meme, Let's Keep Fandom Alive On LJ

I put up my holiday wishlist.

Which leads me to my holiday card poll because I'll just send 'em to old addresses people

I need to put up holiday icons.

Oh God it's the Mouth (but at least that means KU doesn't have him; I can always mute him). That would be Dick Vitale for the 99% of you who don't care/know anything about college basketball. *G*
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14 November 2014 @ 01:23 pm
weird couple of days  
Wednesday was going along okay. I'd been working on my polybigbang. I was pleased with my rose gold/light bronze manicure. I even trundled off to court and had a discussion about the stupidity of making us efile everything and use Word which I hate because apparently their system can't handle RTF files unlike every other system in the world.

My face was still very red but I was sure it was windburn.

I went off to my pedicure and while there wondered why there were red splotches all over my feet (the water wasn't hot; no new products being used) and my feet were bright red. Looking up my legs there were splotches all over as well as on my chest and stomach. None on my arms.

None of the itched except for my face and I blamed that on the powder I'd slathered on in an attempt to hide some of the redness.

I hadn't eaten anything new, hadn't switched soaps or detergents or anything, and I've never been allergic to anything like that anyway which made me worry about the one new thing introduced into my system--the sulfa drug.

Anyway, the red started to fade by the end of the pedicure and I felt fine, so went to choir practice where we ran through all the Christmas songs.

Got most of the fic done and sent off and approved, so yay!

Did not sleep all that well and woke up not feeling great--very dragging and congested and oh, look, feverish.

So...a cold. I had a ton of work to do (due to spending a lot of time ficcing) so I dragged myself to work and lasted about four hours before heading home where I dozed a lot while watching espn and nfl network programming. I had stopped at DQ and got some lunch and then didn't eat anything the rest of the day. Fever was low grade and came and went.

(Have I mentioned that it's bitterly cold outside too which doesn't help?)

Yesterday's happy was that my county issued the first gay marriage licenses and marriages were held. :) There's still legal crap going on, but there was a ruling by Judge Sodameyer on cases directly concerning my county and Sedgwick (where Wichita is) so people can get married there. Other counties are doing so as well. Of course the state government will fight tooth and nail until the Supreme Court overturns the constitutional ban in Kansas, spending our tax money stupidly as it's a lost cause.

Woke up feeling better today. I forgot my thermometer but I don't think I've had a fever. I'm not as draggy. Still sniffly and coughing a bit and my eyes have been itching and heavy feeling all week. Not as blotchy either. I stopped taking the sulfa drug and will restart it tomorrow and see what happens. If it's the reason, I'm screwed. I can't afford the non-generic nor can I swallow the and they're time release so I can't chop them up.

KU basketball starts tonight for real so I'm wearing my "Addicted to KU Basketball" tshirt--I usually don't were sports t-shirts to work. So that's today's happy.

I plan to hole punch and organize files this afternoon while catching up on Once Upon a Time. Exciting.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. 90% chance. 1-4 inches. TOO FUCKING EARLY! I am SO glad I went to last week's football game and not this week's.

Oh, did I mention that on Tuesday I got a phone call from KU Athletics asking if I'd enjoyed the game and, of course, if I want to buy season tickets for next year which I'm still seriously thinking about The price is the same as this year through January 18 (and for one more game than this year).

Gas is down to $2.75 in town. Weird. I filled the tank yesterday, saving 30 cents a gallon using my grocery card.

Yuletide swaps have gone out. I've heard from my drink and book sender and heard back from my drink recipient but haven't heard back from my book one whom I emailed over a day ago to get their address.

Due to being sick I skipped my meeting last night. :(

On Wednesday I ran out of business checks so had to express deliver them. It said it would be four to six days. I hoped they'd be here Monday or Tuesday of next week but they arrived today, so, yay, I got paid, and could pay bills and the other attorney and write a check at the post office.

I could now go to court and file the stuff I decided on Wednesday could wait till I got checks but sick...

(That won't stop me from going to get comic books and running to the grocery after work.)

This weekend while it's snowing and I ain't going anywhere, I have to finish the Teen Wolf BB as the final draft is due Sunday and I'm like 10K away from that *sigh*. Then I need to launch into various exchanges that are mostly due in December (and sign up for a couple more). Also need to do my wishlist.

Next weekend will be busy with downtown open houses, cleaning my own house and Thanksgiving service at church. KU plays football on Saturday at 11:00 so I'll tape it as mom and I'll be shopping (it's supposed to be in the 40s and sunny) and as the Chiefs play this Thursday we don't play next Sunday so house cleaning. One thing I do have to do this weekend while it's snowing is lug out the rest of the magazines sitting on my dining room table so that we can actually eat there. Recycling is picked up next Thursday. Some time next week I need to borrow dad's truck and haul a dozen bags of stuff to Goodwill, too, as they're sitting around in the living room.

I can't believe that two weeks from today is Black Friday which means two weeks from tomorrow I'll be decorating the tree as KU loses to KSU.
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11 November 2014 @ 10:10 am
brrrry Veteran's Day  
Yesterday's happy was that I got over 5000 words written on my polybigbang fic that's due (rough) tomorrow. :) I still have a hell of a lot to go, but today's a vacay day.

Home waiting for the furnace dude to show up (just the regular check). Winter has arrived so this is a good thing. There were ice crystals on my trash can. Yesterday it was 70 degrees, but then the wind picked up and shifted to the north and the temp plummeted. Carrying out stuff to the dumpster I got leaves in my hair; also allergens in my eyes as they've been itching like crazy every since.

Spent last night watching a lot of tv; also watched parts of the replay of the KU/ISU game as Monday Night Football was a yawner (not as bad as Chicago's stomping by Green Bay the day before).

At the game on Saturday I managed to badly chap my lips to the point that drinking stings. Lovely. So glad I went last week and not this week as it's supposed to snow on Saturday. Yeah, I'm really not thrilled winter's here already. I need to dig out my pajamas along with my winter coat.

Today's happies in no particular order: day off work, manicure (I'm thinking gold for fall as I don't do orange) and KU basketball. Also SPN 200 episode though I don't know if I'll get it watched. Hopefully much more writing which I will go do now.

Also need to load my Christmas icons and sign up for Clexmas and the Dean/Cas Xmas exchange like I need more fics to write.
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09 November 2014 @ 04:05 pm
sorry for being quiet for several days  
Part of it was due to icky tummy which keeps coming and going.

Anyway, catching up.

Happy from Thursday--The Big Bang Theory. While I firmly believe Sheldon is asexual and he and Amy will never have sex, I love that he told her he loves her. Because you can love someone and not want sex (me, I'm the opposite).

Friday started with: I just love waking up to bleeding cat scratches that I don't remember getting. (I typed that Friday and then got busy at work and upset tummy and never finished the post).

Friday was busy due to boss trying to get a million things done before leaving on vacay. That evening, due to upset tummy, I just watched tv. Really loved the intro of Papa Midnite on Constantine (Friday's happy). Enjoying that show a lot.

Yesterday yet again icky tummy and I dozed a lot in the morning and then headed to Memorial Stadium for KU v. ISU. We were four point underdogs but really this would be our only shot at winning a Big 12 game this season (we play TCU next week at home and they just demolished KSU, both ranked in the top ten; then OU and KSU both on the road). Anyway, it was nippy but sunny, around 54 degrees. I wore a KU elbow length sleeve tshirt and a sweatshirt and took my headscarf (red) and gloves (red). When I got the ticket, I got it on the west side because I didn't want the sun in my eyes for an afternoon game. Not the smartest move as the whole west side was in shadow due to the luxury boxes. Also I was 58 rows up (out of about 70). First nearly killed myself climbing to that row--so very much need to get in shape; a couple years ago that wasn't a problem. Smartly I ate my hotdog before I started the climb.

Despite the climb, the seat was perfect. Right on the 50 yard line! Worth the money. I'd love to get season tickets around there but about 40 rows up. For most of the game no one sat on my left (guy came for the second half but was two seats away). Unfortunately I couldn't spread out because the people who never showed pay for the seat backs to be attached--if I get season tickets, I will, too. People on the right left at the start of the fourth quarter.

I stayed for the whole game--paid $65, was not missing a second. We went up 24-0 (17-0 in the first quarter), let ISU score a td right before the half, then they came out and just charged down the field to make it 24-14 in about a minute and a half which was worrisome, but then we made it 34-14 and made them miss a FG and stopped them twice in the red zone on 4th down before getting an interception in the endzone with just a few minutes left. :)

I was already half way to my car when one of the goalposts came down. I don't have a problem with this. We've won three Big 12 games in three seasons. We suck. Okay, yes, we were fighting for last place or ninth place with the only other team with no Big 12 wins, but let the kids enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, our fans should NEVER storm the court at Allen Fieldhouse unless for some bizarre reason Missouri returns and we beat them. This is because winning at basketball is the norm and you don't storm or tear down stuff when you win all the time.

Oh, right, back to the cold. I was, cold that is. Even with my headscarf and gloves. By the end of the game night had fallen and it was about 47 degrees. So, if I do get season tickets on the west side, coats or blankies are in order even if it's sunny. Mom joked that they should get them for me because we'd have home wins at least.

Back in my freshman year, when mom and dad still had season tickets, I went to one game with her. I knew nothing about football and thought it was barbaric (kind of like some lady behind me yesterday) and have no clue who we played or if we won. Since then I've gone to about ten or twelve games and we've won every single time. While most of them have been pre-conference games, we did beat Missouri one year I went to the game. And now ISU.

Win or lose, I do enjoy going to the games, the atmosphere etc. Singing the alma mater, cheering on the band, waving the wheat when we score. I always have a lot of fun. Season tickets for next year are going for this year's prices of $300 for the area I want. If I can get a seat between the 40s and only about 40 rows up, I'm tempted. Even if we don't keep our interim coach and hire someone else, I think we're on the right track.

Regardless, I'm never going to be able to afford (or even obtain) season tickets to basketball; and I actually prefer watching it on tv as it's so fast paced--that said, every basketball fan, regardless of team, should see a game at Allen Fieldhouse.

Back to the cold redux--it took me hours on the couch in my nightie under the sweatshirt, with the heating pad, a blanket and two cats to warm up; I also napped while TCU demolished KState and then LSU blew it against Alabama in OT.

So, obviously Saturday's happy was going to the game and us winning.

Oh, also the issue of UU World came out with the article on my church with my comments starting and ending it, which, of course, isn't available yet online.

Today should not have eaten breakfast as I got overfull and have icky tummy. Still, dragged myself to church; good service on the Seven Principles of UU (focusing on the first and last). Also had a guest musician who gave a concert last night and she and one of our sopranos performed a special song after the service about pledging--apparently she writes a song every year for her own church. It was very funny.

Then came home and watched the Chiefs come back from basically dead to Buffalo and down 13-3 to win 17-13 thanks to our defense. :)

So that would be today's happy.

The coming week sees me home on Tuesday since it's a federal holiday--I have my heating guy coming and hope to have the cable guy here, too, to get my stupid HD working, which means I have to do some cleaning. One, I have to get the huge pile of cardboard away from the door to the basement where the furnace is located. I also have my manicure that afternoon when it's still warm before the polar vortex hits and takes it from the 60s to highs in the 30s, lows in the teens, which is just ridiculously early for that kind of cold. Guess I need to dig out sweaters and my coat. KU basketball on Tuesday and Friday so dad will be here. My pedicure and choir practice where we will hopefully start the six Christmas pieces, on Wednesday, then Thursday is my worship class which I'll prepare for that day.

Most importantly, my polyamory fic is due Wednesday and I have like 1500 words written. *sigh* I have to have at least 10K done. Then a week from today my final TW BB is due at 15K and I only have 12K and at least 5-10 m ore to write.

So...need to write right now.

But, first: Holiday Card Poll, you know you want one!
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05 November 2014 @ 09:44 am
no happies  

I hate the world.

I was trying not to get my hopes up but Davis got so damn close to taking down Brownback and bringing sanity back to Kansas.

I'm beginning to seriously think that anarchy may be the only answer. Most democracies/republics only last around two hundred years before crashing and burning.

I just have to hope that the Republicans all eat themselves with all the infighting. Could be amusing. It's not like government gets anything done anyway. They all suck.

One extremely lame happy from yesterday--I did vote for a winner. Of course, no one ever runs against my local legislator.

(Also my stomach is better.)

(Also I have a crush on Rachel Maddow.)

Locally we voted down a sales tax to build a consolidated police station. Not because we don't need one, because we do, but because the city spent millions building a rec center (which we didn't get to vote on) and a new library BEFORE something as important as a police station. Also, the location where they want to put it is stupid and too expensive. Next up is a stupid outdoor ice skating rink for like a hundred thousand dollars that'll only be open for two months each winter. Lame and NOT needed over a police station.

Yes, I voted against it.

Kansas now can have charitable raffles so our raffles at the church auction can actually be called that.

Oh, and we took the first step towards allowing gay marriage, though I'm sure the stupid Repthug attorney general will appeal the decision. He has until 5:00 on November 11. I'm kind of hoping he forgets it's a federal holiday and the courts are closed. *snort*

While I'm happy to have the day off, I find it annoying when a holiday is in the middle of the week. I'm so tempted to take off Monday and make it a four day weekend, but boss will be out of town. Still thinking about it.

Very minor happy for today to get it out of the way--the city is putting up the Christmas lights in the trees downtown.

Mostly not happy about anything. Just have to hope that everything turns around in two years--usually a better Democratic turn out during presidential elections. Also that the repthugs put up someone polarizing for president as they've been doing. I really wish the moderates would take back their damn party.
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04 November 2014 @ 09:58 am
nausea bad tree pretty  
Or whatever...

I was feeling pretty good this morning and then I ate breakfast and blechy. I'm not sure it's the new pill since I haven't taken it yet (you take it after eating, so I need to go do that). Maybe it's still a combination. Just have to power through it. Good thing--no appetite so I should lose weight because I'm only eating three small meals a day with hardly anything in between (had a banana yesterday afternoon).

So I wasn't much in the mood to do anything yesterday including post here.

I did watch the first KU basketball game (yesterday's happy is the real KU sport has begun). Of course it's hard to judge during an exhibition game with a Division II team but we look better on ball movement than last year. Ukranian kid can shoot; Alexander is a beast--very impressed with his going to the basket and taking shots. Other freshmen have potential.

Really, it can't be worse than last year.

The first real test is two weeks from tonight against Kentucky.

Voting day. I'm going after work since I've been going home before heading to my parents' in order to feed Raine so she doesn't have to go thirteen/fourteen hours without any wet food. I'm not very hopeful that any Dems will win here. The one good thing, all the damn ads will go away. I swear, during the game 90% of the ads were political.

I heard from my spn reversebang artist and looking forward to working with her. :)

I wish Yuletide pinch hits didn't come in at dawn--they were all gone by the time I got up this morning. Not that I could have written for any of them.

Enjoyable Sleepy Hollow last night. I really like that the show isn't trying to throw the two stars together, that Crane is in love with this wife, not Abby. Then I dozed off so didn't watch anything else.

Apparently the military blew up some "old equipment" last night on the edge of town. Lovely.

Oh good, a church polling place was evacuated due to a fire alarm. The counting machine at another polling place isn't working. I got this letter last week about my voting record that ticked me off--not that I got the letter though a lot of people are unhappy about "big brother", but that it was wrong. It showed that I've only voted in two of the last four general elections. I have NEVER missed a general election. I've missed a few primaries due to being out of the country, but never a general one. All I can think of is that the records got screwed up when they moved my polling place about five years ago.

Well, boss called and asked me to work on a file on his desk so probably should do that.
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02 November 2014 @ 09:35 am
stupid stomach  
Jesus, I refreshed LJ as soon as my clock hit 9:00 and there were already 53 claims put in on the spn reversebang post! Just glancing through the ones before mine it looks like I'll get my first choice, which really isn't a surprise considering the vast majority of the art is Sam/Dean or RPF or very AU and I don't do any of those.

Let's see...

KU did lose to Baylor, no fucking surprise, but we did make them kick like four fieldgoals (they still scored sixty points) including at least two on short field position due to turnovers.

Whatevs, the true KU sport starts tomorrow.

I still got no writing done, just edited a fic that's been done for weeks. *sigh*

I did get my Yuletide letter done finally.

I was nauseous most of the day. I think it's the new pills. Hopefully my body will adjust. It took about four months for me to get used to metformin and I still occasionally get nauseous from them.

I got my hair done yesterday morning. :) It was bitterly cold, heavy frost over Friday night (like 23 degrees). Thank God; go away outdoor allergies! My furnace ran most of the day to keep it at 65 degrees in the house. Still cold today and furnace running. I refused to get out my winter coat but I did wear my headscarf. The night before, leaving my parents', I wore my new red leather gloves I got at Harrods. They're definitely (at the cost) not gloves to be worn when the weather's actually nasty--I'm not scraping ice and snow off the car in $120 gloves!--but they're so gorgeous and butter soft and perfect for driving when it's in the 30s and 40s.

At least it's not snowing, unlike in Foxboro (watching Gameday countdown). brrrrrrr

I have a few Yuletide letters open for possible treats. I haven't written any treats for several years (I'm on the pinch hit list) but I signed up for the unofficial 'if you get a treat, write a treat' thing because God knows I need to write more fic. *snort* Of course I think in all my years of Yuletide I've only gotten one treat.

What I need to do is just fucking write something! (And clean my house.)

My ear is hurting again. And my stomach's going ooky again. Blech

So, yesterday's happy was: pretty hair (she always uses a curling iron and brush to get it to curl under; I don't even have a curling iron).

Today's happy is: (although not official yet) getting my first choice in art to write for the spn reversebang. It's Dean in chains held by Crowley and the artist is open to dark fic. :)
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01 November 2014 @ 07:40 pm
yes i am insane  
Well, let's try this again. The stupid poll won't set...

Blame it on the steroids.

Since I bought all my holiday cards at the end of LAST holiday season and I bought my holiday stamps today, have my holiday card poll. (Because, yes, a part of me wants to start writing holiday cards already).

Poll #1987636 Holiday Cards

Type of Card

Christmas (ie Santa, Snowmen)

Name and Address please

You know the drill (if you were here before this year). I don't expect a card in return; I love Christmas like crazy and love to send cards. On the other hand, if you want to send me a card, please PM me for my address.

Responses to the poll are screened; I'm not a psycho, I swear!

Oh and if the poll doesn't let you put in all your deets, just comment.
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31 October 2014 @ 10:38 am
icky tummy  
Ate too much yesterday and then stupidly took my nausea inducing metformin this morning even though I was planning to skip breakfast until hungry.

Not hungry. Nauseated.

On the other hand, it's payday, it's Friday, and SPN Reversebang art previews are up and there are several I'm interested in. Just need to make a big note to be ready at 9:00 cst Sunday to claim. So, that's today's happy. Lovely art.

Last Saturday it was 87 degrees. Today the high is going to be around 47 with a low tonight around 27. Hard freeze, yes please! But, really, stupid weather needs to decide if it's going to be Fall or not.

Did not get any writing done last night, including my Yuletide letter. *sigh* I have ficlets due today; need to write! I did get some tv watched, but am still way behind. Loving that my new brand of DVR holds so much. I have 34 hours on there and it's only at 10% full. Old brand of DVR, that would have been about 80% full.

After having it for two days, boss handed me his new iPhone and said 'set this up please'. Despite never using an iPhone, I did it in ten minutes. God knows ow long he tried.

I get my hair cut and colored in the morning and then I'm home for the rest of the weekend. Sadly I have to clean my house and can't just write. KU's at Baylor tomorrow and will lose big time. The Chiefs host the Jets on Sunday and will hopefully win. I must remember stupid time change as well. Am skipping church.

KU plays next weekend at 2:30 so hopefully I won't freeze at the game but there's now a 40% chance for showers. Of course that's so far off, it could change a dozen times between now and then.

Okay, should work as it's Friday and busy even though boss is in court.
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30 October 2014 @ 09:15 am
wheee yuletide sob royals  
I was just about to read last night's post about Yuletide assignments going out today and, wheeeee, there was my assignment in my email! I only matched on one, but it's doable. Today's happy.

Sadly the Royals lost 3-2. As soon as the Giants went up by one I knew they'd put in Baumgarner and he'd be unhittable and it was over. I truly believe if they didn't have him, we would have won, maybe even swept with the roll we were on. Guy was sickeningly amazing.

Now all you NL teams, stop the Giants! It's boring when the same team wins over and over again (unless it's one of my teams; I never said I wasn't a hypocrite *g*).

I'm still wearing my Loyal Since 1985 tshirt today, even though it's not quite accurate since I was loyal since around age seven (way before 1985) and then after 1994 and the strike I stopped paying much attention until the early 2000s and really didn't get true blue again until about four or five years ago. But, I was there in 1985 and I was there this year, and hopefully this is just the start of big things and not a one hit wonder.

While watching the depression I read about 25 Xbooks, slowly catching up.

I'm way behind on tv and I have to a write a few things tonight I forgot about so now idea when I'll start catching up. I have SPN from this week on my work computer I plan to watch at lunch today so that's one thing.

Guys were working on my deck when I got home yesterday--it's about half the original size which is lovely. They've done a lot of cleanup of the twigs/branches, too. Elektra was not happy there were mens (with a dog) in her yard. I figure she spends the days in the basement which means Raine gets all the food which is fine with me.

Well, need to finish up a Trust we're signing up today so better get to that.
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29 October 2014 @ 09:59 am
so very happy today  

I should have booted Raine out of the chair and posted last night but I was too lazy and happy. (Or, you know, dragged the laptop onto the couch).

I actually had an earlier happy. I picked up two hundred steroid pills (two sizes to last me through January), 180 sulfa whatever pills (one month), my stupid blood pressure med that is not for blood pressure (one month), and 100 needles (three months) and, as they were all generic, they cost $106.00.


The new pill for one month (I take two three times a day with meals and they're large, round and flat but I can chop them up) cost $29.00. As the pharmacist was filling it (and I'd asked him to price it first as the doctor had gotten me coupons for Walmart and CVS for around $26-28 per month) we were chatting and I mentioned the time release horse pill that cost a fortune and he nodded in complete agreement, so, even though I never bought any, it does cost a fortune. Greedy ass pharmaceutical companies.

So, basically happy that, even though I have to take this pill forever and several of them a day, I can afford the damn thing and chop it up.

Ran to Target for a few things, then went home and made chili for dinner which I ate before the Royals started. First inning, okay no probs but no scoring either.

Second inning...

See I had to switch tvs by 8:00; in a normal game that would be around the start of the fourth inning. Last night, not so much, considering we batted for forty five minutes in the second inning!!!!! Luckily they pulled their starting pitcher just when I needed to go upstairs to the other tv, so I didn't miss any of the glory of seven runs being scored on eight hits.

And then we just kept adding on, one in the third, one in the fourth, then Moose's late homer. I had hoped for the serendipity of 11-0 (echoing game seven of 29 years ago) but 10-0 is just dandy.

Our starting pitcher was lights out, giving up only three hits in seven innings, despite a shaky third (understandable after sitting for 45 minutes) in which he loaded the bases with one out but they didn't score. We didn't have to use our ace relievers so they're well rested for tonight, and you could just see the joy and energy and relaxation in the players. They're home and ready and having a hell of a good time.

Our choir director, who hasn't watched a game all season, wrote to suggest calling off practice tonight (about the time I was going to email her I wasn't going to be there). She's very sports superstitious but figured that not watching wasn't working (as we'd lost two in a row) so they watched and will watch tonight.

Tonight I have to watch the first two hours upstairs but moving around didn't seem to jinx them so hopefully...

It's definitely catalogue season as I've been getting four or five a day. Skimmed through several last night finding things to add to my holiday wishlist and possibly get for other people. I found a couple places that sell flannel and knit pajamas as separates. As you all know by now, one of my problems is that I'm much smaller on top. To get clothes to fit across my stomach and hips I have to get about two sizes larger than I need on top. Separates solves the problem. While I have several pairs of pjs for winter, most of the bottoms don't fit and a couple pairs that do are getting kind of ratty as I live in them all weekend sometimes.

I'm tempted to skip church this weekend--it's on nature; I'm so not a nature person. Mostly it's because I have to clean the house for dad to come over on Monday for the KU basketball game (and then I can get the cable dude in as well) and church is like right in the middle of the day and I'd have to shower etc. Probably will.

Oh, new pill might make me sun sensitive. Like I ever go outside! lolol Mom laughed a lot when I mentioned that. Yes, see my deeply tanned skin. <-sarcasm

New pill also doesn't taste bad--doesn't really have any taste, which is nice since I have to chop up two at a time.

The one possible side effect I would like (not the normal diarrhea, upset tummy, blah blah) is lack of appetite. I have GOT to start dieting or I won't lose anything before the holidays roll in. And exercising. Need to get on the damn treadmill thirty minutes a day. That was what I was supposed to do while watching DOOL every day.

After the game I watched Flash (LOVE Wentworth Miller as Capt. Cold, love, love, love) and SHIELD (just love, plus Tim Dekay!)

I don't really have much to say about the announced Marvel movies. Just keep 'em coming. I just wish (hopelessly, I know) that ALL the Marvel movies were in the same universe.

In fandom news, I don't get play mating, but then I didn't get ABO either and now I'm writing it.

Speaking of writing, I have to get off my ass and do that. I am seriously behind. My polyamory fic is due in rough draft form in like two and a half weeks and I have like 1000 words.

(ETA: Today's happy) While I'm not participating in the horribly named Steter week (god I hate smushed names) I am enjoying a lot of the fic! Never enough Stiles/Peter. I figure it started on Tumblr. I don't do that. The only reason I would ever get one is to get prompts, but I have plenty to write right now and will have more come holiday season.

Oh, boss is no longer going to South America, but they are going to the American Southwest, just not next Thursday, but the following Monday and then off for the same original time, so cutting off two work days basically, but I can live with that.

I gotta figure out how to clean our Keurig as it's dribbling out coffee and not making full cups by a long shot. I have to run it through twice to get anywhere near a full cup (we have large mugs, around 10-12 ounces, I think).

Don't have much work today. Hopefully boss will be out most of the afternoon, but he was out most of yesterday afternoon with the guy, so dunno...
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28 October 2014 @ 09:18 am
oops happy  
Forgot both Sunday and yesterday's happys.

Sunday's was the Chiefs winning. I still don't know what's up with this team; they're so hit or miss. I'm more and more impressed with our tiny little kicker. Not only is he hitting long field goals, he's kicking the all out of the endzone on kick offs something his predecessor never seemed to be able to do.

Monday's happy was a really good episode of Sleepy Hollow with Tom Mison looking especially sexy with his hair down most of the time. Okay, I know it's a wig, but guh...

I'm hoping today's will be the Royals winning, but I don't want to jinx them, so 'nuff said about them.

Back later.
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27 October 2014 @ 01:17 pm
splitting headache  

One part sinus, two parts neck pinch. Hopefully the motrin will kick in soon and fix the latter.

So, the Royals are sucking, but, hey, the Chiefs won again! After a shaky first quarter where we nearly went down 0-14, we rallied big time and won the state of Missouri or something.

The concert was excellent. About 1/3 UUs and 2/3 others; 98% women. *g* Some interesting members of the church attended. I sat with a couple fellow altos. Anyway, Tret Fure is funny and has a gorgeous voice. As a folksinger there was a lot of storytelling as well, some funny, some sad, all touching. I bought her latest CD.

At intermission I got spoiled for the Royals--"we're up 4-1" someone said and, sure enough, when I was watching it, we were up 4-1 at around 8:30.

And then we were up 4-2 and 4-3 and then it went to Hell and we lost 4-11. At that point (the seventh inning) I stopped watching. That was actually a much more disappointing loss than last night's, as our bullpen just fell apart. Last night I didn't expect us to win, but Shields looks like he righted himself, giving up only two runs. We just couldn't score on Baumgarner. And then, shockingly, our ace bullpen (not the guys from the night before who are often shaky) gave up two runs!

I dunno. We're at home again so thank god no more of this pitcher hitting crap, the two pitchers we'll be using are the ones who started our two wins so far. We've got to start hitting and scoring like we did in the ALDS and ALCS, though.

Sunday morning over pancakes I finished the latest JD Robb book, always a fun read. Yes, they're formulaic, but the characters have developed over the 30-40 books in very interesting ways, and she makes you care about them.

Went to church where Tret gave her sermon as song based around celebrating life and preparing for death. I ended up crying through most of it. She played a few songs from the night before but a couple of new ones as well. I sat with mom--dad stayed home to recover from the weekend. Did not realized that Tret was a UU.

Watched the aforementioned Chiefs game, dozing a bit, then did a bit of box cutting, trash hauling, lugging of goodwill bags downstairs, laundry. Watched Yuletide delay closing, close, open again. *g* Did not write a word all weekend and hardly read any fic either.

During the Royals game I organized all the recipes I'd pulled out of magazines and separated all the bread ones and some Thanksgiving/holiday ones as well. I've managed to already misplace the one I took out of this month's Bon Appetit (I should be able to get it online) for some cranberry jelly candies I was going to make for mom since she can't eat hardly any desserts (she has problems with chocolate, too--I inherit that and my life might as well be over.) Anything with flour or dairy is out (though she can eat butter with no problem).

Then I watched The Walking Dead which was, of course, excellent despite the severe lack of Daryl, then the Talking Dead.

Very behind on tv though I watched shows here and there throughout the weekend. Tonight won't help with four hours taping as I'm at my parents' due to the game being on tomorrow.

Okay, back after several hours since boss was in and I had invoicing to do.

Except I can't think of anything else to say, so...

(Headache mostly gone.)

Oh, and I finally looked at the schedule the doctor gave me and I'm tapering off the steroids through January! Jeez, I'm going to have my house spotless!
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25 October 2014 @ 05:53 pm
as i'm home (and awake) for a couple hours...  
Busy, busy, busy (and happy).

So, boss was out all day yesterday and other attorney was only in late morning before going to an afternoon meeting with "Dr. Green" (golf). I got work done and watched Gotham, Criminal Minds and last week's Vampire Diaries. I also wrote my Trick or Treat ficlet which was due yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it. So that's the first happy.

I didn't get the fullmoon ficlet written for a second week in a row and this time I actually had it worked out in my head. *sigh

Got home, got changed. Legs shaved, make up on, and then I couldn't figure out what jewelry to wear and then I couldn't get the necklace clasped and then I couldn't find the purse I wanted to use and then the traffic sucked, so I was about twenty minutes late to the reception but no biggie as it was an hour long one before dinner.

Brother is now wearing glasses. He looks either hilarious or distinguished, I can't decide. Decent dinner for a banquet--a very good salad with cashews and basalmic vinegrette I couldn't really eat much of due to not being able to eat lettuce (I hate about a fourth of it), nice roasted potatoes (not as good as dad's), a small steak and chicken breast with capers in a light sauce and green beans that weren't actually overcooked. I ate about half the chicken and steak and left one potato of the three. Then either chocolate torte or carrot cake. I chose the torte because duh chocolate. Didn't leave any of that.

The keynote speaker was good. Good turnout overall.

I managed not to get spoiled for the game and got home around 9:00 to start watching.

Yay, we won! A bit worried when we went from 3-0 (about the time we were all leaving the dinner) to 3-2 but we held on! Yay! When teams are tied after two, 67% of the time the game three winner has won the whole thing.

Oh, I got so many compliments on my fingernails!

And, hey, since I took a picture with my phone and emailed it to my mom from said phone and gmail account, the picture is in my gmail which I can now save off my computer, so, long story

Halloween Nails!Collapse )

Then I watched Constantine, which I enjoyed. The star is perfectly John. I liked the continuity with the comics--Newcastle, Ravenscar, Astra, Nergal, Richie (and next week Zed)--and the new stuff or changes are okay. I suppose it makes more sense to set it in America (and that's where we got our intro to John anyway in Swamp Thing) as it's an American made show, so I can get used to it.

Makes me want to dig out the comics, all two hundred of them, but, it's not exactly like the fifty or so boxes are organized...

No, no, no, I have so many other things that need cleaning/organizing!

Speaking of...

Doctor's appointment this morning went okay. He was surprised that my, to put it bluntly, poop is solidifying with the lack of fiber and the ulcers (which I guess means he's surprised they're healing but I still think they mostly healed on the first round of steroids). Part of that may be the constipation due to the steroids, but it is easier to get out which means to me the fistulas has fixed itself. He was also pleased that my A1C went down as he said steroids for diabetics is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Naturally my body does everything differently than the norm. He's weaning me off the steroids much slower than my regular doctor--I'm on them for two and a half more months, going all the way down to 2.5mg a day (the first time I stopped at 5mg).

Also, the horse pill I never took has been replaced with a NON time release sulfa horse pill ingredient combo from the 1940s which is generic (for years doctors thought it was the sulfa that healed the ulcers and the other ingredient was just a bonding one but actually that's the part that heals, so, of course, pharmaceutical companies have made drugs with just that ingredient to sell at ridiculous prices. They still make the sulfa combo and, again, GENERIC). I have to take it three or four times a day and for two or three YEARS, but it's what keeps you in remission for the ulcers. I'm fine with that. I can afford that. I can also chop the damn things up if they're horse pill sized! I couldn't do that with the time release pill. Glad I never spent any money on them.

I can also start adding small amounts of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, apples etc. with fiber, some of which are high in iron, too, to my diet. He encouraged me to eat more red meat--I said I eat hamburger a lot and he said that was good as it doesn't tend to give you constipation like say a steak can. So, I have some applesauce I may have with dinner tonight (he said to peel the apples at first). I'm not a big spinach or greens fan but I love broccoli and have missed it!

He then gave me six more weeks of Tradjenta samples (my $200 a month diabetes pill). :) I like this guy. He actually remembered I don't have prescription insurance.

In other news there, I did not see or ask what I weighed. My BP was oddly high, 138/68. No clue about my pulse but she didn't mention it and the nurses tend to if it's high, especially since they're usually random nurses on a Saturday and not the regular ones.

I see him again on January 2 which is a Friday but I'm off that day. Hopefully that will be it as he costs $40 a visit more than my regular doctor.

Oh, it was very foggy this morning. I ran my bread for Sunday service out to church before my appointment and fog is always worse in the country, then it was really hit or miss around town. Sun shining brightly for a couple blocks and then dense fog again.

Anyway, I got home, watched a bit of football, dozed some, got a call from my mom to meet them at the Ladybird Diner downtown for lunch, and headed off. Managed to find a decent parking place on a bizarrely warm day (fog all gone, 82 degrees) and then ended up walking up and down the street trying to find the place (I was literally ONE store away before I turned around thinking I was in the wrong block. You'd think I didn't know my own downtown.

The diner is a traditional one with old fashioned food, decor, and clothes on the waitresses which is kind of cool. Mom and my sister-in-law had burgers and fries (and she had a chocolate/peanut butter milkshake). Brother had a chicken fried steak. They serve breakfast all day so I had biscuits and gravy which was delicious (the gravy was mild which I like) and the biscuits were oddly dense but really good, kind of like a combo biscuit and scone. I ran out of gravy before I barely made a dent in the second one, which was fine as I'd had a late breakfast after my doctor's appointment.

Drove mom home so brother and sister-in-law could shop; watched some more football, then put on heels and eye shadow and headed to the final remarks and brief reception for dad. Apparently the conference went well with interesting papers read on a variety of military history topics.

So now I'm home watching the last two DOOL eps and doing laundry before I eat a quick dinner and head to the concert. I'm not sure I've mentioned who it is--Tret Fure, one of the pioneers of women's music in the 1970s, is giving a concert/fundraiser at our church and then also doing the spiritual service tomorrow. I've only heard her singing with Cris Williamson, so I'm interested to hear more of her solo work than the few pieces our minister has used as gathering music for the last couple weeks.

So, I guess today's happy is the relatively positive doctor's appointment. Also, the Sami and Nicole bonding over booze and fighting flashbacks on DOOL are hilarious especially since I wasn't watching the show during any of these flashbacks! Nicole hit her with a stuffed Santa! and now Sami's in the sewers. *snort*
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23 October 2014 @ 10:25 pm
Dear Yuletide Writer  
Sorry sorry sorry I suck!

I really am not picky. I'll love whatever is written for me. I don't tend to come up with specific prompts as I want my writer to go with their muse, but the basics are below as well as some suggestions that you are completely free to ignore because optional details are optional.

I do list a few things I don't like at all and I'm sure you'll take those into account because you're awesome. Also, I love any rating, pretty much any genre, het, slash and gen, and dark stuff (even noncon) is AOK with me. If you want to see what I like to read, just check out what I write, either at AO3 (ladyoneill) or my website,

But, again, write wherever your muse takes you!

First a few things I don't enjoy: second person, scat and watersports, incest, deathfic (unless specifically asked for or it's a canon character death), mpreg (except a few fandoms where I love it and write it obsessively), babies/kids dying unless in canon or very minor characters, ABO dynamics (highly unlikely here), bashing characters (unless the characters do it in canon), all human AUs (which probably don't apply here), high school AUs, complete AUs where people are placed in different eras or different places or space, when, for example, the fandom is set in 1900 New York City (again these probably don't apply and where thousand year old vampires are concerned, any time is fine), and, finally always a different gender characters (ie Elijah from The Originals always being Elizabeth). Really, I prefer fics that are AU from canon but still have the canon characteristics (vampires are vampires for example) and the characters are the ages and genders they are on the show/in the book etc.

I'm not a huge fan of complete fluff but love happy endings. I love angst and dark stuff and kink other than the ones listed above that I don't like. I also love domestic stories, and character driven stories, and baby/kid fics. I'm a historian at heart (and degrees) so historical accuracy or at least along the lines of the fandom is greatly appreciated. Oh, and I don't mind infidelity; I know some people do. While I used to love first person, I find myself preferring third these days but like either present or past tense, and I love flashbacks.

Always remember please that gen fic is fine! As long as you write about at least one of the characters I listed, I'll be thrilled.

Oh, also, if you want to throw in other characters from the fandom not listed or in the tagset as minor characteers, feel free. There are none in any of the fandoms I've requested that I don't like.

So, except for one, I went with a few fandoms I've never read in or thought about asking for, but they intrigued me...

1) Penny Dreadful: I pretty much mainlined this show over a two week period. Love it. Especially love Dorian and when he hooked up with Ethan I was thrilled silly. My main 'ships are Dorian/Ethan, Dorian/Vanessa, Malcolm/Vanessa but I'm happy with any combo of the characters or none. Gen fic is fine! I've long been a fan of supernatural stuff and England and the Victorian time period so this show hits all kind of kinks for me.

2) The Windflower: I was thrilled to see this nominated for Yuletide. I've been reading romance novels for over thirty years and this has long been one of my favorites. A bit dated maybe with romances these days having much stronger females than Merry and a lot less non-con/dub-con, but I don't mind either of those things. My favorite character is Cat. His relationship with Rand has long intrigued me. I also love the idea of Cat/Merry, though canon Merry/Devon is fine with me. I love all the secondary characters--Raven, Will, Cook especially. I'd love an AU where Merry ends up with Cat but anything would be perfect.

3) Lucifer (comic): One of my long time favorite comics. I chose "any" character because I love all of them. I've received a Lucifer/Mazikeen fic for Yuletide before and I do love that pairing, but feel free to explore any of the listed characters. I love Elaine as God, too. The whole Heaven/Hell, angels/demons tropes are tops in my books, along with anything apocalyptic. There's are reason the only two biblical books I've read are Genesis and Revelations.

4) Constantine (tv): I chose this before an episode even aired but just two in and I love it already. I read the comics for years (actually starting with John's intro in Swamp Thing) and am impressed that the show is keeping so much continuity (Ravenscar, Nergal, Papa Midnight, Zed etc.) as well as tweaking somethings (like Chas). Also, John is a right bastard on the show just as he is in the comics. Go wild here; I like the idea of John/Zed but am not locked into it since I've only seen them interact in one ep. Not a fan of John/Chas, though--too good of mates. Of course, gen fic is fine.

5) The 100 (tv): Really enjoy this show and even though I only listed teenagers, I really am impressed by the characterization of the adults as well. They're not just ignored or in the background. I don't really ship anyone here (though I love Lincoln/Octavia), but I prefer stories on the ground rather than pre-show or on the ark. Survival stuff is great. I like Bellamy not being a complete bastard and I like the idea of him and Clarke over Finn/Clarke but have no problems with the latter. Or, again, gen!

6) The Originals: Really enjoying this season. I'm a big fan of vampires, always have been. I like all the characters on the show. I love both Klaus/Haley and Elijah/Haley or Haley just being a strong independent woman. On Vampire Diaries Klaus was just a major ass, but his character is much more interesting on this show. He's still a major ass but he does have a heart. I'd love a fic where they get the baby back (big fan of babies/kids) and to see Klaus as a dad, but anything set now or in the future would be great. Historical fic with the vampires is lovely, but please try to be historically accurate if possible. My favorite times periods are: 17th, 18th and 19th century England (particularly anything dealing with the aristocracy/royalty); Revolutionary war period, 1920s and 1960s America.

Oh, also I'm open to dark dark fics, hence my Crueltide Post.
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23 October 2014 @ 08:57 am
early morning happies  
So it rained all night, but I dragged myself up and out of the house by 7:30 and it was only lightly raining and looked like the sky was lightening to the west so I figure it'll stop soon.

I needed gas, so I figured I'd stop at the Kwik Shop on the way to work and put a few gallons in to tide me over until I could get to the one out on the west side of town on the way to my parents--the Kwik Shop's take my gas points from my grocery card but except for that one you have to have the actual card to run (or go inside) and I just have the little one on my keychain. Well, when they replaced the pumps a few months ago, they put in ones with the barcode scanner so I saved fifty cents a gallon and filled the tank! Good because gas went up ten cents overnight. :P

I then made my way to the waste management complex and tried to figure out which building to go in because the one that made the most sense had a different address than the other one which had gas pumps for the trash trucks and no number on it. I picked the latter and it was the right place. Easy peasy; they'll deliver the dumpster tomorrow.

So I got to work early.

To discover, while I feel pretty good, I have a temperature of 100.4. *sigh*

Stupid body.

After the game I did get SHIELD and Flash watched last night.

spoilers for those plus future spoilers for GothamCollapse )

Oh, saw the Age of Ultron trailer. Need this movie tomorrow!

While I hope to catch up on some tv tonight, I need to sign up for Yuletide and write two ficlets due tomorrow because even though boss says he's out all tomorrow, there's no guarantee. If he is and other attorney is as well, I have some things to watch here. So, I'll probably put on some football game and write tonight. Hopefully I'll be feeling fine.

Oh, it's San Diego and Denver; definitely be watching that as they're both in the Chiefs' division.
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22 October 2014 @ 10:51 pm
happy happy happy!  
Wheeeeee! Now that's the Royals from the last couple weeks! Down one, tied, up one, tied by them, and then the bottom of the sixth and frenzy frenzy frenzy (one of our tv announcers labeled it frenzy hitting several months ago--we start getting hits and runs in an inning, everything's working all of a sudden, and then we're unstoppable) we're up by five. :) Won 7-2.

I feel 4000 times better. No fever (at least I'm pretty sure; I haven't taken my temp since mid-afternoon). Unlike last night which I spent under blankets, heating pad and cats, tonight I organized my jewelry and my top two drawers (scarfs, purses, miscellaneous nonclothes). I also decided to pull out the dresser to see if any of the missing earrings were there--a couple were plus a Christmas tree brooch I'd forgotten about and, more importantly, a hundred year old tin and rhinestone star brooch that I've been trying to find for about four years.

I also have cool fingernails--white base with the black crackle stuff on top--perfect for Halloween.

Now I'm going to watch SHIELD and something else.

Happy happy happy!
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22 October 2014 @ 03:44 pm
mish mash including liberal political ranting  
Well, that was a stinky game last night. *sigh* Hopefully it will bring them down to Earth and motivate them. I'm a bit worried we're back to the 'not being able to bring in runners in scoring position' problem that affected us most of the season. :(

I ended up staying in bed to watch the game after 8:00 because I had the chills and the heating pad was up there. Then I got hot and sweaty and slowly through the night got cold again. When I awoke I had a temp of 100.7. *sigh* Still dragged myself to work. Believing I'd get cold with the chills I wore a tank top with a lightweight cardigan over it. I got hot and sweaty and ended up taking off the sweater and just draping it when anyone came in (I never show my upper arms as they're fat and flabby). I'm running home early to take out the trash and recycling before I get my manicure and I'm going to change to a tshirt.

The city run recycling program started this week. I was originally not thrilled--we have to rent the bin even if we never put it out--but I've actually filled it with old magazines and cardboard and I have a bag of plastic, food boxes, glass and cans to dump into it. I do like that we don't have to separate anything. This is a probably a steroid thing.

I got nothing watched last night as I pretty much went to bed right after the game. Today I've watched the Originals and Castle. Hopefully tonight after the game I'll have enough energy to stay awake to catch up on a few things from last night and tonight.

I'm more and more convinced this is a cold as I've got a small cough and sniffles and it's not sinus drainage as I've been taking decongestants (for my allergies). At least my headache and earache have faded to barely noticeable.

At some point I need to sign up for Yuletide. Maybe tomorrow night as there's no game and only TVD on tv. I also need to write my fullmoon ficlet and another story due Friday but supposedly boss is going to be out all day.

I do seem to have more energy today so I got a lot done at work. Unfortunately, when I'm sick, the last thing I want to do is eat diet food. I had scrambled eggs and toast for lunch and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner yesterday. I'm thinking pancakes for dinner tonight; that sounds good. Actually, all I've eaten today is a diet breakfast sandwich and a lean cuisine, so I probably won't gain weight with the pancakes even though I use butter. I use sugar free syrup, which actually tastes pretty good.

What the heck is going on in Canada???? No one every attacks Canada!

I was very disappointed to read that a former Republican governor I actually voted for (because he was pro-education and the Democrat was anti-choice) is supporting Sen. Roberts. :P I really hope the moderate almost liberal Independent candidate can unseat that horrible incumbent who barely even lives in this state.

On the other hand, our outgoing Insurance Commissioner, one of the few moderate Republicans around (and only outgoing because she knew she'd face a huge uphill battle against whatever teapartier the state Republicans threw up against her since she was FOR the Affordable Healthcare Act) is supporting several Democrats running for state office and the aforementioned Independent against Roberts as well. Good for her. Always voted for her because she did her job serving ALL the people, not just her own party. One of those old skool Republicans raised in it by parents and grandparents. I have no problem with them. My grandfather was one of them. He'd be appalled by the religious right and tea party taking over the Grand Old Party.

Okay, gotta run.
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21 October 2014 @ 06:53 pm
well i know where the earache and headache have come from  
I'm sick. Hopefully just a cold, but last night, after watching only TBBT, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 3:00 freezing. I went to bed in sweater over nightgown, slippers and heating pad. Woke up with a 101.1 degree fever (which is much higher than my norm for sinus infections, so I'm really hoping this is just a cold, which I always have one or two days of high fever with).

With my boss out of the office this morning (and already in a four hour medical test by the time I got up so I couldn't call off work), I dragged myself to work a half hour late. I did email him that I was sick and when he came in at noon, he sent me home. Naturally my fever, which had dropped to 100, broke on the drive home, but I still don't feel great, have a low grade fever at the moment, and napped for about an hour this afternoon.

I did manage to finish and edit and post my IWRY fic so that's today's happy because I'm not going to wait till after the game. I'm at home, not my parents', but I can watch the game on my main tv from 7:00-8:00 and after 9:00 and still record all my normal shows. I hooked up my bedroom tv so it's ready to go at 8:00.

I had on espn all afternoon so in between watching tv and napping, I caught a lot of World Series news and pretty much all the pundits (and the four on the Fox pregame) have the Royals winning the series. :)

Yesterday's happy...not sure there was one as I was getting sick, had a boring day at work. I did enjoy TBBT. It's so obvious the cast all get along and have fun, and it's so damn well written. Loved that Sheldon only lasted eleven minutes underground.
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20 October 2014 @ 07:46 pm
tired happies  
I did actually get pretty much all of my IWRY fic written yesterday and with boss out of the office all tomorrow morning and off and on in the afternoon, I should be able to finish it and edit it before the game. It's dark smut in Hell. *sigh*

Sunday service was about addiction--not just to the big stuff like drugs and booze but to things like competition, being right, anything that distracts from what's important. Guessing mine would be fanfic and sports. I don't really have a problem with that. But then our minister started her sermon with a comment that all human beings seek connection with others and that pretty much nixed me getting much from it. Because, while I don't shy away from others, I'm not a hermit or an agoraphobe, I don't need people in my life. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy them when they are.

Anyway, all playing into my weirdness.

Then I napped off and on through the first half of the Chiefs game, before watching them win another inexplicable win. We are so hit and miss! I also continued to read the last ten months of Xbooks, making my way about half way through the stack.

Walking Dead rocked.

I also watched all three Criminal Minds from this season. I wasn't looking forward to Ghost Whisperer joining, but I like her character. I really liked the last ep, the airplane one.

So, happy for yesterday was the Chiefs.

Also, yuletide signups opened. I have given zilch thought to that. After I finish the fic tomorrow.

Today wasn't very busy. I actually hole punched and organized files. :P For some unknown reason our power blipped out for a few seconds, came back on for a few seconds, blipped off again, then came back, just proving to me that our battery backup is no longer maintaining a charge as I had to restart the computer. It was the whole building, which I was glad about because I worried I'd overloaded a circuit by running a space heater for the first time this fall. It was 72 degrees in my office and 75 outside and I was freezing.

Oh, also a generic weekend happy: I finally went out in the backyard after the game yesterday and saw that the guy had reattached the piece of siding that came off with the cable cord and fixed the torn one below it so well you can't even tell from five feet away that it had been torn off. I think he must have used glue or something. I need to check if tightening the cable (which the tree guys did) helped the signal enough to give me HD. If not, I have to clean my main level enough to get the cable dude out since they can now access the back yard.

I've had a sinus headache all day to go along with my 2 1/2 day earache. Lovely.

Nothing really happy yet today.
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