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15 September 2014 @ 10:44 pm
fuck yes!  

We were down 0-3 early in the game and just couldn't bring anyone in. We got baserunners and then would hit into a double play inning after inning.

And then, finally, we scored one in the 7th and one in the 8th. Chicago kept throwing wild pitches/passed balls which helped move our runners into scoring position. And the 9th they did the same thing. With two outs, Moose hit a double. Dyson came into pitch run. He scored on a wild pitch, tying the game. Nori hit a double (his fourth hit of the game) and they brought in the new fast kid, Gore, and Cain, with two outs, hit a chop knock to second but Gore was long gone and they couldn't get Cain out at first because he's fucking fast, too, and Gore sped across the plate to win the game.


That's the kind of game we needed. We can get ahead early and win big but we haven't been able to come from behind in weeks, and to do it in the 9th is just perfect. :)

Of course, because Detroit keeps winning, we're still 1 1/2 games back, but it could have been 2 1/2.

Oh, and I'm staying home in the morning--boss texted me a couple times and his son will go in for me in case I have a bad night again. If I'm well, I can get my grocery shopping done because all I have to eat is spicy or dairy laden food. For dinner I had about half a bowl of gross milkless cream of wheat (even Raine turned her nose up at it) and two packages of cheese and crackers. I need more food.

Walk off infield hit. Has to be a rarity!

Huh, and in 100 plus years of baseball we're only the third team to ever come back from two seven game deficits in the division to lead. Interesting stat.
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15 September 2014 @ 08:54 pm
Letter for Trick or Treat  
will be here eventually.
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15 September 2014 @ 08:50 pm
yeah best birthday ever  
(that's sarcasm, btw)

I thought I was doing better yesterday but then I was up most of the night, like every hour, not huge accidents, but still diarrhea. blech So I stayed home today and haven't had to go to the bathroom since around 5:00 a.m., but I didn't know and didn't want to have an accident at work. I napped off and on and read fanfic and didn't eat much just in case (I ate normally yesterday and it was bad.)

I kept getting awakened by my phone. My brother calling from Vegas (partners meeting), the guy who leased me my car, my boss asking what the wifi password is, my mom. But I'm already feeling more energy from the steroids.

Still have not taken the horse pills. Need to man up and do it even though it's for the ulcers and I'm pretty sure those healed as the nasty discharge went away so I'm not overly concerned as the steroids healed them the first time around.

The Chiefs nearly beat the donkeys. Had a chance to tie in the last minute and failed at 4th and goal, but, even with some big losses on defense from last week and Charles out half the game, they played better in Denver than last week at home. Gave me a smidge of hope. The Royals continue to suck. They're losing at home to the White Sox for God's sake after losing three of four at home to the Red Sox. Detroit comes here next, they're going to slaughter us.

I finally got my 'not a bill' from the hospital for the infusions. Around $2700 for the three. Let's hope that insurance covers it all. Still $900 for sitting in a room for an hour getting stuff pumped into you is ridiculous. You know the nice nurses weren't making much of that.

I did get over 10K on the TWBB last night. It's too damn fluffy. Where the fuck is nasty Peter????

I also watched the last four eps of Strain so I'm all caught up, also the first ep of Haven. Oh, and really liked Znation, though it's not that much different from Walking Dead except the zombies are faster and Garth is funny. Was surprised Lost guy bought it in the first ep. Under the Dome tonight after the game. Summer shows should be wrapping up soon, I'm guessing. It's so cool to see new fall shows populating my DVR pre-recordings. :) Though the CW is ridiculous in making us wait till October for anything; NBC, too, for Grimm and Constantine not coming on till nearly November. Hell, Walking Dead returns before that!

My happy today is that I got some lovely birthday wishes, especially an adorable kitty ecard from cassiopeia7 and a text from my godson.

Not so happy is that my parents may be coming down with this ick. I only was around mom for about five minutes total while sick so it's possible they got it from church where people are down with it.

Okay, since I can sit again without pain, I'm going to try to write something as the Royals lose this game...
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14 September 2014 @ 05:29 pm
No, really. (Beware of a bit of not too graphic bodily function talk below)

Since my last post at work on Thursday I've 1) had my first worship associates class/meeting which went really well; 2) come down with horrible stomach flu--diarrhea only but god what a mess; 3) am back on the steroids plus more because the fistula didn't heal; 4) watched KU suck; 5) watched the Royals lose 3 of 4 to the worst team in the AL; 6) wrote nothing.

Yeah, it's been a weekend.

Not a lot of happy, that's for sure.

Let's get those over with first.

Friday night I watched the final two eps of the Quest (enjoyable for what it was) and a woman won against three men! Very impressed by that. I assume it'll be back next summer as the bad guy escaped.

Saturday I went to the doctor who did my colonscopy and thanks to the weak and then horrible diarrhea of about a week, I lost five pounds (lost a lot more than that but that was official).

Sunday...I'm feeling a bit better? No bowel issues so far and I've eaten both breakfast and lunch.

Yeah, not a lot of happy.

My class/meeting went very well. Despite my stomach being off, I got through it without needing to go. It's all people I know fairly well--three have been on the spiritual celebration team for years; three are new to it, plus our minister as the facilitator. We discussed who has the authority concerning the worship service (the book we're using is written by a UU minister) and what makes a sermon.

Basically you build up to writing a full length sermon. We meet once a month for three hours (plus dinner/planning meeting first).

Then I came home and the ick started. I was up half the night. I won't go into details, just that there was the need to do a huge load of bedding and towels the next day.

I had a fever Friday (which meant I knew it was more than just loose bowels and the fistula being tight again) and only made it six hours into the day at work, having one accident (luckily I came prepared). I ate a banana and a some saltines that mom brought me that morning and they went right through me. I went home and napped a bit and eventually had one of those microwave cans of soup. So about 250 calories all day that went zip right through. Lovely.

Now on a normal weekend of being sick I wouldn't have stirred from the house but I had the doctor's appointment. Apparently my chronic (no one told me it was chronic) ulcerated colitis only goes into remission about 50% of the time with the first round of steroids and meds. It did work for the first month, the fistula loosened, bowel movements normalized, but then as I cut down on the steroids it reversed. :P So I'm back on the steroids and two other meds, one of which I can't drink alcohol at all with or I'll throw up (not even mouthwash or cough syrup!) so ice wine for my birthday is out. :P On the other hand, he gave me five weeks of free samples of the non-generic (ie very expensive) time release drug which is fucking horse pill sized and I don't know how I'm going to find the guts to take it. He got me a discount card but said that if it's like $180 with the card that he'll put me on the old style form of the drug that is generic and has sulfa in it. I threw out that I'm already paying $180 a month for one of my diabetes' meds and he gave me six weeks free samples of it! Really nice guy. Quite funny and blunt (used the word poop a couple times *g*).

Anyway, I'm okay with all this. It's better than surgery which is the last resort, and, when the fistula loosened and it was easier to go the bathroom, my hemmhroid didn't act up so I'm not going to press getting that fixed yet. I'm going to try a lot harder not to gain weight and eat crap and sugar. I know I'll be hungry but I'm planning to just keep some grapes and saltines on hand at work to sate the hunger rather than Ensure which is very high in sugar/carbs or cookies etc.

I do have some sugar free cookies which I'll use, too. I'm discovering that sugar free icecream doesn't suck. In fact, the last one I had, a no name brand, was vanilla icecream, chocolate swirls and peanut butter cups and it was low fat/lactose free, too. Yummy.

I actually had a bit of energy after the doctor's appointment though I hadn't eaten anything, so I risked running to the pharmacy, the post office, and then the grocery to get some foods I figured I could try to eat--breakfast sandwiches (lots of protein), spaghettios, crackers and peanut butter. I had a breakfast sandwich, watched college football, read fanfic, watched KU completely suck and lose, had a few stomach problems, had a couple pieces of peanut butter toast, watched the Royals win the only game they won against Boston, and asked mom to bring me some imodium. I had a fever again that afternoon and found out that there are people at church who have the stomach flu, too.

The only diarrhea I had Saturday night was around 7:15 a.m. and wasn't horrible, but I took the imodium mom brought me anyway (and haven't gone since, after eating normal food for breakfast and dinner). I started the medicine regime except for the horse pills which I'm going to have to cut up. They're not capsules so I'm hoping that as long as I don't crush them they won't dissolve too quickly, and, maybe I can build up to taking them whole. I used to be able to swallow whole handfuls of pills at once so it's all in my head.

But, really, three years ago I couldn't swallow the smallest pill. I'd be completely fucked if that was still the case. Right now the biggest pill I'm comfortable swallowing is a motrin tablet. The other new med--apparently the best antibiotic for fistulas--was a caplet sized and I cut it in half. I might be able to swallow them if I work up to it. They have a horrible aftertaste and I have to take two a day. The doctor warned me they could make your taste like iron and I don't know if it was that or just not eating much of anything but my mouth does taste bad. Blech.

Today I've been lazy except for loading and running the dishwasher which should have been done days ago. I watched Utopia and the last two DooL eps along with the last three Strain. I had hoped to write all weekend but sitting hurt--bottom just raw. Today it's better. I obviously didn't go to church. I'm now watching the Chiefs (which I taped as I watched the Royals suck and lose again). I'm hopeful about going to work tomorrow, but that depends on if I have anymore accidents overnight. I can live with a low grade fever at work.

So, that's been my lovely weekend. Oh, I did get my spn-j2-xmas exchange assignment and it's very doable. :) I didn't get my fullmoon ficlet done due to getting sick but I'm going to finish it anyway. I also need to write about three or four thousand more words on the TW Big Bang which is due in rough draft form on Wednesday though the mods are very laid back and if you can't get 80% of the fic done but know you can get it done by November, they still let you participate. I can get it over 10k but not to 80% as the final product is probably going to be around 20K.

Oh, and I think I figured out the leak. After one accident yesterday, I climbed in the tub and only washed certain areas and held the hand-held shower thing at a different angle, hitting the outside wall a lot. I was wearing my glasses since I wasn't washing my hair and noticed that some of the tiles have gaps in the grout. Afterwords, I went down to the utility room to do laundry and there was water on the floor. I need to regrout and see if that fixes the problem. Still a bit baffled as to why it hit a day after I showered last time and this time was right after. Could still be a leaking pipe but it's obviously not the roof because there was no rain.

Okay...going to go get some crackers to eat.
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10 September 2014 @ 10:32 am
another quick post  
The Royals are falling apart at the wrong time, dammit.

Utopia is so bad it's hilarious.

So nice to have my regular manicurist back. *admires pretty, even bright blue fingernails*

Today's happy is that it was supposed to storm all night and we just got about a quarter inch of rain. No thunder or lightning that I know of. If it did, I slept through it. Also brought the cool. Yesterday it was 94. Today it started at 76 but is supposed to drop to the low 70s. Friday's high is to be 56. :)

Am writing my fullmoon ficlet. Prompt is "...or die". I'm going the traditional route *g*

I also started my poly bb fic, though right now I'm just setting up the universe I'm creating. Why am I suddenly writing girl Stiles? *sigh*

Boss is out this morning and sadly I have a lot of work to do that I'm ignoring.
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09 September 2014 @ 09:35 am
'cuz i keep sucking at this  
I'll get it over with early.

Yesterday's happy is vague--in that I'm too lazy to spoiler cut. If you watch Teen Wolf and know my favorite character, then you know I'm happy said character did not die. (Not that that every stopped me from writing Gabriel into fic in SPN after they tragically killed him off after five appearances over five years.) Also, episode rocked. I wondered about the wolf in the intro...

Today's happy is that I am being quoted in the article for the UU World and I'm the lead! Way cool. I don't think I've ever been interviewed and included in an article before. I'll definitely link to the article when it appears in the Winter edition.

Okay, working...
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07 September 2014 @ 06:34 pm
Beat the Yankees 2-0, won the series, won the season series for the first time since 1999 AND beat 'em on Jeter day. :)

Just LOVE to beat the hated Yankees especially at their home. I was getting a bit worried because I only taped an extra hour and the first pitch was delayed a half hour so they could do Jeter stuff. It ended with six minutes left on my recording with a called strike by Davis. :)

So football may suck but we head to Detroit Tuesday 2 1/2 games up on them.

And I wrote 1500 words of sex while watching. Weird ass sex. Male/male sex but with girl parts. I can't believe I'm writing ABO.
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07 September 2014 @ 05:01 pm
Mixed bag  
After the first quarter of the KU game yesterday's happy was going to be 'omg we're playing great' because we scored 24 points and held them to nothing and then at the half we were still well ahead and then at the end of the third quarter we were up like 34-7 or 34-10 or something and then we nearly lost and won by six never scoring again.


We should have stomped this team into the dust. Yeah, this may be our only win. We play at Duke this coming Saturday and they were tied for the lead of the ACC last year, and then Central Michigan comes here the following week and yesterday they trashed Purdue for god's sake, a Big 10 team. On the other hand, we might be able to beat Texas the next week here as OMG did they suck last night at home against BYU.

Also, dad went home at the end of the third quarter and that's obviously why we nearly lost. He has to watch every minute of the game...

Oh, I watched the final two Defiance eps and I love the team up of Datak, Stahma and Rafe. They're so snarky together but so obviously love their kids. Actually, I just really, really love Stahma to pieces. Even though she killed Kenya last season. Stahma rocks as a woman in a male dominated society fighting (and fucking/seducing) for equal treatment.

So, that's my happy?

Slept in a bit today so didn't mow which was probably good because my allergies are really acting up. Church was our annual water ingathering/communion where we mingle waters we've brought from vacation or home (or symbolically). We also introduced a few new elements to the order of service, a new gathering song, a processional hymn with procession, a historical moment. It all worked really well, no major screw ups.

Which was good because this was the weekend a reporter and photographer from the UU magazine was here as we're a break out congregation (growth, spirit, change etc.).

Today's happy is definitely not the Chiefs. Jesus. Three interceptions thrown? Only three points till half way through the fourth quarter? Jesus.

When does KU basketball start?

Anyway, today's happy is that after the service and the ritualistic pouring of the water on the Peace Pole, I was cleaning up the stage and discussing a few issues with our minister and I was about to leave when she was like 'um, don't hate me'.

Long story short I got interviewed by the reporter and might be quoted in the magazine!!!! Because I grew up there and came back after taking about a dozen years off and am really active now. :)

And now I'm watching the Royals who lost yesterday (I taped it but caught the score running around the bottom of the screen so didn't watch it) and lost their starting pitcher after one pitch. Today I recorded both Chiefs and Royals so this game actually ended like an hour ago. We're up 2-0 in the third. Wow, we have thirty three more stolen bases than any other AL team. :) Just had another one. And now we had a double steal! Except they're challenging and it looks like our guy going to third may be out. Yep. :P

Tonight I'm giving this Utopia show a shot. It's on two nights a week and that's a big commitment, so I dunno if I'll stick with it. My DVR moved along enough that I was able to set up series' recordings for the first of the new/returning shows on Network tv (outside of this Utopia). The Big Bang Theory, Gotham and Sleepy Hollow air on the 22nd. I also set up the premiere of Forever as I like the lead (Buffy's welsh hubby from Ringer) and the premise as long as the show focuses more on the immortality than become a cop/medical examiner procedural.

Oh, today's my nephew's thirteen birthday! He's at Disney World. I'm pretty sure my thirteenth birthday party was at home with some friends and a cake I baked since mom had started failing miserably at cake baking for some reason. Maybe I had a slumber party. *snort*

Anyhoo, need to write something...

Wait, I remember what yesterday's happy was. There was a woman official in the KU game! How fucking cool is that???? She worked a small conference last year but she's in the MAC (I think) this year so moving up. She started a dozen years ago in high school, then junior college or Div. 2 or 3, now Div. 1 college, and hopes to make it to the NFL.
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06 September 2014 @ 04:18 pm
oops. didn't post the last couple days  
To be fair, I was actually really busy at work (sadly as boss and other attorney were gone most of Friday afternoon--though I did get Under the Dome watched while filing).

Friday my happy was that it rained and the ceiling didn't leak, nor did it leak from bathing. On the other hand, it rained while I was running errands after work of course. I hate dealing with an umbrella when I'm in and out of stores so I just got wet. Also it was my parents' 52nd anniversary. :) Also, the Royals beat the Yankees in NY 1-0 and Detroit lost after an early, long rain delay that would have wiped out the game if it had been called and they were losing at that time.

I don't remember anything specifically happy on Thursday. I went to my parents to work that night since they went out to dinner Friday. I guess happy that pro football season started. Kind of lame happy.

Today I'm cleaning the house and watching college football. Iowa State lost in the last minute to Kansas State. *sigh* I was a bit worried as ISU was playing really well and that's the game I'm going to since I thought we could beat them.

KU plays SE Missouri State at 6:00 tonight.

I baked white chocolate chip banana bread for church--god it smelled good.

I'm being way too apathetic about dieting. I go to the doctor in one week and I dread how much weight I've gained.

We're singing "People" next Sunday at church (we've sung it before) and the words are kind of offensive to asexual people. I don't "need people". How come I'm not lucky? Actually, I don't get offended by song lyrics but some people do. I mean, basically the song is saying if you fall in love, if you find your perfect "one" you're the luckiest person in the world. So, if you don't...

Apparently the I-70 choirs (the choirs of the churches along I-70, duh) are putting on annual concerts starting this coming year, like a dozen songs! Except they stupidly scheduled the first one for the April 2015 weekend when the annual regional conference is to which, because it's in Napiersville, IL, a couple towns over from my brother's, mom and I are going (well, dad too but he doesn't sing). They moved the concert to the weekend before. I mean, all the ministers, the church leaders, would be gone. And I'm sure at least a couple of very active members who are in our choir will go to the conference as well so mom and I weren't the only ones.

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about a full concert. We've done three or four numbers at one time before, but never a dozen.

Sadly I won't be at the first get together of the bigger choir which is for the installation of Topeka's new minister as it's the same date as the KU/ISU football game and I spent $65 on a ticket and not missing it.

I failed miserably at the fullmoon ficlet prompt. I hope to get some writing done while watching the Royals after the KU game tonight (taping it right now) and then tomorrow during both the Chiefs and Royals game (I'll tape one; actually I'll tape both as they start at noon and church ends at noon).

Well, back to cleaning...
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06 September 2014 @ 02:16 pm
Dear TW Holidays Writer  
Placeholder. :)
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03 September 2014 @ 09:44 am
not happy  
It's getting more and more difficult to find the happy...

Though in a really gross way and coming off a not happy, the guaranteed way to get me over constipation is stress. Went downstairs this morning to find water on the floor of the damn utility room again. Not as much as when the toilet up above broke but a small drip in the ceiling next to the window and air conditioning vent which is right under the bathtub I've been using. Most of the water went into the cat box (which I had JUST changed last night) and none got near the light fixture. There's a flap of ceiling pulled away. I hope it's due to the heavy rain (though how that's getting in when it's one and a half floors down, I have no clue). I hadn't used the tub since yesterday morning--everything up there is dry. BUT I immediately had to go to the bathroom.

Goodbye blockage. (sorry about the grossness). So...happy? Incredibly lame happy.

Royals hung on and won 2-1 so that was yesterday's happy. We're still 1/2 game up in first place over Detroit.

I woke up a little after 5:00 a.m. to loud thunder like right overhead and heavy rain but no wind that I can tell. I don't give two shits about the basement flooding anymore so as long as there's no wind it can rain all it wants (unless it's causing the leak in the laundry room). We got about 1.3 inches in just three hours, under a flood warning and the one street that always floods was blocked off and as I passed it on my way to work a car was getting towed. Didn't look like an accident--my guess it stalled out. Not helpful that the street is one of those people are using to avoid the messy intersection two blocks away. At least thirty cars were backed up on it as they waited for the car to get put up on the tow truck. What a mess.

Supposedly that intersection is ahead of schedule and should be ready by mid-October, a month early, which is pre-basketball thankfully. Of course if it keeps raining like this...

Well, boss should be rolling in anytime as he has a 10:00 appointment. Sadly his Wednesday drinking buddy is out of town so he'll be here all day. :P I hope to get some work done on the big bangs.
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02 September 2014 @ 11:14 am
back to work ugh  
bodily problemsCollapse )

So I haven't been sleeping well due to all that, so I'm tired.

The steroid treatment ended on Sunday. I don't think there's any bleeding anymore so hopefully it worked for the ulcers. I don't have as much energy which is sad.

Due to the pain of sitting (see under the above cut if you're curious) I didn't get as much writing as I wanted done. I did get a couple thousand words done on each of the Big Bangs due later this month including the one I hadn't touched in two months. So, yay.

Sunday's Royals game was suspended in extra innings due to thunderstorms (it rained a lot, there was no wind, I didn't panic...too much) right after Cleveland went up 4-2. The game will finish on September 22 in Cleveland--we have three outs to come back. And then Cleveland went home yesterday to fall completely apart to Detroit and lose 12-1. Why couldn't they have sucked against us?

We did win last night, 4-3 over the Rangers, the worst team in baseball.

Teen Wolf was wonderful. The week before I missed the last fifteen seconds or so when Peter told Kate he was going to kill Scott, but I figured that was what he said since Ian and Jill discussed it on Wolf Watch, so it was nice they recapped that bit.

Bad Peter, needs a spanking.

Do women really sleep in bras? I'd find that horribly uncomfortable.

I can't believe the finale is next week! ACK! I hope that with the extended fifth season that means it'll come back sooner than next June.

Always nice to see the Sheriff in regular clothes. I have major issues with the insurance, though. My insurance doesn't cover me going to the doctor but does cover mental health issues, though it's possible Eichen House wasn't covered since Stiles and his dad committed him and not a doctor. The MRI should have been covered, surely they got a doctor to order it. Sheriff's gunshot? Definitely covered! Government workers usually have the best insurance.

Speaking of money issues--why isn't Scott's dad helping? Why do they live in that massive house if they have financial problems? Where did these financial problems suddenly come from because we had no real hint of them before?

And where's the rest of Peter's money?

And, Derek, honey, you're rich, stop living in a hovel. Though, dammit, he has a coffee table (fic issue).

So yesterday's happy was writing.

Not sure what today's will be. I feel crappy every time I stand up. Really, sitting is actually better. I'm suppose to go to my parents' tonight but that may not happen. Damn, their anniversary's this Friday. Probably should figure out something to get them. Flowers are kind of lame but easy.

Going to be hot today through Thursday (upper 90s) and then plummet into the 70s and low 80s thank God. It was apparently really nice yesterday, around 80, but I didn't step outside. I also didn't do laundry and am running out of clothes.

The meeting on Sunday went well. Mostly discussing changes to the order of service and planning future services. We're going to do a service some time on why every YA book these days is a dystopian future and they kill kids in them but there's no graphic sex. Graphic violence okay but sex not? Our minister brought up the fact that she has no clue about pop culture stuff and we have a lot of young members. Even though I'm old (probably only about ten years younger than her) that is one thing I know about. I want to do a service on why Joss Whedon is god...

Well, probably should work though no one is here yet but me.
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01 September 2014 @ 12:30 pm
writing meme  
as I've put off writing anything until halfway through day three of vacay. *sigh*

Snagged from piscaria. Pick a letter please!

A. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.
B. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?
C. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?
D. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?
E. Share one of your strengths.
F. Share one of your weaknesses.
G. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
H. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
I. Which fic has been the hardest to write?
J. Which fic has been the easiest to write?
K. Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?
L. Is there a section of canon above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?
M. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?
N. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?
O. If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?
P. If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?
Q. Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?
R. Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?
S. Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?
T. Describe your perfect writing conditions.
U. How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?
V. Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style. (Person sending the ask is free to make suggestions).
W. If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?
X. Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?
Y. What do you look for in a beta?
Z. Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?
AA. How do you feel about collaborations?
AB. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.
AC. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?
AD. Do you accept prompts?
AE. Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?
AF. How do you feel about smut?
AG. How do you feel about crack?
AH. What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con?
AI. Would you ever kill off a canon character?
AJ. Which is your favorite site to post fic?
AK. Talk about your current wips.
AL. Talk about a review that made your day.
AM. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?
AN. Write an alternative ending to a fic you've written (specify by title, link or general description]
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31 August 2014 @ 11:00 am
today's early happy  
I hit 100 bookmarks on Dark Side Of The Moon! I also got two lovely comments on the ficlet I posted last night in the series. All about how I'm killing them with the gutwrenching angst. *g*

I really, really don't want to shower, get dressed and leave the house for a three hour meeting. :P But, it's our organizational meeting for the new worship team so I really need to be there especially since I missed the preliminary meeting due to being in London.

The Royals tried to come back and still sucked and lost. Our first losing series in like the last ten or so. :P We're back to that not being able to bring people in when they're on base thing. Not a good time for this, guys. Basically one month left in the regular season. We're still in first place in the Central but barely.

Did not mow this morning.

I'm beginning to wonder if this one exchange which should have opened a week ago will ever open. I know the mod was waiting for a couple pinch hits but it's been at least a week, I think, since she mentioned it.

I can't believe Yuletide is starting up already. The new rules were just posted as was the unofficial 'what I'm nominating' post is up. Where the Hell did the summer go? Considering it's going to be 97 degrees today, it's still here.

OMG, the Chiefs cut their veteran kicker. In doing so they saved $1.5mill but...

Well, should post this and go take a shower or sit here and stare at the blank screen as my mind whirls over what to write and from three cups of coffee in under two hours...
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30 August 2014 @ 10:06 pm
well today was unproductive  
Basically I napped, watched football, read fanfic, dozed, watched baseball, read fanfic...

Really kind of pathetic. My excuse? Three day weekend so wasting one day means it's just a normal weekend?


Yesterday's happy was that I actually wrote a fullmoon ficlet fic on time. Also a raccoon ran across my parents' deck in the torrential downpour. Amusing that the weather channel kept saying 'rain coming at 10:30' and it was barely 7:00. *snort* It knocked off their satellite for about ten minutes, not that it mattered because the Royals lost again. :P The storm was so localized that where my parents were, a few miles south of town, they barely got sprinkles. Fifteen miles northwest and it poured. My place, about five miles north of where they were, it rained enough to make puddles.

It made it nice and cool this morning for market. I ran a few errands as well and then settled into the above list of doing nothing.

No heartburn since I started taking nexium again. I don't even take it right--you're supposed to not eat for an hour after taking it, I tend to have breakfast within twenty minutes. And it says it should start working within one to four days and for me it's like instantaneous.

Today's happy I guess is college football is back! (technically it started three days ago, but this is the first Saturday). I actually watched part of the first game today, the one in Dublin, even though I can't stand Penn State. It was Ireland, man. WVU kept Alabama close and OSU is giving Florida State a game, so maybe the top two teams aren't invulnerable this year. Sadly Iowa State lost to North Dakota State, but then they beat KSU last year and KU a couple years ago along with two or three other big conference teams over the last couple years, so it wasn't really surprising. Also gives me hope that KU can beat ISU since that's the game I'm going to.

Also my new brand of DVR seems to hold more. I have 10 1/2 hours on there and it's only 4% full. On the old one that would have been about 15-20% full, I think. So, that's cool, considering I'm already 10 1/2 hours behind due to sports watching. Usually by now I've given up on the Royals, but, heck, even with a Big 12 game on I'm watching them live.

I need to mow in the morning--too wet this morning. It was 70 degrees today at 9:00 and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow so it shouldn't be horrible.

Still have the church meeting tomorrow afternoon but hope to get some writing done before and after. Royals are on ESPN Sunday night baseball so I won't be missing our usual Sunday day game and hope to write during it. I have a 10K rough draft due in 2 1/2 weeks. I have 5K written but so much more to do. And I have all Monday to write, though I need to do laundry and work in the storage room some, too.

And I have a bite on the top of my foot driving me nuts.

The Royals are in extra innings and have stranded fifteen runners (two times leaving the bases loaded) and are about to lose because this pitcher sucks. He gave up a triple to start the 11th and is about to walk the next guy. Nope, guy got a hit and now they're up 2-1. :P I should go wash the dishes...
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29 August 2014 @ 12:01 pm
I'm so working for the weekend here.

Boss came back yesterday and it was busy but not horribly so. I got a lot done; he caught up on a lot. He was happy and relaxed which is always good. So I guess that's my kind of lame happy for yesterday.

The Royals lost. The Chiefs lost. I dozed and wrote nothing.

Today seems equally blahey. It rained just enough to make it humid. There's more chance for rain tonight but then it was supposed to rain all yesterday ad we didn't get a drop, so I'm not believing it. I hope to have a productive three day weekend writing-wise, but who knows. I'd love to just hole up for 72 hours but I have a church meeting all Sunday afternoon I have to go to.

I'm feeling a malaise set in.

I started taking Nexium again as I was getting occasional heartburn--not horrible but maybe this will just be a thing. I have one more day of the steroids. I'm not as energetic as I was, nor as hungry thankfully. I dunno, just hope this worked. I go see the doctor who did the colonoscopy in two weeks.

This post is boring even me and it's lunch time so...
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27 August 2014 @ 07:44 pm
long day is long  
Not helped by a dull headache and the expectation of my boss walking in at any minute (no clue when his plane actually gets/got in but he often comes into the office the day he arrives back from vacation for some reason). There are chances for storms tonight so maybe that's the cause of the headache.

I'm taking dinner to an elderly couple from church tonight (she was in the hospital for a couple days; he's in a wheelchair)--chicken salad, bread and cookies. I just have to throw the salad together and bake the bread (one of those pre-made loaves that's half-baked). Shouldn't take more than twenty minutes. I'm probably going to skip choir.

I got more written last night watching a pitcher's battle. I was in the car coming home from my parents' when the Twins scored their only run, making it 1-0 and I figured that was it, our third loss in a row.

Except that Gordon hit a beautiful two run walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. :)

On national tv, too.

I connected with my artist for the Derek/Stiles bb and she's read my Peter/Stiles' fics, so that's cool. I hope to spend a lot of this weekend writing but I did last weekend too and I was sick for a lot of it.

So, yesterday's happy was the Royals, again. They're an easy happy to have.

Before I forget, today's happy is that I finally watched last season's finale for Haven--it was on the DVR when it rebooted some time and then wasn't on for a weeks and then I forgot about it. I really like the show; I think it's developed very interestingly over the years from kind of just a monster of the week thing to a show with this deep and old mythology and mystery. Anyway, the finale was very good, and, since I took forever to watch it, I only have two weeks before the premiere of the new season!

A potential happy is that I'm only one bookmark away from hitting one hundred people who have bookmarked my Dark Side Of The Moon series at AO3. :)

Hopefully my headache will fade by this evening so I can get some writing done while watching the Royals.

three hours later

Dropped off the food. Had to squeeze around behind an idiot who got half stuck in the intersection I was trying to cross on a green light. They always think they can clear the intersection. Then saw a person doing the RIGHT thing and, even with a green light, not blocking the intersection (different one) in case the light changed and then a pick up truck rammed into her. This is all due to the road construction at the horrible intersection that I was driving around on other streets to avoid. I was glad to get home.

Just read the half page synopsis in tv guide on the Teen Wolf season finale and I may wind up being very unhappy. Remember, I didn't start watching until more than half way through season 2 so I didn't have to wait the year between Season 1 & 2 to see a certain return.

I won't stop watching but it'll kind of be like when they killed of Gabriel on SPN and, when he didn't come back (last season's fake out notwithstanding) my love for the show got a bit tarnished. Yes, I know, if I fell in love with one of the major characters on a show chances are I'd be happier as they'd survive (though that's not a given on TW after Allison).


Boss never showed up, btw. Headache still here. Lightly rained on me the whole way home from dropping off food (got a hug). Royals' stand in pitcher doing pretty good through two innings.

Alex Gordon just leapt into the fence to stop a potential home run ball (actually it would have hit the fence). "And a fourth gold glove is in the mail" one of the announcers just said. :)

College football starts tonight (only one game, no one big). :) I'm hoping that with more energy this fall, Saturdays will once more be Football Ficcing Saturdays around here.

Oh, and I obviously did not go to choir.
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26 August 2014 @ 09:42 am
more not happies than happies  
It's bloody hot. Like 104 yesterday. Why does summer have to finally arrive just as it's nearly September?

The Royals lost embarrassingly to the Yankees, 8-1. Gak gak gak.

When I got back from England I discovered that a couple flashdrives were missing from work including the one with all our old Wills and Trusts (pre having a large enough harddrive to hold them all). They'd been on 3 1/2 inch disks and about six years ago an intern transferred them all. We still have the disks. No flashdrive. So I bought a 3 1/2 inch disk drive reader and finally hooked it up yesterday. Almost every disk I put in said it was empty. One had one directory (should have been five). So I figured it was the machine since reviews had been spotty.

I took the disks home. My desk top doesn't have a 3 1/2 inch drive. *sigh* The Windows 2000 one downstairs doesn't seem to work. So I dragged my Win 95 computer out of the closet in the storage room, hooked it up to my current monitor, found the old keyboard, could not find a compatible mouse, and turned it on.

Oh look at the pretty Spike and Dru in China wallpaper. *g*

OMG how did we live without mice?????

The disks were still empty. (This was all moot because the computer was so old it had no idea what the flashdrive I'd stuck in one of the TWO usb ports was). All I can think of is that the intern MOVED the files rather than copying them. We have some back up disks so I'm going to try again with the 3 1/2 inch disk reader. I dunno. They may just be gone. In 95% of the cases it's not a big deal as they're just unsigned copies. But if someone loses their trust, we'd have to start over now, and it's nice to have the info about how the trust is styled if you're doing an amendment or something. Well if people want to do that, they'll have to provide me with a physical copy of the part that needs amending. Unless they're on these disks.

There's a vigil for the young man killed in Ferguson, MO on Thursday night that our choir's been asked to sing at but I am just not in the mood.

Other attorney was supposed to be in KC all day for a deposition and I was going to watch Haven and Under the Dome and it was cancelled and he's here. :P I have two things left to do before boss gets back--go through a stack of papers that are really old and get rid of most of them and do the disk checking/copying.

Maybe I'll write.

Last night's happy was that I did get about 1000 words written on my Derek/Stiles big bang. I really need to figure out where to take this story and wrap it up in about 7000 words. Considering they've just fallen asleep their first night together... Do not have time for monster fic!

Also, Ian (Peter) was on Wolf Watch being all adorable and evil. :)

I just realized dad is coming over in ten days which means I really need to clean my house. :P I guess I'll do some of it this weekend. There's also supposedly a worship team retreat on Sunday but I've heard nothing about it. I'd really love to just hibernate in my house the whole three day weekend and write and watch college football.

Well, better check out these disks.

Oh, one more thing. I was going to blame AO3 for highlighting words and making them mouse over ads but it's here at LJ too. It's Firefox. It must be a newer version here at work because I don't have this crap at home. Anyone else getting them? They're on almost every site.

(Funny, at on an article about an Omen sequel tv show--Damian's life as a grown up? He's Sam Neill...and/or plays a integral role in the Laure/Darry story--anyway, there's an ad if you mouse over antichrist...)
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24 August 2014 @ 10:06 pm
long and unproductive weekend  
due to being sick most of it. :P

I'm glad I didn't go to my parents' Friday night as a fever hit and I spent the night on the couch watching the Royals beat the Rangers, shivering under a wool shawl, heavy blanket, slippers and cat. It was 100 degrees outside...


Woke up feeling fine on Saturday so went to market where the happy of the day was that the big peaches were back. I mean, really, there are apples smaller than these things. I'm letting them ripen a few more days.

Then I ran some errands including switching out the DVR for a new model/brand. The HD still doesn't work. My guess? Crappy ancient physical cable lines (there's been cable in the house since 1977). I can't really get a tech out until enough of the back yard is cleared out that he can get to the box. If the deck was stable I could send him out the back door but the last thing I need is a liability suit for some guy crashing four feet down through rotten boards. Dad will have to live without the first KU football game in HD; hopefully by the first of November and basketball season I'll have it working. (Six pre-conference bb games and at least one football will be shown on a channel that dad and Dish Network doesn't get).

And hopefully this DVR won't reboot itself randomly and lose everything. At least, since I knew I was getting rid of it, I made a list of the series I had set up to record so I could just enter them back in.

Then I ran to the grocery.

After lunch I read some fanfic, started working on the storage room, and had more stomach icks. By evening, the fever was back. This time I was shaking so hard I went looking for the heating pad and couldn't find it (damn cleaning up--except it was in plain sight in my bedroom, but whatever). I ended up with the above on me plus a sweater and a second cat. Finally stopped shivering around 9:00 about the time I gave up on the Chiefs game as they were sucking. When the second string QB came in and almost immediately threw and interception I switched over to the Royals which I was recording.

The Royals won.

I also read the article in SI which was quite good.

I didn't sleep well. That time of month also started which may be the reason for the headaches and stomach icks, possibly the fevers. Hell if I know. I'm almost fifty, this is ridiculous.

Sunday I felt better again, though kind of achy from all the shivering the night before. The solo at church went well except for me screwing up one line. Oh well. My father came just to hear me sing and then left. On a service on how to mitigate global warming him driving his gas guzzling truck 40 minutes round trip (plus mom driving separately) just to hear me sing was probably not a good thing.

No stomach icks but cramps whicb wiped out my appetite for most of the day. I actually used the heating pad. It's 100 degrees outside.

Today's happy is that Teen Wolf was on a whole day early. :) Oh, and also the person who does the naughty on TW did it yesterday for the last two eps which were the two I lost on the DVR that went back to the cable company.

Sadly, the Royals lost. Also sadly I had no energy to write anything all weekend including the fullmoon ficlet I actually had plotted out in my head.

I did discover that the last ep of Haven I missed at the end of last season is again available on so I hope to get that watched tomorrow at lunch. I have the two Falling Skies to watch plus tonight's tv as well as last week's Under the Dome which is hopefully finally available on Amazon Prime.

Oh, and watched this John Simms show on BBC America from last night, Intruders. Did anyone else watch it and is completely confused? I'll give the second ep a shot this Saturday but if it doesn't start making since, I dunno.

Finally, am I the last person in fandom to know that Dylan O'Brien is the star of Maze Runner? I'm sure my nephew's read the book.

Royals play the Yankees in a make up game tomorrow night at home. They're apparently honoring Jeter beforehand and encouraging fans to be in their seats before six. I'm sorry, we have long memories. it doesn't matter how nice a guy he is, Royals fans have despised the Yankees for well over three decades. How many pennants did we lose to them in the '70s and early '80s? Not to mention the pine tar incident. Even our announcers today who mentioned all this said they doubted ticket holders would be rushing to the stadium a few minutes early.

In final words. Peter. Still not 100% evil. :)

And, Melissa is so Stiles' honorary mom.
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22 August 2014 @ 03:47 pm
no great happies  
Because I felt crappy last night and am wobbly today.

In fact, I ended up napping and feverish last night and totally forgot to do this. I think it was the heat; I already had a headache before the stress of driving 30 minutes to get home instead of 12-15. Combine that with being nearly out of gas so I didn't use my AC until about 20 minutes into the drive, and I felt like crap. Around 8:30 I had a bowl of cheerios and that was t for dinner.

I woke up feeling fine this morning, had breakfast and a mid-morning snack and then around noon had er well a bad bodily function that wiped out any possible appetite. Here it is 3:30 and I never ate lunch. Not hungry at all. I am drinking water.

I did manage to get several things watched on the DVR last night. Everything else that's left is On Demand including the saved Teen Wolfs that for some reason haven't been naughtied yet. :(

At work before the ick I defrosted the freezer--it's a dorm size fridge so the freezer's just a shelf that builds up ice on the inside and outside. I had brought my lunch in a bag with one of those blue ice blocks and other attorney was out so he wouldn't be using it for his lunch. I also found a hairdryer in the bathroom. Using it for about 20 minutes, the whole process took about two hours.

The guys who have done it before have just let it sit over a weekend.

Yeah, no. Sheesh.

I got a lot of work done while watching the rest of Penny Dreadful. I guess both today and yesterday's happies would be how damn good that show is and how happy I am it's been renewed.

I'm not going to my parents' for fish tonight. I may not eat anything at all, just drink water. Maybe have an Ensure. I need to write my fullmoon ficlet fic; can do that while watching the Royals. The prompt is "magic" and I know what I want to write about Stiles and Peter's eldest daughter--just need to get to it.

I am feeling a bit light-headed but the only food I have here is a low cal parm chicken frozen dinner, carrots. and peaches. The last thing a person with that bodily problem should be eating is peaches. Mom was worried that my body was relapsing but I had a normal movement earlier this morning and my body tends to react to illness in this way. I've been fine since that one time, so...

Okay, enough about bodily functions. *g*

The Royals made the cover of Sports Illustrated--that's another happy, god knows how long it's been!--and I'm taking it home to read. I don't plan on doing much this weekend but writing; really need to work on big bangs and bingos. Hopefully switching out the old DVR with a new one will work for the HDTV. I'm pretty sure this is the one I had back when the Best Buy tech hooked everything up.

Okay, need to draft the bank deposits.
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20 August 2014 @ 10:37 pm
not the best day for a day off  
It started okay. I had my dental cleaning and my teeth are fine. My blood pressure was 115/66 or something ridiculous. Then I went to my ISP and discovered that 1) you don't have to pay more for HD channels so with the HDDVR and an HDTV and the HDMI cable it should work; and 2) she had no clue why my email wasn't working but maybe it was the upgrade. She mentioned/let slip that when they "tried" to upgrade back in June she had similar problems. Joy. She also gave me a new HDMI cable in case that was the problem.

Then I went to Michaels and spent 4x the amount the print cost me to get it framed for my nephew's birthday. *face palm* Oh well you only turn thirteen and become a teenager once. It also won't be ready until four days before his birthday which is on a Sunday so chances are he won't actually get it by his birthday.

Got home and spent about two hours fiddling with the damn TV and DVR. One of the problems was that I couldn't quite remember what I had to unplug to make it have the problem (basically when it's hooked "right" I get static and a message on the tv screen along the lines of "low signal strength". Finally, after finding an online manual for my tv I figured out that I don't need the coaxial cable hooking the DVR and TV together because that's what the HDMI cable's for. And I used the new one.

Oh, look, the error message...

So I guess a tech I will be calling. :P

Scarfed down some lunch while letting other people know my email wasn't working and to switch to my gmail account (one of the problems is that a lot of people I deal with are at church and the church directory is stuck in that webmail so I was having to let other people know and ask them to let so and so know and what a fucking nightmare.)

Then I went to my iron infusion and they were quite busy. They were also having computer problems as someone had struck a power pole or something and taken out power to half the hospital a couple times that day. For example, Admission had no problem printing out my paperwork, but the nurse couldn't find that I'd actually been admitted even though I was wearing the paper bracelet. She couldn't order my iron sucrose through the computer. Luckily we didn't lose power since I was hooked to an electric machine.

I ended up with her and then the one from last week did my final BP check and took out the IV. Really busy. My BP was still ridiculous--I didn't get all the readings but at one point it was 106/65. What's nice is that my heartrate is going slowly down. Where it was like 102 at the doctor's last time, it was 91 to start with and then 84 at another time. So I'm hoping that I'm not anemic anymore.

Anyway, no reactions, no problems, didn't even sting half way through like it has the last two times. I got out of there 90 minutes after going in and then crawled through construction zones to my pedicure--she was able to take me an hour early. I got pink toes since she didn't have anything to match the periwinkle blue fingernails I got yesterday. Nice contrast.

Got home about 4:30 and around 5:10, after getting a couple different error messages at my webmail, I logged back out and then in and I got into the webmail, both on Firefox and Chrome. BUT it's still not working on my phone, claiming I'm using the wrong username and password so my guess is that my ISP has fucked around with the SMTP settings...except my parents are still getting emails on their phones with the same settings (their webmail has not upgraded yet and how that would have anything to do with my samsung phone, I don't know). I dunno, technology sucks. I'm not switching back email to here, AO3, my friends, or my worship team UNTIL I can get them on my damn phone. But at least for now I don't have to start switching over the long list I made (Amazon, Netflix, Paypal, my bank, my insurance co., etc.)

Watched a bit of tv--because I may take the DVR back and swap that--another suggestion of the girl--before I call for a tech I have to pay for, so I need to clear it off. Considering that every couple months it seems to reboot itself and I lose everything, probably a good idea to get rid of this one before tv season starts and I inevitably get way behind.

Had dinner and headed to choir practice. Small group but good, and my back ups and I rehearsed "Air" for this Sunday. It's going to be fun. :) I need to really camp it up. I also got a really nice compliment on this past Sunday's service from a new member of the worship team who didn't realize how much work went into making the elements all play off each other and work together and flow until my service when she "got" it. :)

Came home to watch the Royals who are losing after giving up a grandslam. *sigh* Unless a miracle happens in the ninth, we won't be winning our 9th series in a row since this is a two game series (we won last night). Sad. But, before this game, we were still 15 games over 500 for the first time since 1991.

No game tomorrow and then a three game series at the Rangers who man are sucking this year. They're like 25 games back in their division.

Back to work tomorrow and I still have a lot to do. :P I haven't written a thing.

So, a minor happy today: I'm the first person to sign up for the poly big bang. And I have a firm idea for what I want to write. Usually I sign up for a BB with no clue what to write.

Also I'm pretty impressed that only five days into artist claims at the Derek/Stiles BB there are only 4/48 fics unclaimed.

Oh look, the Royals lost. *sigh*
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19 August 2014 @ 08:00 pm
not happy  
because my email isn't working (it was working fine until 6:22). My parents' email works fine. On my phone it says my password has changed. On my webmail, I can log in but can't open my inbox. I get this: Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Emails are coming in because there's a list of most recent emails on the webmail home page but I can't get to any of them! grrrr

I've switched this and some others to my gmail account. Could someone comment to this post so I can see if I'm getting email notifications at gmail?

If my ISP hasn't fixed this by morning, the switch may very well be permanent.


A very quick happy from earlier in the day--watched the fourth episode of Penny Dreadful with Dorian and Chandler kissing and then, sadly, fading to black. What, it's okay to be graphic when they're screwing women but not each other?

okay, that wasn't very happy, but they did look very sexy. God, the guy who plays Dorian is gorgeous.
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18 August 2014 @ 08:53 pm
today's happy (and then a rant)  
The Poly Big Bang is back for round 6!!!! I'd emailed the mods last week to see if it was coming back, hadn't heard from them, so figured it wasn't, but they just announced it. It's a bit later this year, getting muddled into holiday ficcing, but I'm doing it. Rough draft is due mid-November; posting starts December 30.

I actually got a lot done today at work--got everything ready to take to court in the morning, organized all the receipts, put in order seven months of paid invoices, time sheets, and deposit slips (just have the check stubs to do) all ready for hole punching. I did all this while watching the last four Crossbones. My guess, this was always supposed to be a one summer event (or they heard early on it wasn't going to be renewed) because it wrapped. Very interesting and enjoyable. But then I pretty much love anything with pirates. The first romance novels I ever read were about pirates.

I actually had forgotten I needed to watch these (because I lost them off the stupid DVR) and my plan was to watch the last two Falling Skies and Last Ships on BUT it only has deals with like nine of the biggest cable/dish providers. And, unlike ABC, FOX and CW, which are the same, you can't watch older episodes after eight days. I swear, the networks WANT us to illegally download! (Well, FOX and CW do have a deal with my cable company at least but that's a new thing as of last year.)

NBC either has a deal with my cable company or doesn't give a shit because I had no problem watching Crossbones and I don't have to wait eight days for new eps of shows either, just one. NBC understands. NBC is also on my On Demand. I like NBC. I already plan to watch Grimm On Demand as it's on one of the three times I have more than two shows at the same time. The other two conflicts are CW shows I can watch the next day online or do the naughty because someone will upload them. CW and FOX are NOT on my On Demand (but TNT is, so if I'd been home...)

Also in the happy (now that the rant is over): today was the first day of dieting that I didn't feel hungry every two hours. I'm down to 5mg of steroids a day so hopefully I can start losing some of the 15-20 pounds I've gained in the last six weeks. :P I also stopped taking nexium last Friday (as I ran out of the free samples) and today I got my first bit of heartburn--very mild, lasted about five minutes after a spicy lunch with a diet coke. If it starts coming back, I'll get some more nexium--I have a $5 off coupon as it's about 75 cents a pill. Doctor said that steroids could cause heartburn. Earlier it was caused by the ulcers even though my upper GI was fine. I don't want to screw that up now that I'm getting the lower part healed. I also noticed that for the first time since I started the nexium, I smelled the smoke. Obviously the smoke smell is coming from inside my body and is related to heartburn even though I didn't always have heartburn when I smelled the smoke.

Bodies are fucking weird man.

Took two bags of clothes to drop off after work today. Think I'll take two more in the morning on my way to work. It's going to be hot this week--upper 90s through Saturday--so want to avoid doing anything after work. Today it only hit 90 and that was hot enough.

Okay, watching Royals frenzy hit in the fifth inning. With two outs we've scored three and now have the bases loaded again. Ah, pitching change.

More coffee, then may write something.
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18 August 2014 @ 10:18 am
while boss is away...  
Actually, I have a lot of work to do--well, a good couple hours of work, whatever...

Anyway, some recent meme games you may have missed. Come play with me, please!

The Assumption Game.

The Pay It Forward and Get Stuff From Me Game. (Open to people anywhere in the world)

The I Will Babble About Books Game.

In other news, I filled four bags of clothes and two bags of other stuff and one box of vintage items for Etsy and made NO DENT in the storage room. *sigh*

Happily I finished my fic. After pretty much hating the first 1300 or so words, I reworked those and I'm very pleased with it. As one of the two leads, I wrote a character I hardly ever touch and I think I did it justice. And It's nearly 6000 words!

And the Royals won 12-6 (after a 7 run 2nd inning in the rain). Final game with the Twins is tonight. The Chiefs lost but it's pre-season and frankly I hardly paid any attention to the game as I was finishing up the fic and reading fanfic.

I hope to get a lot written this week on big bangs and bingo cards.

Happy to come later...
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17 August 2014 @ 01:00 pm
lots of happy today  
I got my sermon written in about three hours last night and edited it this morning. The whole service went really well. I got a lot of compliments about how all the elements worked together (we also did a Candle for the World with a prayer for all those suffering--our minister wrote it to address the concerns over the young man killed by police in Missouri and Robin Williams' suicide, which fit just perfectly with the service on prayer). The meditation song was well received and sounded wonderful. Just everything worked and the sermon was personal and not too factual (As a historian I have a tendency to be a bit too narrative sometimes).

I dropped off two more bags of clothes and have decided not to go to the movie (really, $8 for a matinee???) and, instead, start working in the other room upstairs and going through boxes and pulling out clothes and other stuff to give away and vintage stuff to sell on Etsy. It also gives me more time to finish the fic which I'm much happier with than I was a couple days ago.

But mostly I'm happy because right after I got home, my Derek/Stiles Big Bang summary was chosen by an artist. Others had picked it as their second or third choice so I knew it was garnering some interest. Mine was one of the first ten picked out of about fifty--makes me feel really good. I've been on the other side, waiting and waiting. It's also someone I haven't worked with before, oh and art posts on their LJ are just beautiful, all original drawings. :)

I've gone through some of the summaries and there looks like some really good fics coming out this winter. :)

Now I need to get working on that, as I have just under 4K of the required 10k words. Fic due today first, though. Then I have some bingo prompts I should work on. At least I should have time to write at work this week.

First up, Royals.
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16 August 2014 @ 09:22 pm
long day of doing not much  
It started early. I got up about 6:40 to go the bathroom and just stayed up. I got all the readings and the convener's script emailed off, had breakfast, tried to send in my summary for the Derek/Stiles Big Bang only to have it rejected because while yesterday's post said the deadline was end of the day today it was actually yesterday and they had to reopen the google form. Finally got that done, only to discover my email wasn't really working anymore. I knew the readings had gone out as mom came by with the copies she printed for me and to pick up the tomatoes, but at some point I stopped being able to send and receive from my webmail. I was getting emails on my phone so it wasn't the ISP in general, just the webmail. I had a similar problem a couple months ago after my ISP said they were upgrading and then I never got upgraded. I'd gotten an email yesterday saying they were upgrading still.

So while I was on the phone with my dad asking if he was having problems (he was) and telling him if it didn't fix itself I'd send my sermon from my gmail account to his KU account for printing (I really need a printer) I logged out and logged back into webmail and, lo and behold, emails came in and I'd been upgraded. Mostly it looks and works exactly the same...

I did some laundry. I took two bags of clothes to a charity bin and dropped off some mail. I dithered over writing anything, read fanfic, finally took a nap while listening to the Yankees/Tampa Bay. Then I had dinner and started watching the Royals and FINALLY started working on my fic again (the due date's been pushed till tomorrow night, which is good as I've written over 2500 words tonight on top of the 1500 already there and it's not done).

I really need to work on my sermon. I have the rest of the service--opening and closing words, meditation done--but I'm dithering.

I'm also on my sixth cup of coffee for the day--three this morning, three tonight, this can't be good.

The Royals lost. *sigh*

I also broke off part of a fake nail and the polish from the base not the tip. Luckily I go on Tuesday. It's kind of sore so I'm going to bandage it up so it doesn't break anymore. I'm going to have to have the replacement manicurist cut the nails down more--they're too long after three weeks and the polish is really pulling away from the base. I miss my regular gal. Hopefully she'll be back from maternity leave three weeks from now for my next appointment.'s happy? I wasn't originally happy with this fic but I've reworked the format and balanced the character POVs and I'm much happier with it now. Also, having till tomorrow night is really good as even if I don't finish it tonight and I end up spending the morning before church writing my sermon (there are several benefits to having the service at 11:00 and no longer at 9:30), I'll have during the Royals game tomorrow to finish it and then the first couple hours of the Chiefs game tomorrow night if I still need the time. I really want to see that Into the Storm movie in between the two.

Okay, check out recent posts for memes to participate in, those few of you left here on LJ, and I'm back to ficcing.
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16 August 2014 @ 02:26 pm
shall we play a game?  
(Yes, I'm procrastinating on my sermon and fic writing...)

Snagged from carlyinrome:

Let's play a game! Make an assumption about me in the comments and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.
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15 August 2014 @ 11:16 pm
in more pleasant non-ranty news  
Snagged from delphipsmith.

After all the recent terrible tragedies that have and are happening it's time for some positivity and kindness to happen.

So, I'm going to grab the pay-it-forward idea and put a little twist on it. The first twelve people to comment will get a surprise from me at some random point during the next twelve months.

All I ask is that in your comment, you share something with me about yourself that I may not know otherwise. This might be a good opportunity for me to get to know my friends better as well.

If you'd like something in the mail and you don't know if I have your address, please PM me here at LJ. I'm not a psycho, I swear. :)
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15 August 2014 @ 11:09 pm
missed another happy  
I have got to stop waiting till evening because invariably I forget.

Yesterday's happy actually happened during the day. The Royals won their seventh series in a row, beating the As 7-3--coming back from a 3-2 deficit with five runs in one inning. One of the tv announcers calls it spree hitting. As the game was during the day, I listened at work.

So, that was happy. In not so happy news, I'm beginning to feel tired in the evenings. I still have a lot of energy during the day and I'm mostly sleeping through the nights (no having to go to the bathroom two or three times really helps) but I still don't get more than five or six hours sleep so that doesn't help, I'm sure.

Last night I found readings and worked on the service for this Sunday. I'm falling behind on tv and I doubt I'll get much watched this weekend with having a fic to write, a sermon to write, and I hope to see that tornado movie between the Royals and Chiefs games on Sunday.

Today's happy is that boss is gone for twelve days. :) I got everything done that I needed to do before he left.

After work was ridiculous. The traffic is horrendous. Students are back and driving like idiots and so many streets are closed or under construction. I left work a few minutes late and headed to one street not under construction in order to reach the southside post office before it closed at 5:00. This is usually a 12-15 minute trip (except the street it's on is closed from the east to the entrance basically so I have to drive west than backtrack) but everyone is using the street I used. At a four way stop heading east (I was going west) where pre-road work there might have been one or two cars, it was backed up TWO BLOCKS! Farther along at the light I wanted to turn left at, it was backed up forever, too, and it doesn't help that at that intersection on that four lane cross street (a federal highway) they've closed the outside northbound lane for construction of a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Anyway, I ran into the post office with three minutes to spare. When I left, it started to rain. Not hard, just enough to make the humidity skyrocket. I went to the banks (payday and deposits, both banks just a few blocks from the post office) then I got back on the federal highway, in the inner lane because not only is the outer northbound lane closed for the wings joint for a block, it then closes a few more blocks along for the horrible intersection I go through every morning to get to work.

So, of course there were people in the outer lane trying to merge into mine. As I reached the street I'd been on with the two block back up (with the light turning red just as I got there, also a common theme for me today), people could no longer turn going east onto it because it was backed up so far (my guess, people were trying to turn left into a neighborhood). There was a car in the outer lane with their turn signal on to get in front of me when the light turned to green. As the southbound (we were going north remember) left turn light was green but no one could actually turn, this IDIOT ran the red light to get in front of me! (And, then, when we got to the horrible under construction intersection and they were still the car in front of me, they ran the red light there because they didn't want to sit.) But, it gets better. This street has a middle turn lane its entire length but by the time you get to the horrible under construction intersection that lane's blocked off.

Some idiot drove down it to the blockade and then pushed their way into the driving lane a couple cars behind me. (I wasn't going to let them in!)

I did all this in order to get my comic books which are sold in a bookstore on the northeast corner of the horrible intersection. Then I drove around the block to go to the grocery. On exiting the grocery, I never head west on the other street with the horrible intersection because driving that approximate mile can take twenty minutes in busy traffic. So, I cut through a neighborhood, back to the federal highway at another now busy intersection that never used to be (because I'm not the only one cutting through neighborhoods--people cut through mine now all the time--to avoid road work). Stopped at the red light, the car in front of me that wanted to turn right, cut through the parking lot of an abandoned gas station rather than wait.


Somehow I made it home without dying, passing a cop just past the street into my neighborhood that everyone's using to cut through--he was sweeping up after an accident. *head desk*

Oh, I forgot to mention that boss gave me a bunch of tomatoes (for my parents) from one of his tenant's. I put the bag in the trunk to keep them as cool as possible and they rolled out and all over the trunk and at least six fell between the space at the back of the trunk and the back seat which exists so that you can lower the back seat and make a flat surface.

When I got home I, in a knee length dress, and fat, CRAWLED INTO THE TRUNK ON MY BELLY WITH A PAIR OF TONGS to retrieve the tomatoes. I'm amazed I didn't end up dead in there. Actually, getting in wasn't bad, I just kept scooting forward on my belly. It was getting out with my stubby legs just sticking out there that was painful. First I basically had to gouge into my crotch to get my legs down to the ground and then I think I pulled something in my upper stomach.

There are a few times having a man around is useful. The trunk and garage were warm, though. I couldn't leave ripe tomatoes in there until dad could come rescue them tomorrow.

And now the Royals just beat the Twins in Minnesota--nearly gave up their 6-3 lead in the bottom of the 9th), won 6-5, but a win is a win, and Detroit lost so we're 1 1/2 games up. Since a four game losing streak coming out of the All Star Break, we're 19-4. :) More spree hitting. We got our first five runs in the 4th inning.

Oh, and I worked on my Stiles/Derek big bang some off and on today and this evening. It's not due till...well, I'm not really sure. Usually there's a due date for the rough draft for a BB, usually the same time the summaries are due, but those are due tomorrow. Kind of weird. This is so you can send it your artist as soon as you get one, so I hope, once fic due tomorrow and sermon are done, I can concentrate on this and have something more than the 3500 words I have to send to my artist.

Fullmoon ficlet prompt never spoke to me so that's not happening. I think early bed tonight maybe so I can get up at 7:00 (mom and I are skipping market partly due to a good chance for rain, mostly so I can be lazy and not dress) and get writing (and doing laundry).

No one's done the naughty on this past Monday's Teen Wolf. That's weird. Usually it's up within 48 hours... Well, until the DVR mysteriously reboots for no reason I have it on my tv. Might rewatch tonight before bed.

If you got this far through the rant, yay you!

Oh and I just got an email from my cable company announcing that we now get the SEC Network (we also get the Big10 Network). WHO FUCKING CARES IN BIG TWELVE COUNTRY????? Why can't we get CBS Sports again, that I'd like to have.

For a Friday this has been a weird ass day.
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14 August 2014 @ 12:31 am
today's happy  
It's after midnight but I'm still awake so that counts as today er yesterday er whatever.

So, I finished one of two fics due in the next couple days and I'm very pleased with it. It's much longer than I thought it would be. I've got it uploaded and everything. Go me!

Also, choir practice started tonight and we worked on the quartet plus me doing Bobby McFerrin's version of the 23rd Psalm and it's going to be amazing. I sing the first part of each line and the quartet sings the ending. I'm so thrilled that Amy's back in choir and is singing the alto part. I will turn her into a soloist dammit! *g* She's sung in ensembles and we sang "For Good" as a duet last year but she's too shy to solo so far. (and she's actually sung on stage with Bobby McFerrin!) Anyway...

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13 August 2014 @ 09:24 am
oops again  
Yesterday's happy: Well, I made someone else happy. We have an elderly client in a nursing home apartment that my boss takes out to lunch a couple times a month so she can basically complain about her brother the skinflint who controls her money. He refused to get her a tv! I have spare tvs and when I moved into my current house my parents left their 13 inch black tv/vcr in the kitchen because the space in their new house would only accommodate a flat screen. This made my 13 inch white tv/vcr unnecessary. So I finally dug it out of the storage room, hooked it up to cable to make sure it works, and my boss took it to her yesterday. Our basic cable gives you about thirty channels including all the networks and local KC stations, CNN, ESPN, a few others, so she'll at least have something to watch.

More later...hopefully.
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12 August 2014 @ 09:42 am
yes i have tons of work to do but...  
A meme game stolen from lonelywalker.

Give me a letter and I will hold forth on one of the following topics:

A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From
B. Best Sequel Ever
C. Currently Reading
D. Drink of Choice While Reading
E. E-Reader or Physical Books
F. Fictional Character You Would Have Dated In High School
G. Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
H. Hidden Gem Book
I. Important Moments of Your Reading Life
J. Just Finished
K. Kinds of Books You Won’t Read
L. Longest Book You’ve Read
M. Major Book Hangover Because Of
N. Number of Bookcases You Own
O. One Book That You Have Read Multiple Times
P. Preferred Place to Read
Q. Quote From A Book That Inspires You/Gives You Feels
R. Reading Regret
S. Series You Started and Need to Finish
T. Three Of Your All-Time Favorite Books
U. Unapologetic Fangirl For
W. Worst Bookish Habit
V. Very Excited For This Release More Than Any Other
X. Marks The Spot (Start On Your Bookshelf And Count to the 27th Book)
Y. Your Latest Book Purchase
Z. ZZZ-Snatcher (last book that kept you up WAY late)
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11 August 2014 @ 11:43 pm
not much happy today  
With the very sad news of Robin Williams' death. I grew up with him as Mork, first on Happy Days and then on his own show, but I think it was The World According to Garp where I saw his acting chops for the first time. He was a brilliant improv comedian who could play drama as well, and he'll be missed.

I guess my not happy but okay is that my second iron infusion went as well as the first. No side effects, no reactions during or after. Again, about half way through, the IV site stung and burned for a couple minutes and it's never comfortable, and it'll be sore through tomorrow, but no real problems. Today's nurse took my BP and pulse four times throughout which is apparently what they're supposed to do. She asked if last week's did and I said no (she did at the beginning and end along with my temp) and she said that they were really busy last Monday and that checking is the first thing to go by the wayside. Since I'm healthy, not a problem, but I would hope they'd be a bit more attentive to someone elderly with high BP or something. Anyway, at the third check (the only one she gave me a reading on) my BP was 115/66 and we joked that I was really mellow.

Again, everyone was nice. The receptionist called me by name, the admissions people remembered me as well. I guess if you do this a lot, you do get known.

The Royals also won, eight in a row, took over first place after Detroit lost, go us.

And I checked the work email and the evictions came in--thirteen to do tomorrow so at least I'll have SOMETHING to do. Thank God.

Also, my one story is going really well. The other...well, it's over the 1000 word requirement but kind of a hot mess.

Peter, Peter, Peter... tsk tsk tsk...still damn hot, though.

But, I'm sorry, how did Malia get cell reception in an underground vault? I couldn't even get it in a damn second floor exterior hospital room!
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11 August 2014 @ 09:03 am
Got busy writing (and rewatching Teen Wolf eps) that I forgot to do yesterday's happy.

So, yesterday's happy: The Royals swept the Giants, two sweeps in a row, seven wins in a row, 1/2 game out of first, 1 1/2 games ahead of the Yankees for the second wildcard. Wheeeeeeeeee

More later, sadly not a busy day as the evictions I had hoped would come in via email over the weekend did not so I have like maybe an hour's worth of work to do.
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10 August 2014 @ 12:18 am
where'd saturday go?  
Got absolutely no writing done. *sigh*

There were no peaches at market. :(

I did get my hair colored and cut. I love the way Patty cuts it and the uses a curling iron to curl it under. I'm too lazy (and have no curling iron) to do that. Dropped my bread off at church. Watched Falling Skies, then dad and I went to Guardians which was great and funny and I love the music. Did not realize who the baddie was played by--does not usually play a baddie--(and it was driving me crazy over who the head of the Ravagers was until I got home and wikied it). We did not stay for the end because, Howard the Duck? Really? I'll be buying the dvd anyway and can see it then.

I didn't realize the cops were the Nova Corp. I have some vague knowledge of them (and the Kree and Thanos). Really, if they don't interact a lot with the X-Men, I don't know much about them. I only sporadically read the Avengers and Fantastic Four over the last three decades.

Anyway, really good movie. Apparently there will be more. My hope is that eventually we'll get an Avengers/Guardians crossover that deals with Thanos since Thanos was at the end of Avengers 1.

I found a drop off spot for clothes. Why are these boxes so tiny? I barely got my large trash bag into it. Luckily I only had one of the five because that filled it up.

Had dinner and watched the Royals (and napped a bit with them on pause). Wonderful game. We won 5-0. Shields had his first complete game as a Royal. Gordon hit a homer on Nebraska night (he played college ball for them; the Royals have nights for all the universities in the surrounding states). We're now 1 1/2 games out of first and still in the second wild card slot.

Watched The Lottery and The Quest from this past week. Also figured out my tv viewing schedule for the Fall and when shows premiere. If I decide to watch Utopia (3 hours a week, really Fox?) I have a few conflicts; also I've decided to watch Gotham after all which gives me a conflict (in that I have more than two shows during a one hour time slot) until Big Bang Theory moves at the end of October (and then I have a conflict on Thursday night where I watch three things ALL on at the same time and then nothing else). If I watch Utopia on Tuesdays I'll have to do the naughty for SPN or wait to watch SHIELD on demand (though I doubt I'll want to wait a day). Once TBBT moves, I can either do the naughty on Bones or TVD, both of which are uploaded (my on demand gets none of those three channels--I get NBC and ABC of the big five). On Friday, again if I watch Utopia, I can watch Grimm on demand or do the naughty as I have three things at 8:00.

This takes into account hardly anything off the big five networks. I know when Haven and Walking Dead start and are on and that's it. Some of the shows I'm watching now are going to fall over into the Fall. Luckily most of the shows on the other cable channels will be on my on demand.

Outside of Utopia it looks like the first thing I'll be watching premieres on September 22. That seems awfully late. And the last show doesn't premiere until October 24.

The only new shows I plan to watch are Gotham, Flash, Constantine and, if I watch it, Utopia. Oh, and this Intruders on BBC America starting in a couple weeks starring John Simms. It's on Saturday which is perfect since all I watch on Saturdays in the Fall is football. It's kind of sad that the only shows I'm interested in are a reality show and comic book ones. Until mid-season nothing else looks at all interesting (and, really, the only thing then I'll probably watch is Agent Carter, another comic book one).

So, today's happy... Guardians, I suppose. Really liked it, more than I expected since I pretty much knew nothing about the characters (at least with the Avengers I know who they are).

Tomorrow I have to put in at least an hour cleaning the guest room and I have to write those two fics if nothing else. I do have some good idea of what I want to write. I just need to drive all the other ideas for fics out of my head and write these first.
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08 August 2014 @ 07:39 pm
slowest day ever  
Gawd it was boring at work. Even the phone barely rang, unheard of for a Friday, there was hardly any mail, ditto. Other attorney was out most of the day. Boss had one appointment that took five minutes. I ended up hole punching again. Did a few court documents, my normal Friday letters, checks and the deposits and STILL had nothing to do. I really hope the twenty or so evictions that usually come in around now do so over the weekend so I have something to do Monday (though it's a short day for me due to iron infusion at 3:30).

So, my happy is that the day is over. I'm at my parents, about to read the final chapter of one of my favorite TW stories, which is also the sequel to another of my favorite TW stories, watching game one of the Royals v. the Giants (after we swept the Diamondbacks last night), looking forward to the weekend.

Boss did leave early, so I watched the penultimate 24 ep while making up the deposits and doing the computer back up. Of course Russian guy died without telling Jack anything because that is so his life. (appropriate icon is appropriate)

A hummingbird just flew across my parents' deck. :)

One more week before boss goes on vacay. Yay!

Tomorrow is busy with market, hair appointment, running bread out to church, then dad and I are going to see Guardians. Sunday I'm hoping it doesn't rain (it's supposed to start tomorrow night) so I can mow in the morning then work some more in the guest bedroom clearing out junk to haul to Goodwill.

I also need to write two fics due later in the week.

I hope the polymory big bang is running again this Fall because I have an idea. Always a female Stiles with Derek and Peter in a world where only human women can birth Alphas and the supernatural world is kind of running rampant so towns make deals with peaceful packs to provide a teenage girl every generation to the Pack to breed in return for protection. I've had the idea in my head for awhile with just Peter but I'm thinking now that she's given to Derek and Derek doesn't want her, all broken still over Paige and Kate (though the fire didn't kill everyone), and she and Peter grow close because they're both smart and sarcastic, and...well, that's pretty much all I have.

Of course I have two other big bangs I need to be working on that are due this Fall. *sigh*

Several people want me to continue the other girl Stiles/Peter fic I wrote over last weekend.

Good start, Royals! Bottom of the first and Butler smashed a two run homer with two out. :)
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07 August 2014 @ 11:57 pm
time line for dark side of the moon  
I finally got off my ass and made a time line for my Peter/Stiles series' Dark Side Of The Moon and, in doing so, had to reorder a couple fics in it. *sigh* I'll also have to make some changes to the Valentine's Day fic as the November 2012 lunar eclipse was at the end of them month, not the beginning, so Stiles isn't living with Peter yet on Valentine's Day.

I've named all the kids and given them birthdates. I've also come up with my own birthdates for some of the characters:

Peter: June 6, 1980
Derek: March 19, 1990
Lydia: March 8, 1996 (actually, this should be her real one as it was the worm moon)
Cora: March 24, 1996
Stiles: May 11, 1996
Angelina: November 20, 1999

Anyway, since I can't put this up at AO3 since it's not a fic, the timeline is below the cut and will be updatedCollapse )
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07 August 2014 @ 08:32 pm
god this week is going slowwwwwww  
I had so little to do at work today and my boss was there most of the day so I ended up hole punching. I did get complimented on my outfit by a client--I've been trying to dress up at least two days a week and was wearing a black tulip skirt and silky red and white floral top that, of course, has to be pinned shut with a vintage jet brooch because my boobs would fall out of it if I didn't. I was also wearing my Steve Madden white wedge platform sandals and nearly turned my ankle stepping on the base of one of my boss' chair and ended up slinging a file at him as I stumbled. *g*

We had thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening. I'm very scared of them these days (after the damage done with the last one). Still, it was only raining when I left work so I planned to run some errands, until I turned onto 10th street and there was a cop there because half a frickin' tree (a 20 foot tree) fell across a car! So, I went home panicking that my house would have a tree on top of it. But, apparently the high winds mostly hit downtown this time and not my neighborhood.

The Royals won again, therefore winning their sixth series in a row. :) While I watched it, I wrote my fullmoon ficlet fic and did laundry.

It was supposed to rain today but never did, so I ran the errands from yesterday today. I'm addicted to teaberry coffee so I went to World Market (the only place that sells it locally) and bought two bags. Last night I made a pot of Kona (bought on sale at the grocery) and I forgot how much I liked it--so smooth. But teaberry is still better. Went to Target, too, for brita filters, diet cokes, and tv dinners that my main grocery doesn't sell.

Then I got home, turned on the tv and the damn DVR rebooted at some point after last night and erased everything.


So, of course, I lost the Teen Wolf eps I'd saved, but I do the naughty on them and have them all on my computer. I reconstructed what I lost and thanks to my really decent On Demand, I can watch Falling Skies, The Lottery, Crossbones and Pretty Little Liars there. We get ABC and NBC but not CBS and Fox (though we get FX and FXX) but I can watch the last two 24 eps at but I only have eleven days to do it. A lot of the cable channels are available like TNT, USA, FX, Lifetime, ABC Family etc. Even MTV so I can watch all the TW eps on my tv if I want.

Since I have to sign up for the HD channels before football starts, I'm taking the damn DVR back and getting a new one. I'm sure it'll fuck up, too, but...

I think I've gotten everything reprogrammed into it.

So, that's the unhappy for the day.

The happy is that...FOOTBALLLLLLLLL! The Chiefs first preseason game is on right now. I'm not paying a lot of attention to it, but I'm hopeful for the season. We're currently up 20-17, the two touchdowns were pick sixes (for those going huh? that's an interception run back for a touchdown). Also, last night I bought a ticket for the KU/Iowa State game in early November. I got a really good seat (well, I paid the highest price but I figure I'm only going to one game, might as well go all out) between the 40 and 50 yard line 58 rows up. I usually go to a preconference game, but the first one is on that tv channel dad doesn't get so he's coming here, and the next one is on the day of my doctor's appointment and the time for the game isn't set yet. Even though the earliest would be 11:00 and my appointment is at 9:00 (and literally two blocks from where I park for the game), you never know if the doctor will be running late or if she'll want to run tests or something and I didn't want to be rushed. So, I picked the one Big 12 game I think we might be able to win.

I just love the atmosphere of the games. I'm really hoping we have a decent season because I want to get season tickets but I'm not spending that kind of money if we're only going to win like two games a season.

So football is my happy for the day and I'm about to leave it to go watch the Royals final game in Arizona, see if we can sweep. :)
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06 August 2014 @ 02:49 pm
snagged from delphi  
ISTP — The "Craftsman"
ISTP — The "Craftsman"
ISTP Craftsmen are adventurous and independent. They are fearless and thrive on challenging situations. They are gifted problem solvers. Their mechanical and technical nature enables them to operate many kinds of tools and instruments. They are proud of their relatively effortless ability to acquire many skills. They seek freedom and are typically unemotional.

ladyoneill's Personality Type Results

Definitely unemotional and independent but not sure about the operating tools and instruments part. I do problem solve pretty well. Basically I like to be alone to do my own thing.
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06 August 2014 @ 09:44 am
well never did get back here yesterday  
I had this really weird dream I was just reminded of because other attorney and I were talking about the first Chiefs preseason game this Thursday.

I was watching football and it was the Chiefs except the quarterback didn't have any legs and then I looked and none of the players had any legs...

Yeah, IDEK.

OMFG this is hilarious! What the Supernatural Musical Should Be About.

Beware, it's Cas/Dean slashy. Someone put a lot of thought into that!

So, where was I... Oh yeah, iron infusion.

So on Monday I went to the hospital which has the nicest employees in the world (something I learned during my two day stay and surgery two years ago). The lady in admissions walked me out to show me where to go and offered to get an escort for me if I needed one, but I figured I could follow the signs. The check in lady at the treatment center worked with me to get dates for the next to appointments with a smile on her face and brought me a card later with the dates on it and her phone number. The tech/nurse chatted and eased my tension and was very friendly and attentive.

Basically I sat in a little room in an easy chair and read a book (there was a tv as well and I could get internet access to check email on my phone) while this stuff that looked like coca cola oozed into me (that's what she called it). The lab wanted it to go in slower than she thought so it took an hour not a half but it wasn't bad. It stung a couple times but I didn't feel dizzy or anything and my BP didn't drop which is a possibility during the treatment. The tips of my fingers went numb but she said that was probably from the IV and if it didn't clear up soon afterwards to call. I didn't have any after effects and by the time I got home my fingers were fine. The IV site was a bit sore yesterday but not swollen or anything and it seems fine today.

It was just...kind of weird.

I don't feel any different. I still have energy but then I had it before the infusion. I dunno.

Anyway, I go back next Monday and then the following Wednesday--that's because boss is gone that week and I already have a dentist appointment that morning and my pedicure that afternoon. Even without any vacay days left, I'm just going to take the whole day off. I figure if I had the iron thing Monday I'd miss a total of about four hours that week anyway.

I just hope this works. I really can't afford monthly iron infusions (which some people get).

Work's been both busy and draggy. I'm counting down the days till boss goes on a ten day vacation. I have a few tapes to transcribe that I'm avoiding but otherwise not much today.

I went to vote after work yesterday--only one contested race in my precinct but I did my civic duty. With the polls being open nearly ten hours I was 134th to vote in my precinct. Very sad. Anyway, I was looking down at the table when I gave the person my name and she said 'I know' and I looked up and it was my state senator who I've known for like thirty years and goes to my church. *g*

After the happy of yesterday morning, I barely avoided at least five idiot drivers on the way to the post office, voting site, and my parents, one of whom turned left out of their voting place on a major highway right in front of me. I was going 55! I had to slam on my brakes. Idiot.

On the other hand, as I drove up their lane three Thanksgiving dinners waddled into the woods. *g* I've never seen turkeys on their property before. At first I thought they were geese (which they do get since they have a pond) since they seem to be coming back early this year from Canada. There were a bunch out near church last Sunday.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, KU plays in a stupid tournament that day at 1:00. Right when we're usually getting food together to eat. Just wonderful. Last year we were on later in the day so we were able to squeeze in dinner before the game. I dunno what we're going to do. I had planned to have the meal return to my house and maybe I still will and we'll just eat at 3:30 after the game. I can throw stuff in the oven at commercials and we can mash the potatoes and make the gravy as soon as the game's done. Mom wasn't happy--she's not a fan of bball to begin with. I'd be okay with recording the game to watch later, but dad doesn't like to do that.

The Royals blew away Arizona last night. 12-2. Three homeruns including Aoki's first home run as a Royal and it was a grand slam. Alex Gordon got his 1000th hit AND stole home while at the same time Cain managed to steal second and NOT get picked off in a run down which was all he was doing to give Gordon the chance to score on two outs.

I kept thinking--don't waste the runs guys! Invariably, we're going to need them.

Boss is out most of today, so I hope to get some writing done. We'll see.

Happy for the day is that supernatural play list because DAMN it's just spot on!
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05 August 2014 @ 09:51 am
quick happy before i forget it  
I decided to beat the coming heat and go to court early this morning and I beeped at the metal detector! I never beep, but I was wearing sandals I haven't worn yet this summer and the guard waved me through with a 'it's your shoes'. (They never wand me; really this is probably not a good thing that they come to trust people they see a lot.)

Another guard (because there are always several hanging around) said 'it's your heart of gold'. :)

*big smiles*

That made me feel pretty darn good to start the day.

More later.
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04 August 2014 @ 11:55 pm
oops, got busy watching tv  
Nearly forgot about today's happy.

Survived first infusion. (More on that tomorrow)

It's a Monday.

It's in the upper 90s.

Two of my peaches molded in the paper sack, lovely.

Got no writing done tonight.

Not much happy there.

So, lamest happy ever... It's surprisingly easy to chop up a white chocolate bar into chips. Not at all like trying to chop up dark chocolate which is hard as a brick bat usually. Anyway, I made the white chocolate raspberry bread. Smells yummy. I had to add about 1/3 cup of milk (none in the recipe) as it was way too stiff. I've made enough quick breads over the last several years to know what consistency works and what doesn't and several other recipes I've made have called for some milk.

Also I have over half a bar of white chocolate in the freezer for non-dieting days (it's my favorite chocolate.)
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03 August 2014 @ 09:30 pm
sunday too fast gone by sunday  
Even though I got up at 7:00.


So my great plan to mow this morning got derailed by the rain that started about the time I was going to start. When I woke up I kind of wondered why it was so dark...

Church went really well. A small crowd but they seemed receptive. Our transgendered speaker shared her journey and how finding a church that accepted her helped her finally become who she really is. It was very touching.

I then went to the grocery since I have my iron thing tomorrow afternoon and have no clue how long it'll take, also I needed diet food for tomorrow as I ran out of carrots, bananas, milk, lots of stuff.

So, yesterday I wrote 5500 words of rapefic... It was also always a girl Stiles fic and a mating bond fic and Peter, of course. And a sequel that's been churning in my head for over a month, so I finally decided to get it out in order to move onto other things. I'm pretty pleased with it; not sure I'll write anymore though I have a few ideas.

The Royals were doing great until the fifth inning when they gave up eight runs. Yeah, let's never talk about it again.

But, today, much better. I ended up napping for about 90 minutes, but I'm going more on the fact that I only got about five hours sleep over no energy, because I was tired, not draggy. I napped in the middle of the Royals game (pausing it) and we won 4-2, so we won the series AT Oakland, the best team in baseball. Huh.

Yesterday I also spent an hour or so putting away all the clothes I'm keeping, so slowly making progress on the guestroom.

(This seems to be bouncing back and forth between yesterday and today...)

The grocery did not sell white chocolate chips. Even Giradelli was "white chips" NOT chocolate, so I bought a bar to chop up for the bread. I refuse to use those fake vanilla chips masquerading as chocolate. The white chocolate bar was cheaper anyway.

I've started reading the latest Stephanie Plum book--funny as always.

My cable company has decided that, for some reason, tomorrow night's Teen Wolf isn't new and will actually air what's supposed to be tomorrow's episode before next week's episode. All of yesterday, tomorrow night's Wolf Watch wasn't new at all, but today it came back to my 'set to record' list, which makes no sense since it's a response show to the episode. Mom checked her Dish network channel and it shows TW is new tomorrow night. If it doesn't come back by say 8:30 tomorrow night as new I'll just record that hour regardless. Bizarre.

So, today's happy is that I'm all caught up on Defiance (watched all seven eps over the last couple days) and I think this season is much more interesting than last. I enjoyed it last year enough to continue to watch it, but, I dunno, I really like the character development and storylines this season, especially the women. It's really great to see so many strong, interesting female characters. Especially Stahma and the doctor.

I'm actually catching up on nearly everything on my DVR. I have the last four Crossbones and the last two 24s, but outside of tonight's tv, the only thing else is last week's Under the Dome. Of course that doesn't say anything about two seasons of GoT, three seasons of True Blood, most of Penny Dreadful, Salem...all on my computer. I hope that when boss is on vacation, other attorney isn't in the office every day so I can watch some of this while holepunching etc.

And now a meme stolen from piscaria.

Pick up the book nearest to you and turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life.

So the nearest book wasn't "The 100" which is on the coffee table, but "The Shared Pulpit: A Sermon Seminar for Lay People" which is being used by our Worship Team this Fall.

"What did you appreciate about today's session?"

Yeah, um...(the book has lessons to read and assignments to do and then questions to answer and share in the group) well, that sounds kind of kinky actually. Considering that I'm not romantic, not sure I believe in love for myself, and am somewhere on the asexual spectrum, this kind of works for me. Just sex is fine with me.
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02 August 2014 @ 09:34 am
summer's back  
Well, it's still only in the low 90s for the next week. Not typical August weather in Kansas. And it was lovely and cool this morning at market.

So today's happy is that I was able not only to get raspberries for the white chocolate chip raspberry bread I'm making for church next week but also the first blackberries I've seen. I freeze berries from market to use in bread throughout the year. I have a couple things of both red and black raspberries and blueberries but no blackberries till now.

Sometimes it's the little things. :)

Frankly I don't know what the difference is between blackberries and raspberries. I'm not a berry eater--most are kind of sour and I like sweet stuff (which is why I also bought my last cinnamon roll and a little tub of mocha fudge from the fudge lady--last week's peanut butter chocolate bacon was OMG good).

Also got some peaches for myself. It's been a good year for peaches around here apparently--and they're really big, like apple size.

I figured we'd be swept by the As at Oakland but we won 1-0 nothing last night on Ibanez' solo homer and Guthrie got himself out of several jams to blank them and then the ever reliable bullpen took over. Even with Hosmer, one of our best hitters, out with a fractured hand, we still got some hits against one of their star pitchers.

I'm still getting headaches but I'm thinking they're allergies not stress as they're very much sinus headaches. So I decided to mow tomorrow before church instead of today because I have allergy attacks about six hours after mowing. I have to convene tomorrow at church so I need to be able to speak without croaking.

Oh, and yesterday wasn't that bad. Boss was actually in a pretty good mood and I was busy. Stress levels went way down.

Today I'm putting away all the clothes (winter and stuff that doesn't fit yet) I'm keeping in the guestroom since I emptied out the dresser and desk of stuff I'm giving away. I have five big trashbags of clothes to lug to Goodwill or somewhere (and that's just room one and I haven't even reached the closet yet). Also planning to write. I have a couple fics for exchanges due in two weeks I need to get on.

Just bagged the blackberries and I have enough for two loaves of bread! Two cups of locally grown berries for $4.00 is pretty damn good.

So far my energy level is still doing good. This is the last day on 20mg of the steroids; I drop down to 10mg tomorrow for two weeks. We'll see how the energy levels go. I have noticed I'm not quite as hungry but then I also haven't been dieting this past week. Need to get back on that, too.

We have a transgendered woman giving our service tomorrow. :)

Out idiot Secretary of State made some stupid comment about how no "legitimate" churches oppose his law to make us show ID to vote. One, what the hell is a legitimate church? and two, yeah, no. Mine does, and not just our minister as an individual as he tried to say was what he really meant (several African American ministers have spoken against it but he's saying that's just their view as individuals and not their whole church's even when they've said they represent their congregation and it's their view, too). He's such an ass.

Oh, I signed up for a Wordpress blog (ladyoneill--yeah very original) but not sure what I'll do with it if anything. Mostly I want to be able to comment on my cousin's brilliant posts there. Regardless, I won't be leaving here.

Okay, off to write something.
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31 July 2014 @ 06:14 pm
First the phase of the moon I was born under and what it means...Collapse )

Except that really doesn't really fit me. A bit, because I have an excellent memory for esoteric knowledge, but I was actually born 2 1/2 weeks late...

so I ran what might have beenCollapse )

And, yeah, that's much more me especially the second bit, but then I'm pretty sure I have mild hyper focus.

Maybe a combo of the two?


We finally heard back at the end of the day from the judge and we messed up and have to start over for the second time. *sigh* Thank god tomorrow is Friday as I have a feeling boss is going to be in a bad mood. Luckily I have plenty to do and will just keep my head down.

On the hopeful side, maybe my daily stress headaches will be gone now that we finally have an answer.

So, not much happy going on.

The Royals won last night. the trade deadline was today and I can't find any info on us trading anyone. Butler's not in the lineup tonight so I worried a bit he'd been traded but I can't find anything.

I actually wrote a couple ficlets last night. Hope to get some more writing done tonight.

I'm working my way through this season of Defiance and enjoying it.

I'm not finding much to be happy about today.

Oh, something ongoing, I guess. On Sunday I started taking nexium for heartburn--my doctor gave me 25 days of free samples (that stuff is expensive; over the counter shouldn't be that expensive; it's like 85 cents a pill). I'd been taking Gas X and it worked okay, but I'd still get heartburn which can be caused by steroids or just acid reflux from the healing ulcers.

I haven't had heartburn since. Not a peep. And I've eaten spicy foods, drunk diet cokes and coffee, things that were triggering it before. I'm not waking up with it choking me, that's for sure.

So, I guess that's my happy for the day.
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30 July 2014 @ 04:17 pm
hump day thank god  
I don't know if it's low level stress or the building but I keep getting mild headaches at work. It's quite annoying.

We still haven't heard about the thing we've been waiting to hear from. So, stress.

On the other hand, boss went off kayaking around 1:00 so I watched the last two Falling Skies eps.

Today's happy is that I balanced the Trust Account. Okay, to be fair I couldn't find either $10.86 or $35.86 (the $25.00 difference is most likely $5.00 bounced check charges that I failed to cover from the business account. The $ clue.) I did a balance adjustment. I did everything I could think to do to try to find it. I've probably coded some things wrong but I'll have our accountant fix them at the end of the year. What's important is that the amount showing in the account balance and the amount when I add up all the subaccounts that feed into that balance are now equal.

So, maybe more relieved than happy? While I solved the big problems months ago, I dithered over actually making the adjustments on the computer till this past week because I thought it would be really hard. It wasn't.

The biggest problem is that I have zilch bookkeeping training. I'm not a bookkeeper and anyone who knows me knows that math is NOT my thing. I don't understand the reasoning behind certain things like general journal entries and coding things certain ways. It frustrates me that I don't understand why things work the way they do (it's kind of like how a DVR live show can be paused--I don't understand it; for a couple of years I wouldn't even do it; then I started doing it and got headaches trying to figure out why it worked until I finally just gave in and accepted.)

So...that's done with.

Royals lost last night; hope that's not a trend. Maybe I'll get some writing done tonight while I'm watching. I have left over mac & cheese for dinner. :)

It's 79 degrees out at 4:15. I really do not understand this weather...I should mow when I get home but that ain't happening especially with this headache.
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29 July 2014 @ 10:10 pm
long day  
Not the happiest day to find a happy.

Boss had a 9:00 hearing so was there most of the day and he's been wanting to meet with a judge to get something approved that we may have messed up for the second time (for a different reason) so I was nervous. The judge did approve it but now the sheriff is balking and we waited all day to hear their decision and nothing as of 4:15 when I left.

I heard from the hospital and it's three iron infusions, not just one, once a week for three weeks. They can take me at 3:30 next Monday so at least I won't have to miss a lot of work, but, I don't work, I don't get paid and I'm out of vacation time.

Then, later, I heard from my doctor's office asking if I'd seen Dr. X as a follow up to my colonoscopy. Except, I saw my doctor, not unknown Dr. X. When we finally worked our way around to what the nurse really wanted, I was beyond baffled. Oh, the doctor who did the procedure wants a follow up in September even though I just saw my own doctor last weekend? Fine, whatever, more money I don't have...

So, I go see him on one Saturday and then my doctor the next for my quarterly diabetes check up where she will also run a hemoglobin test for iron. At least he takes Saturday appointments.

I balanced two months worth of our business account and both times it didn't balance the first time which meant struggling to figure out what I didn't reconcile the first time through. *sigh*

After many years of our trust account being off, I finally have it down to a difference of plus $9.86. I have no clue where that money has come from. The trust account is supposed to be a money in/money out account only and there are no more obvious discrepancies. So, that's tomorrow as my boss is getting pushy about it getting fixed by the end of the month.

And he has another 9:00 hearing. Ick. But hopefully he'll head out with his friend for most of the afternoon so I can get some writing or tv viewing done. I don't have much work except banking crap.

I left work early for my manicure. My regular manicurist is on maternity leave. Nice lady taking over for her but she's only been doing acrylic nails for about three months. She did a pretty good job, but the nail tips are a bit rounder than I usually get and she, admittedly, was very slow. Also very chatty--she has anemia too--so I sat under the blower longer and for the first time didn't get any stupid nicks putting on my seat belt because the polish was very dry. Went for a blue gray with some sparkle to compliment my paler blue with a hint of gray toes.

Mom made Mediterranean lamb pitas for dinner and for the first time in a while she didn't put in too much red wine (again, one of those recipes you don't really measure because you've been making it for forty years) and it was really good. All the flavors blended well.

That was going to be my happy but I have something else.

Not TW, though last night's was a very good episode, I just...I don't want Peter to be a sociopath! I don't like that they've gone away from what I, at least, believed was a man who loved his family (first season) to one who spent his childhood breaking other kids' toys! I don't mind him gray and nasty and mean and selfish; I just don't want him a pure villain. I may have to write fic where he's leading Kate on.

On the other hand, while I like Malia and am fine with her relationship with Stiles, the Stiles/Lydia shipper in me was just thrilled with all their scenes together.

So, as to today's happy, on the way home from my parent's I got behind a car at a red light and, as one tends to do, read their bumper stickers.

"Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cakehole". *g* And the Kas license plate one, too. Good taste, people, good taste.
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29 July 2014 @ 09:07 am
Nothing particularly happy happened yesterday during the day so I kept waiting and then forgot about it.

I expect this will not be the first time this happens.

Anyway, I decided to be proactive and pick hymns for my service on prayer in three weeks (we're supposed to get them to the music director by two weeks out) and I found a perfect one to go with the meditation time. It's a version of the 23rd Psalm (which is deconstructed in the book I'm using) where the leader chants part of a line and the congregation sings the rest, back and forth. I just heard from the music director and she thinks it's doable.

More later...
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27 July 2014 @ 08:15 pm
Well, it's Sunday evening so the weekend is nearly over so...

The Royals lost...

Le Tour ended...

Church with a visiting minister was nice but I can't say it made me particularly happy.

Oh, I made fried rice for dinner and for the time didn't have too much rice in the pan so it was easier to turn it and it got crunchy in places, and I also didn't overdose it with hot sauce so it tasted perfect! :)

It's very simple but I also tend to overdo it on the Sriracha and the Hot Sesame Oil. I have enough for leftovers, too. I'd give you the recipe but it's one of those with no measurements.

So, Le Tour ended with no big surprises despite the guy in second crashing on the Champs (they slowed for him to catch up because there's been no race for any podium spot on the last day since the 1980s, I think.) Sad it's over. It's the only cycling race I watch each year.

Cooler today.

Royals gave up like five or six homers today and lost 10-3. *sigh* But we won three out of four against Cleveland and we're home against the Twins Tuesday-Thursday and they're the worst team in our division.

Let's see, I caught up on some tv--watched 2 1/2 of the 4 PLL eps I have to watch, last week's Strain, and also the first episode of The Lottery which I enjoyed. I'll watch the rest of PLL tonight, Last Ship and maybe The Strain. The Lottery doesn't repeat until 1:00 a.m.

I need to go fold and bag clothes to give away, too. They're all over my bed.

I'm currently watching Wipeout. I'm constantly amused by Jill Wagoner as one of the hosts after/still playing evil nutcase Kate Argent on TW. Oh, I need to do my rewatch of last week's TW, too.

I did get one fic written and I'm working on a second.

Need to get back to that.
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26 July 2014 @ 08:09 pm
today's happy  
Well, it's not over yet, just in the bottom of the 5th, but after our starter gave up five runs in the third, we crawled our way back over two innings to tie, and Butler just hit his second two run homer to the same spot basically for the second game in a row. :) I guess benching him pissed him off!

It's great to see the team fight back from a deficit of more than one or two runs.

I also enjoyed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was kind of sad in a lot of places, including the ending, but definitely worth seeing if you enjoyed the first one. Andy Sirkis is just...Jesus so impressive. He WAS an ape, even an intelligent one.

I made homemade mac & cheese for dinner; so nummy (kind of saying screw you to the diet for a couple more days). I also have a deadly cinnamon roll from Mrs. Peterson at market for snack. Guh

And I have a fic awaiting me in the rare m/m pairings exchange that will be revealed on Friday. :)

Also I started pulling clothes to give away out of the guest room. See? Energy!

So, despite apparently having no iron in my body...pretty okay.
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